JamPlay Member Testimonials & Community Feedback

Testimonials are a bit of gimmicky way to gain your trust, but we have gained enough confidence from the overwhelming support from our devoted community to publish their feedback. Each testimonial on this page fills our staff with pride and fuels our fire to continue on our mission to maintain the #1 guitar learning resource on the web.



" . . . JAMPLAY ROCKS!!!The lessons are simple and easy to understand and ive have really enjoyed this site..My brother gave me the subscription for my birthday and i think its the best gift i have been giving in a long time..Thanks so much for your site..Keep up the great work!!"


"..Nothing made a connection until I found Jim Deeming at JamPlay.."

I just wanted to let you know that this is what I was looking for. I bought a starter guitar to try to learn and I bought some books but nothing made a connection until I found Jim Deeming at Jam Play. I had previously signed up for another web site and the guy could hardly talk because he was so nervous with the camera and he jumped all over the place. Nothing made sense to me and I was getting discouraged. The video quality was poor and it took forever to load. Good thing it didn't cost much because it's not worth much. The videos you have are outstanding and Jim is great! I am sure that all of the other instructors are just as good but, I chose to start with Jim because he has a "I want to teach you what I Love to do" appeal. I should be practicing but I just wanted to let you know that I like the site so far and say THANKS!


"..JamPlay was exactly what I was looking for, greatest tool for learning to play the guitar on the planet if you ask me, I will be a loyal and long time member! .."

Honestly I have tweeted and commented on FaceBook about JamPlay and how completely totally freaking awesome it is! You guys did an absolutely incredible job! The layout of your site is awesome, the group of instructors you put together are all amazing, and the interface and videos run perfectly and are just done so well! I literally learned more in a weekend about playing the guitar than I did in nearly a year of private guitar lessons. Not that my instructor was bad, he was great but it is the sheer access of info, everyone learns different for me I needed theory and in just a weekend of learning why chords were what they were, how scales work and why, how to build cords, etc., I have progressed so much. Also for me I always had such a hard time with my right hand and strumming patterns and frankly never got consistent or good info on various patterns, techniques on holding pick, exercises to improve and how certain patterns are used...it has helped me so much. Thank you, JamPlay was exactly what I was looking for, greatest tool for learning to play the guitar on the planet if you ask me, I will be a loyal and long time member!

Matthew R

"..I would just like to say how amazing your site is!!!.."


I would just like to say how amazing your site is!!!! Ive only been a member for just over a day and i am already picking up skills and things i didnt know i could do as a intermediate guitarist!!!!!

thanks sooo much!! great site!!!!!!

Matthew R

Rob D.

"..I'm learning a great deal.."

I don't know if you read my profile: I played the guitar on and off over the years, more or less playing rhythm. My niece asked me to teach her son some chords, I said yes but he would be better off taking lessons. Expense for this was a problem so I checked out the internet and found JamPlay. I liked it so much I recommended it to my niece for her Son. He subscribed as I did and we both take lessons together. Once a week we meet at my house to check our progress. The problems we work out together. I was always interested in finger picking so this program is great for me. So far I'm enjoying my lesson and I'm learning a great deal. Great Program!


"..what a joy it has been.."

I have nearly completed a one month subscription and just had to write in to say what a joy it has been having access to both your video instructions and your highly qualified live instructors. It was very easy to decide to renew under the one year plan. Congratulations on a well built and executed concept! Doug

Guillaume Tessier

"..Guillaume Tessier.."

I just bought my Godin Freeway guitar, and I have never played guitar before. I didn't know where to start, then I found www.jamplay.com . It's AMAZING. Thanks for the great help you provide to us, it is REALLY worth 20$/month!!!!!


"..I am truly enjoying your website and services so far!!!.."

Hi - i am truly enjoying your website and services so far!!! I have been playing for awhile so am not a real beginner so to say; however the lessons i have been through so far are great. They have opened a few doors and turned on the lights for sure. I have also learned a couple of new songs already in just two days. Thanks for a great site it truly is a huge help.

Wesley D.

"..Congratulations on making the BEST site around - hands down!.."

