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JamPlay Member Testimonials & Community Feedback

Testimonials are a bit of gimmicky way to gain your trust, but we have gained enough confidence from the overwhelming support from our devoted community to publish their feedback. Each testimonial on this page fills our staff with pride and fuels our fire to continue on our mission to maintain the #1 guitar learning resource on the web.

Neil H.

"..I am already totally inspired by the JamPlay guitar instructors!.."

Am so glad I have signed up to JamPlay! I have been playing electric guitar for past few years and felt that I have been getting nowhere. I am already totally inspired by the JamPlay guitar instructors and am sure these lessons will help me improve in my guitar playing. Many thanks!!

Jose O.

"..My skills are definitely improving.."


I just wanted to let you know that the classes are awesome. I been practicing for about a year without jamplay and still find the phase one lessons to be incredibly well. I am currently doing the Mark, David, and Jims Lessons. I practice about three hours everyday with eachday a new or different area of
concentration. I Just wanted to say that my skills are definitely improving and I think jamplay works for anyone.



"..This site is AMAZING!.."


I'm a beginner guitar player, so I started with the "phase 1". This site is AMAZING! So easy to follow my progress with the "my progress report", and the lessons are easy to understand. I'm really really lucky that I' found Jamplay in time. This is the best guitar site on the internet!

Thank you, Jamplay!

Attila, from Hungary

B. G.

"..Everything I need to become a great guitar player is right here on JamPlay.com.."


I am loving this website! I am getting exactly what I need here (scales, notes, chord structures and theory).
The instructors are skilled, patient, pleasant and knowledgeable and that is the atmosphere I need in order to learn as I am a creature of repetition.
I especially like the way y'all have things broken down into beginner/intermediate and advanced instead of just throwing it out there. The different style section are big plus too. I am eating the rock/metal lessons up with a spoon! :-)
Also the price is simply unbeatable!!

I was impressed at how organized and structured the lesson plans are. It makes it much easier for the student land in the right area according to his/her talent level. Also you have given us a variety of instructors who will teach the same things but will attack them from different angles which gives the student a more rounded base of learning and knowledge base.

I love the added features like the articles, tab sheets/chord charts, and the built in metronome. Also the downloadable material is a plus as well.
Everything I need to become a great guitar player is right here on JamPlay.com

Very cool site!



"..Great site for music lovers.."

It's great and Jim is a terrific communicator! I've been playing a guitar for forty years and I must be a really slow learner because all I've been able to play are chords to accompany my not so singable voice. And just after three days I'm playing Wayfaring Stranger like a pro! But...........my fingers are killing me! Great site for music lovers and those that endeavor to finally learn and start playing really well. Thanks

James R.

".. This has been the best learning tool I have ever had.."

This is a great service, I have been one on one with teachers, watched DVDs, learned from friends, however this has been the best learning tool I have ever had.
Thank you James

Tim O.

"..Your service, your website is "totally awesome"!.."

You sent me a welcome email and offered for me to comment on my experience thus far. Thus far, I cannot over-emphasize how impressed I am with your service! This is an amazing website. What a gift in this day and age to have a resource like yours available for someone like me just starting to learn to play the guitar. Your service, your website is "totally awesome"! Thank you so much for your hard work, professionalism, and clear commitment to excellence. All of this for only $19 a month!!! WOW. Thank you SO much. Please feel free to quote me!

John A

"..If only I had known about you years ago.."

Hi JamPlay
I am really enjoying the teachings of Steve Eulberg. I have been playing the guitar for many years in various genres - folk, classical, and now leading worship, and Steve's teaching - even through the basics - is an inspiration. It is wonderful to be taught by someone who is clearly a gifted teacher. If only I had known about you years ago. I am certain that JamPlay's teaching methods will help me develop my playing skills and to become more creative.
Thank you JamPlay
John A

Tim H.

"..I will finally be able to learn to play the guitar.."

Dear JamPlay,

Where have you been? It is about time someone put a web site together like this. I will finally be able to learn to play the guitar with the resources necessary. I have been trying a lifetime to learn how to play and always missed lessons and interest due to travel and bad teachers. From what I can see, you have eliminated both those problems for me.

I will sing and play praises to you where ever I go in the world.

