JamPlay Member Testimonials & Community Feedback

Testimonials are a bit of gimmicky way to gain your trust, but we have gained enough confidence from the overwhelming support from our devoted community to publish their feedback. Each testimonial on this page fills our staff with pride and fuels our fire to continue on our mission to maintain the #1 guitar learning resource on the web.

Stephen K.

"..All I've got to do now is to remember to eat.."

I would like to say what a fantastic site you have I am having a ball. All my life I have wanted to learn an instrument but due to something in the way I learn just can't cope unless I can see a real-time demonstration step by step, with someone explaining what's going on and why? I have tried before but could never understand strumming...after on 40 minute lesson..I can do it and I can do different rhythms. All I've got to do now is to remember to eat and go to work and not spend all week on more lessons. Fantastic

Matthew B.

".. I am improving with leaps and bounds.."

Dear JamPlay,

I have an in-home instructor that I spend a hour lesson with once a week. I've learned so much more in so less time just from the lessons on your web site. Mark Lincoln is my instructor. I am absorbing the knowledge like a sponge and loving every minute of it. I am improving with leaps and bounds. Please keep Mark around. Many thanks to Acoustic Guitar Magazine for providing the link to your site. I'm hooked! Thank you!

Jason H

"..The quality of your instructors, their demeanor, and accessibility is just amazing to me. .."

I just wanted to comment on how fantastic a product JamPlay is. I signed up for a year with few expectations. The breadth of instructors is amazing. The number of courses and the progress report was easy to use and get started with. I really feel like I am showing improvement. All of that is worth the price of admission but the live jamchat is simply over the top. I have been listening to it in the background while at work and have learned so much just by being around and listening to people chat about music for the past week. In particular, yesterday’s sessions were very helpful for me. Marcello Berestovoy started talking theory, which I really enjoyed. He unlocked a concept of singing the notes and playing them as an exercise to help get the songs and thoughts expressed through the guitar. The hand is just an instrument. Steve Eulberg had a session on songwriting that was active and included all participants. It was the first time I had been involved with the songwriting process and gave me confidence that I could start doing it, even at my level. Lauren Passarelli played some great songs from suggestions by participants and helped me with a chord progression of a song I have been working on for a while. Chris Liepe then went through the CAGED system and made it really accessible. I was blown away. This morning, Miche Fambro, was playing. He is simply outstanding and didn’t make anyone who was asking questions feel silly. His talent level is through the roof! And, finally, this afternoon, DJ Phillips helped me tab out another some of the difficult parts I have been having problems with on another song. The quality of your instructors, their demeanor, and accessibility is just amazing to me. To have access to such talented artists and be able to get individualized response to questions is very very valuable. Private lessons would cost a fortune in comparison. You have really brought a service with such incredible value to a price-point that is accessible for most people who are serious about improving their skills on guitar. I sincerely want to thank you for all that you provide and look forward to being able to improve my playing to the point of being able to share music with others.

Pat A.

"..I recommend it to everyone I know!.."


FYI I am truly enjoying the site! I think that it is extremely well done. I'm recently disabled and am committed to learning how to play the guitar after picking it up and putting it down 100 times over the last 40 years. I've spent the last year wandering the Internet and ordering DVD's with Guitar Lessons trying and trying to grasp this wonderful instrument, to no avail. Your site was like a Godsend. The lesson structure is GREAT. Over the years I would hit a brick wall such as barre chords or theory and quit. Your instructors make these subjects so crystal clear and give concise lessons in how to conquer these issues.

All I can say is JamPlay is fantastic and I recommend it to everyone I know!!

Pat A

John A

"..If only I had known about you years ago.."

Hi JamPlay
I am really enjoying the teachings of Steve Eulberg. I have been playing the guitar for many years in various genres - folk, classical, and now leading worship, and Steve's teaching - even through the basics - is an inspiration. It is wonderful to be taught by someone who is clearly a gifted teacher. If only I had known about you years ago. I am certain that JamPlay's teaching methods will help me develop my playing skills and to become more creative.
Thank you JamPlay
John A

Dave L

"..I LOVE IT!!!.."

I LOVE IT!!! I love it so much that I have cancelled my memberships to some other sites and haven't visited a free membership site either. I am a 67 year old beginner. As you guys know, not everyone learns the same way or likes a particular teaching style. Jam Play has lots of beginning instructors to choose from. So far I LIKE THEM ALL!!. Amazing! Each one has a little different style and approach and so if I didn't follow a skill taught by one instructor, I just try another. IT'S GREAT! My favorites so far are; Steve Eulberg, Eve Goldberg and Orville Johnson. You guys have really got this thing dialed in...keep up the good work.
thanks, Dave Lotridge, in the middle of nowhere, South Texas.

