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JamPlay Welcomes Don Ross - Guitar Lessons Now Online

By JamPlay, LLC October 18th, 2013 For Immediate Release
Google+, a leading platform for taking guitar lessons online, now welcomes Don Ross! Don is a masterful Canadian fingerstyle guitarist, recently traveled out to the JamPlay studio in beautiful Colorado for a three-day shoot. With 18 albums under his belt, countless accolades and praise, Don is recognized as one of the finest solo guitarists in the world. He finished first place in the Walnut Valley National Fingerstyle Guitar Championships on two separate occasions, cementing his status as best of the best.

During the shoot Don taught a full phase 2 series on Fingerstyle guitar, his genre of choice. He starts by covering the basics, including whether or not to use a fingerpick and the roles of the individual fingers. He then moves on to talk about a plethora of altered and open tunings commonly used in the genre, including Drop D, Double Drop D, Open G, Open C and DADGAD. He also covers  travis picking, natural harmonics, slap harmonics, brush harmonics and a series of picking hand techniques. This is a complete series for any aspiring acoustic or fingerstyle player. He intersperses the learning segments with demonstrations of his own material to set the tone.

Don Ross In Studio

Don's lessons are now live in our Member Area. Signup today to get started at JamPlay.

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An Ohio-based company founded in 2006, JamPlay utilizes high definition video to present guitar lessons to their subscribers. To date, over 250,000 guitarists from around the world have utilized the service.

Concluded in mid-October, the filming session resulted in major contributions to JamPlay's Artist Series section.

Don Ross Guitar Lessons

Phase 2 - Fingerstyle Guitar

Don covers techniques involved in fingerpicking, and moves to altered tunings, harmonics, and more advanced picking techniques.

"Don was a real pleasure to work with," says Chris Smith, a engineer. "He's one of the finest musicians I have ever worked with, and on top of that an amazing person." Don's lesson set is now available in the JamPlay Member Area.

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