With the greatest thanks,

Tim H.

Deb C.

"..It's a perfect format for me.."

I'm loving my lessons from Jamplay! I've had my guitar for 30 years and never had the time to learn to play properly. It's a perfect format for me as I can fit it into my own schedule. Love it! Thanks!


"..Your website is a revelation!.."

Thanks for your support Jamplay staff. As a complete novice in the world of guitar playing I was finding it all very baffling trying to learn from books. Your website is a revelation! Steve Eulberg explains everything so clearly and proceeds at such a good pace for the beginner, it is now starting to make some sense (although it's early days yet!!) I am so pleased that I recommended you to my equally frustrated colleagues!! Thanks for such a brilliant service!

James I.


I'm have been trying to play guitar for about 1 yr. I have several guitar teaching programs, Learn and master guitar, Guitar method one, Guitar Magic III, to name a few. I have learned a lot from these programs especially Learn and master guitar. I practice two three hrs. daily. The repetition can be pretty boring. When I was surfing and found JamPlay I didn't expect much, There are so many sites that say they can teach you how to pay guitar, but I have found that you have to already know how play guitar to understand what they are talking about after a couple of lesson. I want to tell you I am really glad I tried JamPlay! I have taking lessons from Jim Deeming, and he has made the learning process so much more interesting and he gives practice information that I don't think you you will find anywhere else. I'm only on the twelfth lesson so far, and I have greater understanding how music works. I already knew how read music and know the notes on first position and some bar chords, haven't learned tab yet. I'm not trying to blow my horn about what I know, what I trying to say is with all practice and lessons I have in the past, it wasn't until I joined JamPlay and I started taking lessons from Jim Deeming that it all starting making sense, now I have got my enthusiasm back and can't wait to get to the next lesson. I hope the other instructors are as informative, when I get to them. I also like to say my guitar stays in tune, with minimum tweaking since I followed Jim Deeming instructions on how to string a guitar.

James I.

Di C.

"..I LOVE your site!!!!.."

Hi JamPlay team. Just wanted to let you know that so far I LOVE your site!!!! I've been playing for 30+ years and have never had a formal lesson. I started when I had a brain injury and my mother thought it would be good therapy for me. I have recovered, and so will my guitar now that I have found you :) Cheers from Australia.

Charles J

"..I'm having more fun than a barrel of monkeys!.."

Jessica Baron is a Hoot! I'm having more fun than a barrel of monkeys! In a month and three days I have learned to play two songs and I know 5 chords, and five strums! I am on Jamplay one to two hours a day.

Katie B.

"..I've become a much better guitar player in just a couple days!.."

I am so impressed with your site and lessons! I just joined a few days ago and have listened to the three beginning lessons from most of your guitar teachers. I've become a much better guitar player in just a couple days! I will recommend your site to all my friends. Thanks you so very much for your great service!

Katie B.


"..what a joy it has been.."

I have nearly completed a one month subscription and just had to write in to say what a joy it has been having access to both your video instructions and your highly qualified live instructors. It was very easy to decide to renew under the one year plan. Congratulations on a well built and executed concept! Doug

Ralph H.

"..The course quality and video production values are tops.."

Actually, I'm quite pleased with JamPlay. I'm a rank beginner and had never found a course of instruction online that started with absolute basics, especially my instructor's insistence on my getting picking and rhythm down before learning a singe note or chord! What a revelation! I knew some chords but had never gotten a firm handle on picking and rhythm. Finally I'm starting in the right place and I feel I will progress quickly. The course quality and video production values are tops. Thanks for having such a great site! Kind regards, Ralph


"..In all honesty, I like everything about jamplay and can think of nothing I don't like.."

Comments after a few days. Signing up was easy -- didn't have any problems. Actually, I put in my credit card number wrong at first, but it was all setup to try it again, so that went smoothly. I like that it went right to creating my profile and then right to the main page of jamplay -- felt like it was guiding me through things. The layout of the site is awesome: I instantly knew what I needed to click on to go where... In all honesty, I like everything about jamplay and can think of nothing I don't like The layout of the site makes complete sense 2 seconds after you see it. The video quality is high. I use the progress bar for the lessons to see where I left off and what I need to work more on. The few times I've thought "I could use this", I looked and it was there (like when I was wishing I had a diagram of a chord Steve was using, and it was there in the page below the video or in the supplemental section). Even the price seems great: $20 a month seems more then fair for what's offered.