Brad R.

"..To all of you wonderful people, It is great that all of you care so much about others' passion for the guitar. Please continue your support for us. .."

Passion for guitar


"..So glad I found this instead of paying outrageous rates for thirty minute private lessons! .."

I'm really enjoying my membership with Jam Play! The instructors are very easy to follow and the cost is well worth it! So glad I found this instead of paying outrageous rates for thirty minute private lessons!

Jesse G.

"..I have not this much fun in a long time!.."

To whom it may concern,
I have not this much fun in a long time! I am indeed very pleased with my decision to become a member of Jamplay. I have been very cautious of some online memberships that make promises only to disappoint but Jamplay keeps impressing and even surprising. I have recommended it to my friends and they too are impressed and interested in membership. A good product sells it self and a satisfied customer is certainly the best advertising. As a Quality Manager in the Automotive Industry I am impressed with your strategy and commitment to delivering a fine product / service. Thanks and I look forward to mastering the guitar with you and the other members of Jamplay.

D. Wallace

"..I am amazed at how much I have learned.."

I've been a member for three days now and I am amazed at how much I have learned from Steve's Bluegrass lessons. And I haven't even completed all of the lessons yet! Your site is much better than the new fall TV season.

I am looking forward to starting on Phase I lesson one to unlearn and relearn and put some new life into my guitar playing. Thanks for a great site.


"..I am already SUPER satisfied .."

Even though I haven't had all the time I've wanted, I have to tell you that I am already SUPER satisfied with my decision to join Jamplay. Just got off the live chat with Nick Kellie. Dude's fantastic.

Lessons are great, instructors are great, as far as the ones I've had time to check out.

Tools are great. The chord charts and scales are so easy to look up when I need a hint.

Don't know if any of my friends are taking my advice , but I'm telling everyone I know that plays, or is learning to play, to join this site.

My only problem is # of hours in a day. Wish I could quit my job and play all day.

Just wanted to let you know.


Robert Thorhallsson

"..it's hard not to get excited about learning more and more about guitar playing.."

I just joined the site like a day ago - and I feel the urge to send you a letter to describe my first impressions of the site.

It's simply amazing. The amount of work put into the site is incredible and the layout of the site is so well done. Granted I haven't started learning, but when everything is so well laid out for you it's hard not to get excited about learning more and more about guitar playing.

I have subscribed to one of these guitar learning sites online before. I was not impressed, only few of the lessons contained video clips and the teacher was way to dry for my taste. I think I visited the site like 2-3 times and simply gave up. I'm very assured that this won't be the case now!

The front-end of the site is very detailed and contains alot of content. Not enough to skip the bill - but has loads to get a guy like me excited about the program. I look forward to improve my skills here and be a part of this wonderful community you guys created.

S Claudino

"..I immediately subscribed and was again impressed with the multitude of options and tools you guys provide..."

I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to my lessons. It all started with a video I found on youtube. it was your teacher Mark explaining how to play the song Iris but the Goo Goo Dolls. I was so impressed by the short lesson I actually visited the site, something I rarely do. After browsing it I immediately subscribed and was again impressed with the multitude of options and tools you guys provide. I've taught myself for about 4 years now. I have tried professional (and terribly expensive), in person lessons and quit after one month. I've tried books that now collect dust on my shelf. I've looked through tabs online for specific songs and only find occasional success. Honestly, I feel with this site I have a chance to continue playing, learning and improving. I'm looking forward to my time with you guys. Thank you for the site!


"..I run an internet design company.. Jamplay.com is one of the best sites I have ever visited.."

I have run an internet design and production company here in the UK for the last seven years. Jamplay.com is one of the best sites I have ever visited. It looks great, it works great and the content is fantastic. So much so that I can only just type this morning due to very sore finger tips on my left hand. Can't wait to get home and move on to lesson 2.

David H.

".....and it provides a great motivation to continue learning.."

I am having a great time learning the guitar and Jamplay is just the
vehicle for me. I can access it any time day or night, I can go over a
lesson as often as I need to and it provides a great motivation to continue
learning. I will obtain live instruction sometime, probably this coming
fall, but only to supplement what Jamplay is able to provide and maybe only
to get hands-on help getting through tough spots. I think some constructive
criticism would also be beneficial.
I like the presentation, and I really like the ability to access more
than one instructor. Please continue this project cause you have a convert
in me.

Edward R.

"..Its exactly what I have been needing.."

I love JamPlay! Its exactly what I have been needing to advance my guitar playing. Your site provides so much that I am sure I will be a long term member. Thanks to all the folks at JamPlay for putting together such a great site!