Wow guys I'm truly blown away! :) The site is absolutely incredible - it is without a doubt the best money I've spent online. Period! It truly is refreshing to know that even when the world has been so well connected (I live in Africa!) with every facet of any information available regarding absolutely anything one could hope to find in the form of the internet that one is still able to find absolute gems like jamplay.com. I can't believe I didn't find it earlier - I've been playing guitar for 6 years now (play professionally too) and this website has such an incredible wealth of information and invaluable insider tips into some of the intermediate to advanced guitar stuff. The site truly does cater for everyone - from the absolute noob right up to the elite. My excitement is so great, and the site so refreshing, that I feel like I've just picked up a guitar for the first time again! Congratulations on making the BEST site around - hands down!

Wesley D.

Kevin H.

"..I am really loving your site..."

I am really loving your site. I have been trying to learn to play guitar for the past 5 years or so, and this is the first time that I really feel like I have a structured routine, which is where I learn best. Great lessons, great community. I love listening to Marc Lincoln's live chat sessions that he has done over the past few days (I hope these continue from him and others), and I have really got a lot out of reading other people's posts and answers on the forums. I have settled on using Steve Eulberg's phase 1 lessons after trying everyone's. The others were great, but Steve seems to explain things in a way that makes more sense to me quicker.

My fingers hurt but my motivation has never been higher!

Ron B.

"..I am really enjoying the different styles and tutors.."

Hi JamPlay I thought I would save some money by choosing an online guitar tutor and found you are one of the best. I have been trying to play for some time now but want to move on. So far I am going through all your beginner sessions and am finding it very useful as a refresher but hope to move on to the second phase before too long. Oh by the way I am really enjoying the different styles and tutors, it makes it fun and challenging. Thanks

William H.

"..Acoustic Guitar has been mostly frustrating to me until I came across Steve's program..."

I am working on the beginning guitar series with Steve Eulberg and find his Acoustic Guitar series to be excellent. Although I am 80 years old and have tried on and off for many years, (using many different programs) to learn Acoustic Guitar it has been mostly frustrating to me until I came across Steve's program. He has finally put together a simple, logical, easily executed approach that really makes sense and is a joy to follow. I am looking forward to continuing his series.
Thanks Steve.
William H.

Michael B.

".."JAM PLAY is an amazing site!!".."

et me go on record and say JAM PLAY is an amazing site!!

Craig C.

"..Way beyond my expectations.."

My name is Craig and I just wanted to say hello and let you know a little about me.

I am a sixty-three year young individual, who has always wanted to play the guitar. The first experience with learning to play (twenty plus years ago) was the worst. The guitar I bought was an acoustic and it was a cheap one (I do not mean inexpensive).The strings over the fretboard were way too high to really play without excruciating pain to the finger tips. So much so I could only practice a couple of times a week. As a result I found myself discouraged and disappointed.

Learning to play has been a constant desire. Over the last year I have put allot of time into understanding the finer points of what a fine instrument needs in order to make learning and playing a joy. Last month I bit the bullet and bought a Fender Stratocaster American Standard, a Line-6 Amp and electronic tuner. I chose an electric because I feel it will give me the versatility to play the different types of music I enjoy.

During that early time period finding the sources for self learning was sparse to say the least. Not like today with the dawning of the Internet and the resources available to the novice player. After making my decision to learn again I started to look at the myriad of resources available online. Even with the abundant free information available I just could not find the detailed structured instruction I feel I need. It was beginning to think the only way I was going to get the lessons I wanted was with private lessons. During my search for lessons in my local area I happened across your web site. What a stroke of luck (or fate). After viewing your sample lessons I decided to go ahead and spend the $19.95 for a month of access.

The month of access I bought was way beyond my expectations. You have a wealth of information, styles, genre and quality available is outstanding. The instructors are excellent. My experience with your site has breathed new life in my desire to learn the guitar. With the instrument I now have I find myself able to practice every day without the pain of my first experience. Although I only put in about ten to fifteen minutes a session I practice many sessions a day. Every day I see advancement and I must say it is not just my effort that makes the difference, it's the superb instruction I have experienced with your instructors and the content of the instruction material.
Over the last month I have passed on your site to many friends who have the same desire to learn to play the guitar. I take them to your site through my access to show them firsthand the extent of instruction they can also enjoy.