James Y

"..Your support department gets 5 stars! .."

Customer Support


"..You guys are without a doubt the BEST!!.."

Hi folks,
I just wanted to drop a line or two to the people who make Jamplay happen. Of all the sites that I have found online, you guys are without a doubt the BEST!! In the year or so I have been a member my playing has improved immensely. I love the recorded lessons and have learned a lot from them. Just those lessons alone are well worth the money, but the greatest addition to the site is the live Q and A’s. Although I haven’t been able to catch all the instructors online, I do get to participate in Mark Lincoln’s daily Q and A’s most days. Mark is a great performer but most of all he is a great instructor! He not only has the ability to teach…. He makes it fun too! He is definitely a valuable asset to your site! I know that you guys and gals are busy so thanks for taking the time to read this and give everyone a big pat on the back for a job well done.


Richard Donoghue


FIRST EMAIL: Wow I say it again Wow IO have taken lessons before and just got frustrated! after 2 days with this program i am playing a song!thank you thank you thank you! I am so HAPPY! HAPPY SPRING YOU MADE MY LIFE HAPPIER!
SECOND EMAIL: one more time wow funny thing i am hosting a reggae fest tomorrow I am going to play my little song they will get A KICK! CAUSE I AM ALWAYS behind the scene! believe me you touched a person that will promote you!

Darwin D.

"..Your service is first rate!.."

Your service is first rate! I started at the very beginning as I am waiting for my new Martin D28 to arrive on the 6 th of Oct. ( this weekend) My son is delivering it from Tommy Lee Music in Vancouver. I can hardly wait to see it. So I am without a guitar for a few more days as I gave my last guitar to one of my grandaughters as she is taking music right now. Anyway I would recommend your service to anyone as it is excellent! Yours truly, Darwin D.


"..I've been a member for several years and enjoy the site. It's great for all levels. Not sure what my level is but the "Strum It Up" series from Chris Liepe is simply fantastic. "Strumming" is so often ignored and yet nothing could be more important to so.."

Just a comment, a good one!

David M.

"..I enjoy using it everyday.."

I am a 45 year old man who never picked up any instrument up until 6 months ago when I decided to learn to play the guitar. JamPlay has been my principal source of instruction. After six months, I have learned more about guitar and music than I ever expected I would. Your website is an excellent resource. I enjoy using it everyday on my journey from being a complete novice to becoming a developing guitarist. It has been a real joy. Thank you.

G. Fischer

"..The lessons are really well made.."

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that, I am enjoying jamplay very much. Cool place and I am learning loads. Is really the best site I found to learn to play the guitar. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.The lessons are really well made. So continue the good job. Thanks for the support and help.


".....some other sites really only benefit beginners, but Jamplay offers plenty for all skill levels..."

I just want to tell you that I am so impressed and pleased with the site...it has exceeded my expectations to this point. I have found that as an intermediate level player some other sites really only benefit beginners, but Jamplay offers plenty for all skill levels.

One of the features I have really enjoyed is the live Q&A. Especially Mark Lincoln's sessions. He really has a topic for the day and "teaches" something. He answers any questions people have as well, but he actually gets you playing things (rhythms, songs, arpeggios, etc.) on his Q&A sessions and he shows how to do things for beginners and then shows how to take the same thing and make it more advanced for those that are beyond the beginner stage. I think that approach helps spur people to ask questions or prompts questions because we actually work on something specific instead of it just being a "free-for-all" chat with no direction. Seriously, his live Q&A is like having a private lesson. I really hope those will continue!

I will tell anyone I know that is interested in learning guitar to join this site. I wish I would have had Jamplay when I was beginning to play! And I wish I would have found the site sooner!!!

Thanks for all you do.


"..Nothing made a connection until I found Jim Deeming at JamPlay.."