".. I have learned more already than I thought was possible..."

Hi. I just want to say how impressed I am about JamPlay.com
I have only been a member for a short time, but I am already very impressed about your web site. You have a huge variety of lessons and teachers who speak a language everyone understands. The lessons I have seen so far has made me understand music and guitar playing in a whole new way. There is a progression that everyone will benefit from. I have learned more already than I thought was possible.
I just want to say thanks and PLEASE keep up the good work. Everyone who wants to improve their skills should be a member. It does after all cost less than dollar per day. Skip one Coca cola and start playing.


"..Your system is awesome and your instructors are excellent.."

I just wanted to say that I love JamPlay! I've been trying to learn the guitar for years but no single video or DVD could hold my interest for more than a week before I got bored. I've been a member of JamPlay for two weeks and I've learned so much about the guitar. I cannot wait to learn even more. Your system is awesome and your instructors are excellent. I can learn at my own pace so I never become bored or frustrated. It's perfect for me! Thanks JamPlay!

Indigo B.

"..making my dream a reality!.."

It's going GREAT! I'm a work from home mom and would have a hard time getting to guitar lessons otherwise. I really love how organized the site is and I love the teachers. I'm practicing about every other day and making my dream a reality! THANKS

Gilles L.

"..I am more than satisfied.."

I have just started the beginner series with jamplay and I have taken lesson one on one in the past but I am enjoying the teacher and the lessons they provide a lot more with jamplay. I find your approach as well as the format very well done and entertaining. The quality of instructors is very good and their approach as well as their teaching methods are great and unintimidating. They make you feel good about where you are and are very encouraging. I am more then satisfied and will definately recommend this site to all the people I know that are looking for quality as well as a fun way to learn how to play.

Maleka B

"..thanks for having amazing instructors.."

I just wanted to let you guys know I was very happy with the bass lessons. Evan Brewer was made for JamPlay. I look forward to any new lessons he has. I am sure you already know but he is an excellent teacher. Very knowledgable and able to pass that knowledge on. Again thanks for having amazing instructors. I cannot wait until there are more lessons as well as live lessons available for the bass.

Greg J.

".. I'm starting at the beginning and I couldn't be happier!.."

I'm a fifty eight year old newbie who owns a guitar which has been sitting untouched in a corner for about seven years now. Last weekend I got inspired to pick it up and finally learn how to play after watching an amazing Spanish guitarist on TV. So, here I am. I'm starting at the beginning and I couldn't be happier (except for the sore fingers :) I'm self employed with a hectic schedule. With Jamplay, I can fit in a random session when I have time and I can go at my own pace, rewinding and replaying the videos until I get it. This is a very enjoyable diversion from my work yet I still feel like I'm accomplishing something worthwhile. Thanks a lot!

Jo M.

"..I have to say this is one of the best laid out websites I have ever come across, anywhere!.."

As one who has built a few websites sites and is very particular on continuity & usability, I have to say this is one of the best laid out websites I have ever come across, anywhere! Unlike a lot of resources out there that that have similar content, yours is very easy to find ones way around. Everything follows a logical progression and the content & features are about as comprehensive as you could wish for. You have all done an outstanding job. Well done and I will definitely be renewing my subscription at the end of the month. An outstanding product in all areas.

Aiden P.

"..High quality teaching.."

This isn't so much of an inquiry as a congratulations

I'm a self-taught guitarist and your video for The Trooper helped me learn the song in a matter of hours. I wouldn't describe myself as particularly talented, but the video helped me learn the song with ease.

Thank you,

Aidan P.

James R.

".. This has been the best learning tool I have ever had.."

This is a great service, I have been one on one with teachers, watched DVDs, learned from friends, however this has been the best learning tool I have ever had.
Thank you James

Benjamin Gross

"..I found it very useful to have alongside my in person teacher.."

A superb website. I found it very useful to have alongside my in person teacher. That way there was something new to do in between real life lessons. Highly recommended.


"..Out of all of other sites that I have looked at (fee & free) JamPlay is by far the best I have come across!.."

Out of all of other sites that I have looked at (fee & free) JamPlay is by far the best I have come across! Keep up the good work and LOVE your site!


"..The lessons I've taken are well done and the teaching system does a nice job of building skills.."

The lessons I've taken are well done and the teaching system does a nice job of building skills. I am considering transferring from monthly to quarterly membership.

Ken D.

"..your site has revolutionized my guitar playing.."

Hey guys,

I just want to tell you that your site has revolutionized my guitar playing. I'm trying to do 2-3 lessons per day and they are just so enjoyable and so very well done. Wow!