There is no doubt I will be extending my membership when my current access expires to a yearly membership.

Mike H.

"..I feel like a 12 year old kid with a new guitar!.."

I am 66 years young and I still got it! I would have never known this if it had not been for Jamplay! I feel like a 12 year old kid with a new guitar! Ha! I cannot express enough how great you're website is! It is for beginners and advanced pickers! I am an advanced picker and thought I had lost it but thanks to you all, I found it again! Even though I only play by ear, I have been a member a whopping whole two weeks now and have already got Brent's country shuffle and country blues down and of course with embellishments. Thank you all for your wonderful program!


"..So glad I found this instead of paying outrageous rates for thirty minute private lessons! .."

I'm really enjoying my membership with Jam Play! The instructors are very easy to follow and the cost is well worth it! So glad I found this instead of paying outrageous rates for thirty minute private lessons!

Q. Williams

"..Thumbs up for JamPlay..."

Just letting you know that I am very pleased with my JamPlay membership. I'm having a lot of fun and learning many new and exciting things about playing guitar. Particularly the Bluegrass with Steve Eulberg and Rock with Brad Henecke lessons. I've checked out some other areas too that are
equally exciting and I'm planning to really take advantage of this site and all it has to offer.

Thanks for making a difference in my playing skills. Thumbs up for JamPlay.

David H.

".....and it provides a great motivation to continue learning.."

I am having a great time learning the guitar and Jamplay is just the
vehicle for me. I can access it any time day or night, I can go over a
lesson as often as I need to and it provides a great motivation to continue
learning. I will obtain live instruction sometime, probably this coming
fall, but only to supplement what Jamplay is able to provide and maybe only
to get hands-on help getting through tough spots. I think some constructive
criticism would also be beneficial.
I like the presentation, and I really like the ability to access more
than one instructor. Please continue this project cause you have a convert
in me.

Fredy J

"..Your service that you provide to guitarists like me is of a very high standard..."

Your service that you provide to guitarists like me is of a very high standard. I have played and stopped playing guitar several times in my life. Now that I have found your site I am quite confident to get a new thrill at it and finally fill in the missing parts in my basics which always let me stop playing, leaving me more or less frustrated. Currently I have started to go through the basic lessons of Steve Eulberg and Jim Deeming as I am not a gifted singer and like to play more instrumental. I am a big fan of Tommy Emmanuel and also Chet Atkins, Merle Haggart etc. Although I know I will never reach a level of such virtuosity your lessons and especially the two teachers mentioned help me to get through all the struggles. I hope you understand my English as I am a german speaking Swiss. What I try to say is simply: You all at Jamplay do a really great job!

Robert Thorhallsson

"..it's hard not to get excited about learning more and more about guitar playing.."

I just joined the site like a day ago - and I feel the urge to send you a letter to describe my first impressions of the site.

It's simply amazing. The amount of work put into the site is incredible and the layout of the site is so well done. Granted I haven't started learning, but when everything is so well laid out for you it's hard not to get excited about learning more and more about guitar playing.

I have subscribed to one of these guitar learning sites online before. I was not impressed, only few of the lessons contained video clips and the teacher was way to dry for my taste. I think I visited the site like 2-3 times and simply gave up. I'm very assured that this won't be the case now!

The front-end of the site is very detailed and contains alot of content. Not enough to skip the bill - but has loads to get a guy like me excited about the program. I look forward to improve my skills here and be a part of this wonderful community you guys created.

Tim H.

"..I will finally be able to learn to play the guitar.."

Dear JamPlay,

Where have you been? It is about time someone put a web site together like this. I will finally be able to learn to play the guitar with the resources necessary. I have been trying a lifetime to learn how to play and always missed lessons and interest due to travel and bad teachers. From what I can see, you have eliminated both those problems for me.

I will sing and play praises to you where ever I go in the world.

With the greatest thanks,

Tim H.

Michael F.

"..This is a great site!.."

This is a great site! I am 42yrs old and I have been trying to teach myself to play Guitar for a couple of years now, with minimal luck. I learned techniques in the first lesson that I could not have found teaching myself. I was reluctant at first to pay for an internet course due to past experiences with online college and the current state of the economy, but the price was fair and the content of your site is vast. I am currently taking the beginners course by Steve Eulberg and he is highly professional and very informative. Thank you for the outstanding work on this site and please keep up the good work.

