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For better or worse, Dennis Hodges cannot stop playing music, and (he hopes) will never stop playing music.

Growing up in Flint, Michigan, Dennis had a tremendous passion for drawing. He couldn't stop copying moves from bands he saw on MTV, though, and it didn't help that his parents filled the house with Santana, Stevie Ray, and Allman Bros. (on real records, no less!) so it wasn't long till he got his first guitar. It was junk. Within a few weeks his parents traded in a poor acoustic for a less junky 3/4-size electric. (More)
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Dennis Hodges has 121 videos at JamPlay, with 58 intermediate lessons, 33 song lessons, 26 Lick & Riff Library entries and 4 entertainment videos. Use the tabs below to learn more.

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Get ready to rock in this metal lesson series with Dennis Hodges. From 80's Metal to modern Dennis loves it all.

Lesson 1

Basics of Metal

Dennis covers important guitar basics such as note names and technical exercises.

Length: 33:00
Lesson 2

Power Chords and Rhythm

Dennis introduces power chords and basic rhythm concepts. Both subjects are very important...

Length: 22:00
Lesson 3

Essential Techniques...

Learn a variety of essential techniques commonly used in the metal genre, including palm...

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Lesson 4

Essential Techniques...

Metal lesson 4 brings you some info on hammer-ons, pull-offs, trills, bending, and the...

Length: 45:25
Lesson 5

Left Hand Overload

Dennis delivers left hand techniques and exercises, with topics including spider walking...

Length: 62:36
Lesson 6

Rhythm and Timing

While using a metronome, Dennis covers essential techniques and exercises to obtain great...

Length: 35:00
Lesson 7

"Metal Poisoning"

Written just for JamPlay and his Metal series, this song will allow you to put all your...

Length: 28:54
Lesson 8

Time Signatures Part...

In this lesson Dennis teaches the following common time signatures: 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8,...

Length: 33:12
Lesson 9

Time Signatures Part...

This time around Dennis explains odd time signatures. Similar to Part 1, he uses a musical...

Length: 45:07
Lesson 10

Rhythm Pt. 2

Dennis continues his metal series with part two of his look at rhythm and timing.

Length: 56:24
Lesson 11

Right Hand Overload

This lesson is the long lost sibling to "Left Hand Overload."

Length: 52:11
Lead Concepts & Techniques

Dennis Hodges blends conceptual lead instruction for developing solos, improvising, and harmonizing along with lead techniques such as legato, sweeping, and alternate picking.

Lesson 1

Major Scale Improvising

Dennis covers the basics of the major scale. Then, he introduces you to improvisation...

Length: 25:45
Lesson 2

Minor Scale Improvising

Dennis introduces the minor scale. You will improvise within this scale and work on a...

Length: 26:20
Lesson 3


Dennis teaches harmonization in 3rds, diatonic and non-diatonic 4ths, 5ths, diatonic 6ths,...

Length: 27:16
Lesson 4

Lead Guitar Improvising

Dennis teaches key improvisational concepts such as blending scales, phrasing, and staying...

Length: 29:16
Lesson 5

Sweep Picking

Dennis Hodges teaches sweeping technique, 3 string triads, and 2 octave arpeggios. Also...

Length: 39:18
Lesson 6

Tapping: Basic and Advanced...

Dennis covers many tapping techniques in this lesson. From basic to advanced, get ready...

Length: 39:47
Lesson 7

Lead Concepts and Techniques:...

Dennis teaches a bunch of cool metal and rock tricks in this lesson!

Length: 34:27
Lesson 8

Writing A Rock Guitar...

Dennis Hodges teaches you some of the basics to writing your own solos!

Length: 47:13
Lesson 9

Lead Guitar Improvisation

Dennis Hodges teaches the basics of improvising a solo over a backing track.

Length: 28:44
Lesson 10


Dennis teaches some basics on how to interpret a piece of music and make it your own.

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Lesson 11

Soloing In E Minor

Dennis dissects a solo he wrote that stays in the 12th position box of E minor.

Length: 15:10
Lesson 12

Soloing In A Minor

Dennis Hodges dissects an advanced, extended solo he wrote in A Minor for this lesson.

Length: 33:28
Lesson 13

Metal Solo Introduction

JamPlay instructor Dennis Hodges is back with a two sided metal solo! This pack of lessons...

Length: 2:11
Lesson 14

Easy Metal Solo Phrase...

To get things started, Dennis offers up the first four measure phrase of this easy metal...

Length: 3:06
Lesson 15

Advanced Metal Solo...

Now that you have the first phrases of the easy solo under your fingers, let's put a little...