Ken D.


".. I give you people A+ 100% rating..."

I have to admit, this has been the best place to learn EVERYTHING about playing the guitar and learning specifics about the guitar in general. I give you people A+ 100% rating. I did not even sign on in the first few days of my membership. Busy trying to learn from a dvd in a book. I could have been so much more heading to where I want to be, and that is NOT a rock star, but a musician. I'm still learning your site, you have so much to offer. Keep up whatever your doing because I am now learning...



Things are going great. I'm really enjoying the lessons and have learned lots. I really appreciate the way you film the lessons. It feels like you're just sitting with the instructor and being taught one on one. Kudos to you all. In the end, it's up to me to make it happen, but the JP experience will
really benefit me along the way. There is SO much to view and immerse myself in. No excuses this time!!

I gotta give you some props on the whole JP community you have built. Teachers, students, forums, chat, friends, live Q&A, etc.. Kinda like a virtual guitar university done at my own pace. Brilliant!



"..That bottom- line support is what makes a real Company! Jamplay has another fan!!.."

It's clear Jamplay is very supportive to all customers! Your attention reflects well on Jamplay, and I will not hesitate to share my opinion. That bottom- line support is what makes a real Company! Jamplay has another fan!!

Rob D.

"..I'm learning a great deal.."

I don't know if you read my profile: I played the guitar on and off over the years, more or less playing rhythm. My niece asked me to teach her son some chords, I said yes but he would be better off taking lessons. Expense for this was a problem so I checked out the internet and found JamPlay. I liked it so much I recommended it to my niece for her Son. He subscribed as I did and we both take lessons together. Once a week we meet at my house to check our progress. The problems we work out together. I was always interested in finger picking so this program is great for me. So far I'm enjoying my lesson and I'm learning a great deal. Great Program!

Richard Donoghue


FIRST EMAIL: Wow I say it again Wow IO have taken lessons before and just got frustrated! after 2 days with this program i am playing a song!thank you thank you thank you! I am so HAPPY! HAPPY SPRING YOU MADE MY LIFE HAPPIER!
SECOND EMAIL: one more time wow funny thing i am hosting a reggae fest tomorrow I am going to play my little song they will get A KICK! CAUSE I AM ALWAYS behind the scene! believe me you touched a person that will promote you!


".....some other sites really only benefit beginners, but Jamplay offers plenty for all skill levels..."

I just want to tell you that I am so impressed and pleased with the site...it has exceeded my expectations to this point. I have found that as an intermediate level player some other sites really only benefit beginners, but Jamplay offers plenty for all skill levels.

One of the features I have really enjoyed is the live Q&A. Especially Mark Lincoln's sessions. He really has a topic for the day and "teaches" something. He answers any questions people have as well, but he actually gets you playing things (rhythms, songs, arpeggios, etc.) on his Q&A sessions and he shows how to do things for beginners and then shows how to take the same thing and make it more advanced for those that are beyond the beginner stage. I think that approach helps spur people to ask questions or prompts questions because we actually work on something specific instead of it just being a "free-for-all" chat with no direction. Seriously, his live Q&A is like having a private lesson. I really hope those will continue!

I will tell anyone I know that is interested in learning guitar to join this site. I wish I would have had Jamplay when I was beginning to play! And I wish I would have found the site sooner!!!

Thanks for all you do.

Michael F.

"..This is a great site!.."

This is a great site! I am 42yrs old and I have been trying to teach myself to play Guitar for a couple of years now, with minimal luck. I learned techniques in the first lesson that I could not have found teaching myself. I was reluctant at first to pay for an internet course due to past experiences with online college and the current state of the economy, but the price was fair and the content of your site is vast. I am currently taking the beginners course by Steve Eulberg and he is highly professional and very informative. Thank you for the outstanding work on this site and please keep up the good work.

Don M

"..This site is exactly what I wanted.."


I stopped playing as it was such a hassle going to lessons after coming in from work

This site is exactly what I wanted so I have dusted off the guitar case, bought some new strings and intend to resume lessons commencing this weekend.

I have also recommended the site to some of my friends and I am sure that they too will sign up.

Congratulations, it is the best Guitar teaching site by far.

Don M

Pat A.

"..I simply LOVE jamplay!!.."

I simply LOVE jamplay!! It has been a very positive experience for me. This involves far more than just the lessons (as great as they are), but to the quick response to questions, the friendliness and helpfulness of the Jamplay community, and all of the bells and whistles. Everyone that I know or that I meet who has a guitar or has expressed an interest in learning about the guitar has heard my testimonial to your site. You guys and girls are great. If I sat down tonight and designed a site to be everything I wanted in a guitar site I could not do half as well. Thanks for doing such a great job! Pat


".. I would just like to say thank you, to yourself and to the others at JamPlay, for what you do. I enjoy JamPlay a lot. It is entertaining and it has even improved my playing! ;-) Próspero año nuevo! .."