I just wanted to let you know that this is what I was looking for. I bought a starter guitar to try to learn and I bought some books but nothing made a connection until I found Jim Deeming at Jam Play. I had previously signed up for another web site and the guy could hardly talk because he was so nervous with the camera and he jumped all over the place. Nothing made sense to me and I was getting discouraged. The video quality was poor and it took forever to load. Good thing it didn't cost much because it's not worth much. The videos you have are outstanding and Jim is great! I am sure that all of the other instructors are just as good but, I chose to start with Jim because he has a "I want to teach you what I Love to do" appeal. I should be practicing but I just wanted to let you know that I like the site so far and say THANKS!

William H.

"..Acoustic Guitar has been mostly frustrating to me until I came across Steve's program..."

I am working on the beginning guitar series with Steve Eulberg and find his Acoustic Guitar series to be excellent. Although I am 80 years old and have tried on and off for many years, (using many different programs) to learn Acoustic Guitar it has been mostly frustrating to me until I came across Steve's program. He has finally put together a simple, logical, easily executed approach that really makes sense and is a joy to follow. I am looking forward to continuing his series.
Thanks Steve.
William H.


"..I am having fun and enjoying the process..."

I have had no technical difficulties whatsoever, (I'm using an imac 20" g5, and comcast broadband) and I am working my way through Steve's beginners lessons. Steve is excellent, and the video quality is very good. It will take me some time to get everything out of the video lessons, but I am having fun and enjoying the process.


"..I'll be with you for a while.."

Ye now that i've had a look around and completed a few lessons with Jim Deeming I will be moving from a monthly sub to a yearly one.I've looked at a lot of online lesson web sites and yours is the most concise and to the point, so i'll be with you for a while until nearly as good as Jim ( if i live that long)
Cheers Steve

Paul L.

"..The benefits of the site have so far exceeded my expectations.."

Dear all at Jamplay, Just a quick note to say how useful I have found the site. I have been playing the guitar for around 20 years (am of good intermediate standard) but have learnt more in the last few days watching the phase 2 lessons than in the last 10 years. The supplemental lesson materials are also very good. The benefits of the site have so far exceeded my expectations. Regards, Paul L.

Hilary S

"..Your site is awesome! .."

I am enjoying my membership very much, thank you! Your site is awesome! It is well laid out, and easy to navigate. I especially love that there are so many wonderful instructors who spend so much time teaching, and helping people like me to learn to play. I am finally looking forward to learning to
play the guitar I bought 25 years ago. Hopefully, even an old dog like me can learn some new tricks :)



".. Love it so far..."

Thank you. Love it so far. I'm a beginner. In the past, I've learned a bunch of open chords, tried some songs and nothing really worked. Now I have a regimented practice. Lessons and practice equal success. Twenty bucks a month is a no-brainer! Love it. You provide the lessons, I just have to follow - do what your instructors teach - Love it!



"..That bottom- line support is what makes a real Company! Jamplay has another fan!!.."

It's clear Jamplay is very supportive to all customers! Your attention reflects well on Jamplay, and I will not hesitate to share my opinion. That bottom- line support is what makes a real Company! Jamplay has another fan!!

Brian D.

"..Glad I joined! .."

So far - so good! I had been trying to learn to play on my own for the last 3 months. Since signing up with JamPlay I have probably made as much progress in a week as I had in the prior 3 months. Glad I joined!

Guillaume Tessier

"..Guillaume Tessier.."

I just bought my Godin Freeway guitar, and I have never played guitar before. I didn't know where to start, then I found www.jamplay.com . It's AMAZING. Thanks for the great help you provide to us, it is REALLY worth 20$/month!!!!!


"..Your system is awesome and your instructors are excellent.."

I just wanted to say that I love JamPlay! I've been trying to learn the guitar for years but no single video or DVD could hold my interest for more than a week before I got bored. I've been a member of JamPlay for two weeks and I've learned so much about the guitar. I cannot wait to learn even more. Your system is awesome and your instructors are excellent. I can learn at my own pace so I never become bored or frustrated. It's perfect for me! Thanks JamPlay!

Jo M.

"..I have to say this is one of the best laid out websites I have ever come across, anywhere!.."

As one who has built a few websites sites and is very particular on continuity & usability, I have to say this is one of the best laid out websites I have ever come across, anywhere! Unlike a lot of resources out there that that have similar content, yours is very easy to find ones way around. Everything follows a logical progression and the content & features are about as comprehensive as you could wish for. You have all done an outstanding job. Well done and I will definitely be renewing my subscription at the end of the month. An outstanding product in all areas.