James I.


I'm have been trying to play guitar for about 1 yr. I have several guitar teaching programs, Learn and master guitar, Guitar method one, Guitar Magic III, to name a few. I have learned a lot from these programs especially Learn and master guitar. I practice two three hrs. daily. The repetition can be pretty boring. When I was surfing and found JamPlay I didn't expect much, There are so many sites that say they can teach you how to pay guitar, but I have found that you have to already know how play guitar to understand what they are talking about after a couple of lesson. I want to tell you I am really glad I tried JamPlay! I have taking lessons from Jim Deeming, and he has made the learning process so much more interesting and he gives practice information that I don't think you you will find anywhere else. I'm only on the twelfth lesson so far, and I have greater understanding how music works. I already knew how read music and know the notes on first position and some bar chords, haven't learned tab yet. I'm not trying to blow my horn about what I know, what I trying to say is with all practice and lessons I have in the past, it wasn't until I joined JamPlay and I started taking lessons from Jim Deeming that it all starting making sense, now I have got my enthusiasm back and can't wait to get to the next lesson. I hope the other instructors are as informative, when I get to them. I also like to say my guitar stays in tune, with minimum tweaking since I followed Jim Deeming instructions on how to string a guitar.

James I.

Di C.

"..I LOVE your site!!!!.."

Hi JamPlay team. Just wanted to let you know that so far I LOVE your site!!!! I've been playing for 30+ years and have never had a formal lesson. I started when I had a brain injury and my mother thought it would be good therapy for me. I have recovered, and so will my guitar now that I have found you :) Cheers from Australia.


"..Your system is awesome and your instructors are excellent.."

I just wanted to say that I love JamPlay! I've been trying to learn the guitar for years but no single video or DVD could hold my interest for more than a week before I got bored. I've been a member of JamPlay for two weeks and I've learned so much about the guitar. I cannot wait to learn even more. Your system is awesome and your instructors are excellent. I can learn at my own pace so I never become bored or frustrated. It's perfect for me! Thanks JamPlay!

Rick H

"..Just a thanks!.."

Not a Problem here, just a thanks....I had drifted away to other sites and the advent of your Live Lesson Series has brought me back...In my opinion this is the kind of focused, not too short and not too long semi deep dive that is just right for those of us that love learning but have little patience for too many words... I am going thru David's Pentatonic series now and he is doing an excellent job.. So, I may have an issue at some point but for right now I say Good job folks :slightly_smiling_face:


"..being able to log in when i have a few minutes is very useful.."

I'm finding the lessons very useful, I've played bass for years but i guess have always been a frustrated 6 string wannabe. Having the time to practice is the biggest problem. but being able to log in when i have a few minutes is very useful. Thanks.

Lisa F.

"..The teachers are outstanding!.."

When I first signed up for your service I was a little nervous about what I was paying for. Since I've started, I have to say that this is worth every cent.

Your teaching tools are invaluable. Everything from the Chord Sheets to the Metronome for those of us who are cheap have been tremendous in helping me learn guitar playing.

Also, the teachers are outstanding!

Everything I was looking for in lessons is right here. Thank you.

Todd H.

"..I'm very, very impressed.."

I've been a member of Jamplay for all of three days and I'm very, very impressed. If I'd know it would be this easy to learn to play a guitar I would have started a long time ago. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for having a great site that delivers as advertised and excellent customer realations.

Ken D.

"..your site has revolutionized my guitar playing.."

Hey guys,

I just want to tell you that your site has revolutionized my guitar playing. I'm trying to do 2-3 lessons per day and they are just so enjoyable and so very well done. Wow!

Ken D.


"..All the instructors are awesome!!.."

Love the site and the community.All the instructors are awesome!! Learning alot faster than I ever have, I wish your sight was available 20 years ago,I would be a rock star!! Maybe I will be who knows...
Thanks Jam Play instructors and staff,

Jo M.

"..I have to say this is one of the best laid out websites I have ever come across, anywhere!.."