Length: 4:00
Lesson 16

Easy Metal Solo Phrase...

Here's another four bar phrase of the easy metal solo. This phrase is predominantly arpeggio-based....

Length: 4:03
Lesson 17

Advanced Metal Solo...

Like the second phrase of the easy solo, this advanced phrase is also predominantly arpeggio-based....

Length: 4:50
Lesson 18

Easy Metal Solo Phrase...

Dennis is back with the next phrase of the easy metal solo. Phrase three incorporates...

Length: 3:49
Lesson 19

Advanced Metal Solo...

Just like the other advanced phrases, this one is an embellishment of the easy lick. To...

Length: 6:16
Lesson 20

Easy Metal Solo Phrase...

Dennis Hodges is back with another lick from the easy metal solo. Phrase four is the final...

Length: 3:28
Lesson 21

Advanced Metal Solo...

Phrase four of the advanced solo is another embellishment of the easy solo. To amp up...

Length: 5:56
Lesson 22

Easy Metal Solo Connections

At this point, you should have all four phrases of the easy solo under your fingers. In...

Length: 4:40
Lesson 23

Advanced Metal Solo...

Congratulations! You've learned all four phrases of the advanced metal solo. Now, let's...

Length: 6:07

Dennis Hodges teaches jazz for students with a rock background. In this series you will learn to play jazz chord progressions and licks without theory being forced upon you. Dennis has arranged each lesson so that you can learn the example piece first and then learn about the theory in the following scene if you want.

Lesson 1

F Blues Solo

Dennis kicks off the lesson series with a lesson on an F major blues solo.

Length: 27:19
Lesson 2

F Blues Comping

Dennis covers the rhythm accompaniment to the F blues solo presented in the previous lesson.

Length: 16:58
Lesson 3

Bb Blues Solo

Learn how to play a 12 bar jazz blues solo in Bb. Dennis provides an in depth analysis...

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Lesson 4

Bb Blues Comp

Dennis teaches the accompaniment part to the Bb blues solo taught in the previous lesson.

Length: 13:03
Lesson 5

Eb Blues Solo

Learn a 12 bar jazz blues solo in Eb.

Length: 21:55
Lesson 6

Eb Blues Comping

Learn how to accompany a 12 bar jazz blues in the key of Eb. Dennis uses a walking bass...

Length: 18:58
Lesson 7

Ab Blues Solo

Learn this Ab jazz blues solo taught by Dennis Hodges.

Length: 21:18
Lesson 8

Ab Comping Lesson

Dennis explains the accompaniment part to the Ab blues solo taught in lesson 7.

Length: 14:14
Lesson 9

Db Blues Solo

Dennis teaches a jazz blues solo in Db major.

Length: 20:45
Lesson 10

Db Blues Comping Lesson

Dennis teaches the accompaniment part to the solo in lesson 9.

Length: 7:46
Lesson 11

Gb Blues Solo

Learn this Gb blues in 6/4 time based on the Miles Davis tune "All Blues."

Length: 12:42
Lesson 12

Gb Blues Comping

Dennis teaches the accompaniment to the solo in lesson 11.

Length: 12:58
Lesson 13

B Blues Solo

Dennis continues his straight ahead jazz series with a lesson on a jazz blues solo in...

Length: 18:59
Lesson 14

B Blues Comping

Here's a lesson on jazz blues accompaniment with a walking bassline.

Length: 12:54
Lesson 15

E Blues Solo

Learn jazz guitar with this straight-forward look at a solo in E major.

Length: 13:52
Lesson 16

E Blues Comp

Learn the accompaniment part to the solo in lesson 15.

Length: 3:28
Lesson 17

A Blues Solo

Dennis Hodges continues his growing Jazz-Blues series with a lesson on a solo in A.

Length: 15:33
Lesson 18

A Blues Comp

Learn the accompaniment to the solo in lesson 17.

Length: 11:14
Lesson 19

D Blues Solo

Learn jazz with a straight-forward lesson on a solo in D.

Length: 21:39
Lesson 20

D Blues Comp

Learn the accompaniment to the solo in lesson 19.

Length: 10:00
Lesson 21

G Blues Solo

Here is a very "outside" and modern sounding jazz-blues solo. The timing is very important...

Length: 18:00
Lesson 22

G Blues Comp

Learn the rhythm accompaniment for lesson 21.

Length: 3:00
Lesson 23

C Blues Solo

Here is the final solo to learn for this jazz series. This solo is inspired by the great...

Length: 15:00
Lesson 24

C Blues Comp

Here is the final lesson for Dennis Hodges jazz series. Learn the comping for lesson 23.

Length: 12:00