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Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, JamPlay meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.

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Making music is a journey that only gets better with miles traveled. With 1000s of guitar and bass lessons for all levels, structured learning and progress tracking, great songs, and instruction by world-class artists, where do you want to go?

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Our guitar lessons, tools, and learning systems help you get started and take you where you want to go!

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200+ Courses 5,041+ Lessons

Learn how to play in your favorite genre. Or dive into our skill-based courses for help with skills, techniques, or music theory.

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by your favorite artists!

Learn hundreds of popular songs in all styles for beginners and beyond. Rock, Blues, Pop, Progressive, Metal, Country, Jazz, and more!

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Artist Master Classes

Learn from the pros! Leverage the real-world knowledge of top studio and touring artists across all styles of music.

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Any time. At your pace. On any device.

Artist Mark Lettieri

100+ World Class artists and instructors

World class instruction that meets you where you are. All levels and styles to take you where you want to go.

From famed musicians such as Billy Idol's Steve Stevens to Berklee College of Music and Guitar Institute professors, our artists and instructors deliver results. Learn and master the sounds of your favorite players.

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Learn Something New Every Day

Master New Skills in Over 20 Genres

Dive into your favorite styles: Blues, Rock, Jazz, Fingerstyle, Country, Metal, Jam Bands, Classical, Bluegrass, R&B and many more!

Dig deep: chords, how to solo, music theory, scales, sweep picking, improvisation, comping, slide guitar, slap bass -- it’s all here!

With 1000s of lessons for every skill level and genre, JamPlay helps you become the player you want to be.

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“I spent more time looking for videos on YouTube than I did playing guitar.... I've seen more progress in my playing ever since signing up.”

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Your Learning, Your Way!

Our guitar lessons, tools, and learning systems help you get started AND take you where you want to go! Follow a structured learning path or create your own journey based on the styles and songs you love.

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4K & 1080P - Stream or Download

The JamPlay Learning System

It's not just videos, and not just downloads. You'll get:

  • Interactive tabs, notation, and fretboard
  • JamTracks for play-along practice
  • Ask-a-teacher functionality
  • Speed up, slow down and loop the video
  • Bookmark exact moments in the lesson
  • Note-taking feature
  • 4k video with multiple camera angles
  • Track progress with the progress report

Jamplay live instruction daily

Real-time feedback and help from great teachers

Along with our on-demand guitar lessons, we also offer live guitar lessons in two different formats. Our weekly workshops provide task-based, focused lessons on a designated topic of guitar.

Our Live Q&A offers open dialogue and discussion with our teachers. Get your questions answered anytime in real time!

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Free With Your Membership

The 2021 Guitarist Toolkits

Toolkits are our exclusive collections of lesson packs and jam tracks that we gift to our annual members to download and keep forever. They focus around the topics that guitar and bass players crave the most and come back to time and time again -- practice workouts, gear explorations, singing, recording, and deep-dive genre studies.

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“I love that JamPlay has so much variety. The opportunity to learn different styles is exciting to me — I think it's great for players of all levels. You really will be able to learn something new every day.

Most Frequently asked Questions:

A JamPlay subscription gives you access to every lesson we have published, all live courses, teaching tools and libraries. There are no additional charges for watching any lesson multiple times.
Absolutely, there are multiple ways to interact with our teachers. First, we have Live, Interactive Q&A every day with full interactive chat and webcam-to-webcam capabilities. Next, we have Live Courses just about every week, which allows for full interaction. And finally, you can ask a teacher a question about any lesson at JamPlay and get a response! All of these are 100% free, and included with your membership.
Yes! Your membership includes all lessons, from all teachers. This includes all song lessons, artist series lessons, live courses and more.
We provide a no questions asked, hassle free refund within 30 days of your signup. If you don't enjoy our service, just call or email us and we will process your request.
Sure! You can upgrade your monthly membership to an annual membership anytime. This option is available on your account settings page once you become a member. Upgrading will add time and extend your membership.

With over 450 courses from 100+ teachers, Live Instruction and lessons from the Pros, JamPlay meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.

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“My journey to playing guitar was hot, then cold, then hot… but I love the guitar. JamPlay gives you a path you can follow and gives you motivation. It’s all there”