As one who has built a few websites sites and is very particular on continuity & usability, I have to say this is one of the best laid out websites I have ever come across, anywhere! Unlike a lot of resources out there that that have similar content, yours is very easy to find ones way around. Everything follows a logical progression and the content & features are about as comprehensive as you could wish for. You have all done an outstanding job. Well done and I will definitely be renewing my subscription at the end of the month. An outstanding product in all areas.

Catherine M.

"..I am telling all my friends about JamPlay.."

I wanted to tell Steve, after Lesson Four, how excited I am. I have gotten more out of your lessons Steve, than I did with half a year of guitar lessons. Okay, I'm ready to sign up for a year...

Thank you so much! I am telling all my friends about JamPlay. They are passing it on to their children and grandchildren.

I played piano years ago, and now I play keyboard. I started guitar (first on my own with books, then with a teacher) over a year ago. I bought an acoustic guitar and later an electric. I really want to play Santana, etc., but was getting nowhere. I ALMOST gave up guitar until I happened across your site looking for sheet music on the Internet. Thank goodness.

I have to say, even my husband (and he's not one to compliment lightly) thinks your site is great!

Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to this adventure.

Catherine M.
P.S. I have your tuner on my Bookmarks. I really believe it's helped my tuning ability. Today, after I used your tuner, I tuned my guitar again with my electric tuner and I was pretty right on. Your tuner is a great tool!

Dave L

"..I LOVE IT!!!.."

I LOVE IT!!! I love it so much that I have cancelled my memberships to some other sites and haven't visited a free membership site either. I am a 67 year old beginner. As you guys know, not everyone learns the same way or likes a particular teaching style. Jam Play has lots of beginning instructors to choose from. So far I LIKE THEM ALL!!. Amazing! Each one has a little different style and approach and so if I didn't follow a skill taught by one instructor, I just try another. IT'S GREAT! My favorites so far are; Steve Eulberg, Eve Goldberg and Orville Johnson. You guys have really got this thing dialed in...keep up the good work.
thanks, Dave Lotridge, in the middle of nowhere, South Texas.


"..I am already SUPER satisfied .."

Even though I haven't had all the time I've wanted, I have to tell you that I am already SUPER satisfied with my decision to join Jamplay. Just got off the live chat with Nick Kellie. Dude's fantastic.

Lessons are great, instructors are great, as far as the ones I've had time to check out.

Tools are great. The chord charts and scales are so easy to look up when I need a hint.

Don't know if any of my friends are taking my advice , but I'm telling everyone I know that plays, or is learning to play, to join this site.

My only problem is # of hours in a day. Wish I could quit my job and play all day.

Just wanted to let you know.


R. B.

"..Steve has a great sense of humor and does a superb job explaining concepts..."

I recently registered with Jamplay and knew nothing about playing the guitar. I chose to begin with Steve Eulberg, and so far I am having a great time! Steve has a great sense of humor and does a superb job explaining concepts. I'm so pleased with this program and am relieved that I can learn guitar at my own pace and in my own home. Thanks!


"..The lessons I've taken are well done and the teaching system does a nice job of building skills.."

The lessons I've taken are well done and the teaching system does a nice job of building skills. I am considering transferring from monthly to quarterly membership.

Peter H.

"..I would like to express a "Big Thank You" to JamPlay.."

I would like to express a "Big Thank You" to JamPlay for how far you have brought me over the last 6 months or so.

In particular, I would like to say THANKS to Brad Henecke for his examplary stlye of instruction. A great blend of theory and technique with the nescessary formula of "Pratice = Gratification". I am so pleased that the music I would chose to play, is now a source of such great pleasure as apposed to a frustrating workout. The "weight is off " and the workout is a lifestyle. Thx Brad

Thank you all.

Peter H.

Steve M

"..So far my boy has had a real blast.."

Hello JamPlay People.

Joined the site for my 10 year old son.
We have real trouble locating a guitar teacher locally so did some online research and found you! So far my boy has had a real blast. He is just past beginner stage and finds the videos really good to follow. Already managed a credible rendition of a couple of tunes.
Keep up the good work.
From a non-musical Dad.

Ellen E.

"..I was amazed at the amount of lessons that have things I want to know..."