Merry Christmas

Steve M

"..So far my boy has had a real blast.."

Hello JamPlay People.

Joined the site for my 10 year old son.
We have real trouble locating a guitar teacher locally so did some online research and found you! So far my boy has had a real blast. He is just past beginner stage and finds the videos really good to follow. Already managed a credible rendition of a couple of tunes.
Keep up the good work.
From a non-musical Dad.

Barry N.

"..I am hooked on Jamplay.."

Yes I am hooked on Jamplay. It is fantastic to be able to have lessons whenever I want. I have started with Hawkeye and am getting into the blues. He is a great teacher - and he responds to the many comments and questions he gets. It is amazing to think that I am down here in little old New Zealand getting lessons daily from an American blues man - the power of the internet!

Mohamad I.

"..Very impressed..."

Jamplay Staff, I have to tell you, I'm very happy with the idea of your website. So far I've been listening to Marc's acoustic lessons and they're very helpful, Marc knows how to successfully convey ideas at appropriate times which makes him a good teacher. So basically so far so good. Very impressed.

Deb C.

"..It's a perfect format for me.."

I'm loving my lessons from Jamplay! I've had my guitar for 30 years and never had the time to learn to play properly. It's a perfect format for me as I can fit it into my own schedule. Love it! Thanks!

Michael R.

"..I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!.."

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Literally every second on the site feels like its helping me to improve and evolve my play. Specifically, I had always had tons of questions regarding the guitar techniques of Tosin Abasi and feel that the money is worth lessons from him alone! I'm not detracting from the other teachers one bit and I've come across some awesomely talented dudes on jam play for sure. I came for the Tosin, and I'm staying for the whole package! Allen Van Wert for example, is also awesome and his a minor melodic "robot tapping" video had me tapping like a boss in no time at all. Keep up the great work!

Jay M.

"..Ever since signing up I have been nothing but impressed..."

Hi Jamplay,

Yeah everything is great! I've never signed up for a paysite before, so I was a bit skeptical. I've been learning off of a free website which was okay but I wanted more. I found a paysite before but it turned out to be a scam site. I checked out all of the testamonials and free lessons and information before signing up and decided to sign up. I searched for a coupon code and stumbled upon a review site and gave you guys top notches and that scam site
really low marks which made me more reassured. Ever since signing up I have been nothing but impressed. Everything is amazing and I am just so happy with everything. You guys are awesome and I really like all the teachers you have, the progress report, metronome, chat, profiles, lessons, songs, everything. I couldn't be happier.

Thank you very much,


Dale K.

"..Thank you for the great quality and for the in-depth instruction.."

I'm enjoying it immensely. I am 50 years old, have a degree in music education, and I have been a guitar teacher for 11 years now. I have been playing for about 35 years. I joined JamPlay to improve my skills in the different genres and, honestly, to pick the brains of your teachers for teaching tips. I plan to view every lessons from Phase I up. My youngest son, who is 9, and I are enjoying the videos. Thank you for the great quality and for the in-depth instruction.


Dale K.

Carl R.

"..Your web site with the help of Jim are making things easy, pleasant and fun.."

I just wanted to respond to you folks and applaud you on a job very well done. I am currently going through the basics with Jim Deeming although this is not my first time playing guitar, this is the first time I'm taking it seriously, and your web site with the help of Jim are making things easy, pleasant and fun. So thank you very much you can be assured that I will be here for quite some time.

Thank you

Ellen E.

"..I love your web site!!!.."


I love your web site!!! My first renewal notice just came up. Great teachers and great web design.

Especially the part where I can go over things as many times as I want to. I also love the variety of the genres. This web site is what the internet was made for, it's inventors would be proud of the way you have utilized it.

Thanks Ellen E.


"..This site is AMAZING!.."


I'm a beginner guitar player, so I started with the "phase 1". This site is AMAZING! So easy to follow my progress with the "my progress report", and the lessons are easy to understand. I'm really really lucky that I' found Jamplay in time. This is the best guitar site on the internet!

Thank you, Jamplay!

Attila, from Hungary

Charles J

"..I'm having more fun than a barrel of monkeys!.."

Jessica Baron is a Hoot! I'm having more fun than a barrel of monkeys! In a month and three days I have learned to play two songs and I know 5 chords, and five strums! I am on Jamplay one to two hours a day.