Lee Foster

"..I can only say that since joining i have not been able to put down my guitar.."

I can only say that since joining i have not been able to put down my guitar (it has been on its stand for almost 2 years) Now has new strings, cleaned up and rockin, the lessons are brilliant, the tutors are switched on, articulate and very cool at getting the message over, (plus all amazing players)

I will be busy for the next 12 months and my playing will be live up to my expectations (i hope) lol. Once again thanks for an awesome site.

Ansen S

"..JamPlay is my favorite site..."

JamPlay is my favorite site. I look forward to getting on everyday, and exploring new lessons from teachers I've yet to learn from, and those that i have watched and liked. Thank you for such a great site. :)

Michael B.

".."JAM PLAY is an amazing site!!".."

et me go on record and say JAM PLAY is an amazing site!!


".. I give you people A+ 100% rating..."

I have to admit, this has been the best place to learn EVERYTHING about playing the guitar and learning specifics about the guitar in general. I give you people A+ 100% rating. I did not even sign on in the first few days of my membership. Busy trying to learn from a dvd in a book. I could have been so much more heading to where I want to be, and that is NOT a rock star, but a musician. I'm still learning your site, you have so much to offer. Keep up whatever your doing because I am now learning...

Kimberly H.

"..I signed up for them for my son who just got his 1st electric guitar. WOW! He is doing great!.."

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your lessons onliine. I signed up for them for my son who just got his 1st electric guitar. WOW! He is doing great. I can tell a huge difference in just a week. It's funny he feels like he knows his teachers personally. So, keep up the good work your doing a great job teaching him the guitar.

Pat A.

"..I simply LOVE jamplay!!.."

I simply LOVE jamplay!! It has been a very positive experience for me. This involves far more than just the lessons (as great as they are), but to the quick response to questions, the friendliness and helpfulness of the Jamplay community, and all of the bells and whistles. Everyone that I know or that I meet who has a guitar or has expressed an interest in learning about the guitar has heard my testimonial to your site. You guys and girls are great. If I sat down tonight and designed a site to be everything I wanted in a guitar site I could not do half as well. Thanks for doing such a great job! Pat

Calvin Thompson

"..I can now just pick up my guitar whenever I am in the mood, sit down at my PC & start learning.."

WOW guys I just wanted to say great job on the site. I used to play guitar a lot but just somehow managed to lose interest & could no longer find time to play. I can now just pick up my guitar whenever I am in the mood, sit down at my PC & start learning. I have never been so excited about learning! Yesssssssssss! Thanks again!

Gary C.

"..I look forward to advancing my guitar skills using JamPlay.."

Dear JamPlay I am really enjoying the program. Lessons are easy to understand and the instructors are very professional and knowledgeable. I look forward to advancing my guitar skills using JamPlay. Thank you.

Roger F.

"..I will be recommending to all my friends.."

I am so excited to have found your most comprehensive guitar teaching website. Its boundaries seem limitless. I am so impressed with the way you the lessons are presented visually and sequencially. Having spent a fair amount for private instructions in the past, which have been very helpful, your most cost effective, professional approach is what I will be recommending to all my friends. I'm happy to be a member and will be for a long time. Thanks again. Roger

Martin D

"..JamPlay is another American masterpiece and I am sure I will achieve my goal!.."

I have always admired the way Americans do things. Like tools,best in the world.Cars, fast and flashy, guitars, works of art, easy to play! I love Fender! I've been playing for many years, but never to the standard I would like. JamPlay is another American masterpiece and I am sure I will achieve my goal!

Terry Clark

"..your teachers are great and i love that you actually add new lessons.."

I have been taking free guitar lessons online for some time and was getting pretty damn tired of reading article after article and not really learning anything so I decided to try your site and let me tell you it was certainly worth the money. I dont like paying for websites but this one is def worth it, your teachers are great and i love that you actually add new lessons.

Warren M

"..JamPlay is excellent!.."

JamPlay is excellent! I love all aspects of the service. I could not be happier unless you added ukulele to the lessons :)

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