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Paul's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Paul Musso has 35 videos at JamPlay, with 14 intermediate lessons and 21 Lick & Riff Library entries. Use the tabs below to learn more.

Subscribing to JamPlay gives you unlimited access to all of Paul's lessons, as well as all lessons from our roster of instructors.


Paul Musso dives into jazz guitar with an emphasis on walking bass lines. This series of lessons focuses on separating chords from bass lines, which is good for a variety of things, including accompaniment and soloing.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

JamPlay is proud to welcome senior professor and Coordinator of Guitar Studies at the...

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Lesson 2

Right Hand Technique

Paul Musso takes some time to focus on the fundamentals of right hand technique. This...

Length: 7:15
Lesson 3

Construction and Theory

Paul Musso explains the construction and theory of walking bass lines.

Length: 16:37
Lesson 4

D Minor Blues Progression

Paul Musso teaches a walking bass line to a progression in the key of D minor. You will...

Length: 12:05
Lesson 5

G Jazz Blues Progression

Paul Musso plays and teaches a walking bass line to a jazz blues progression in G.

Length: 20:32
Lesson 6


Paul Musso talks about the song "Seasons" from his Mel Bay book, Teaching Your Guitar...

Length: 19:57
Lesson 7

Walking Bass Lines over...

Paul Musso looks at walking bass lines and chords over rhythm changes, which are a set...

Length: 12:18

Paul Musso's mini arpeggios series will get you prepared for jazz improvisation starting with the basic building blocks.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

Paul Musso offers another great series in the jazz genre. This time, you will be learning...

Length: 19:49
Lesson 2

Mini Arpeggios Over...

In his newest lesson, Paul Musso plays mini arpeggios over a G jazz blues progression....

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Lesson 3

Approach Tones

Paul Musso discusses how to use approach tones to make mini arpeggio lines more interesting....

Length: 10:15
Lesson 4

Lots of Licks

In this lesson, Paul looks at several licks that utilize mini arpeggios. You will also...

Length: 32:31
Lesson 5

Improvising Over ii-V-I...

In lesson five, Paul Musso introduces more great licks and discusses improvising over...

Length: 22:12
Lesson 6

Combining Mini Arpeggios...

Paul Musso looks at combining mini arpeggios with scales. He emphasizes that good improvisations...

Length: 21:01
Lesson 7

Ultimate Mini Arpeggio...

Paul Musso invites you to take the ultimate mini arpeggio challenge. You will be playing...

Length: 14:12