Thank you. I want to tell you that your web site design is absolutely great. I knew what I was looking at, I could figure out where I wanted to go. I was amazed at the amount of lessons that have things I want to know.
I signed up for the monthly membership the first time I visited the site.

The video answer question section is beyond anything I expected.

I watched the Jim Deeming concert and couldn't turn it off.

Thank you for quality like this and I appreciate that the teachers and their humor.

Good Luck to you all. I will tell my friends about your web site.

Ansen S

"..JamPlay is my favorite site..."

JamPlay is my favorite site. I look forward to getting on everyday, and exploring new lessons from teachers I've yet to learn from, and those that i have watched and liked. Thank you for such a great site. :)

Kimberly H.

"..I signed up for them for my son who just got his 1st electric guitar. WOW! He is doing great!.."

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your lessons onliine. I signed up for them for my son who just got his 1st electric guitar. WOW! He is doing great. I can tell a huge difference in just a week. It's funny he feels like he knows his teachers personally. So, keep up the good work your doing a great job teaching him the guitar.


"..I find every one to be thoughtful, well-paced, and very satisfying..."

Eve Goldberg's Beginners classes are terrific. I find every one to be thoughtful, well-paced, and very satisfying. Props to Eve.

S Claudino

"..I immediately subscribed and was again impressed with the multitude of options and tools you guys provide..."

I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to my lessons. It all started with a video I found on youtube. it was your teacher Mark explaining how to play the song Iris but the Goo Goo Dolls. I was so impressed by the short lesson I actually visited the site, something I rarely do. After browsing it I immediately subscribed and was again impressed with the multitude of options and tools you guys provide. I've taught myself for about 4 years now. I have tried professional (and terribly expensive), in person lessons and quit after one month. I've tried books that now collect dust on my shelf. I've looked through tabs online for specific songs and only find occasional success. Honestly, I feel with this site I have a chance to continue playing, learning and improving. I'm looking forward to my time with you guys. Thank you for the site!

Darwin D.

"..Your service is first rate!.."

Your service is first rate! I started at the very beginning as I am waiting for my new Martin D28 to arrive on the 6 th of Oct. ( this weekend) My son is delivering it from Tommy Lee Music in Vancouver. I can hardly wait to see it. So I am without a guitar for a few more days as I gave my last guitar to one of my grandaughters as she is taking music right now. Anyway I would recommend your service to anyone as it is excellent! Yours truly, Darwin D.

Jose O.

"..My skills are definitely improving.."


I just wanted to let you know that the classes are awesome. I been practicing for about a year without jamplay and still find the phase one lessons to be incredibly well. I am currently doing the Mark, David, and Jims Lessons. I practice about three hours everyday with eachday a new or different area of
concentration. I Just wanted to say that my skills are definitely improving and I think jamplay works for anyone.



"..I'll be with you for a while.."

Ye now that i've had a look around and completed a few lessons with Jim Deeming I will be moving from a monthly sub to a yearly one.I've looked at a lot of online lesson web sites and yours is the most concise and to the point, so i'll be with you for a while until nearly as good as Jim ( if i live that long)
Cheers Steve

Nathan L.

"..You guys have great customer service!.."

Vern S.

"..This site has ignited the fire again and fired up I am!!!.."

To all concerned,

It is my opinion that this site is by far the most comprehensive guitar instructional site that I have ever run across on the web, BAR NONE!!! I am extremely impressed and will be a member for years to come. I say that because I can see that there is so much knowledge to be learned here already and the knowledge base will only get larger as time goes on. I can't say enough about it and will be spreading the word for sure!

I just wanted to send the entire staff and instructors a huge thank you for all the hard work it takes to initialize, maintain and become established as the #1 site guitar instructional site on the web. I had gotten to the point where I felt like I was just spinning my wheels, but this site has ignited the fire again and fired up I am!!!

Again, thank you very much...


Don M

"..This site is exactly what I wanted.."


I stopped playing as it was such a hassle going to lessons after coming in from work

This site is exactly what I wanted so I have dusted off the guitar case, bought some new strings and intend to resume lessons commencing this weekend.

I have also recommended the site to some of my friends and I am sure that they too will sign up.

Congratulations, it is the best Guitar teaching site by far.

Don M