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Machine Head Guitarists Phil Demmel and Robb Flynn Film Lessons

By JamPlay, LLC November 1st, 2013 For Immediate Release
Google+, a leading online educational platform for aspiring guitarists, now welcomes Machine Head's lead guitarist, Phil Demmel and frontman guitarist Robb Flynn. Machine Head is a best selling metal act that has been going strong since 1991. With 7 records released to date and millions of sales, Machine Head has joined the pantheon of metal gods.

Rob and Phil teamed up to teach four of the bands most popular songs off their 2006 release, "The Blackening" (a full listing off lessons can be found below). The two guitarists break down their individual parts of the songs and teach them note by note. They then proceed to talk about the bands process for writing and playing live. They also give insights into playing in a band with two guitar players. These songs will help develop your rhythmic sense, guide you in creating harmony lines and creating monster riffs.

An Ohio-based company founded in 2006, JamPlay utilizes high definition video to present guitar lessons to students across the world. As of November, 2013, the company offers over 3,500 video based lessons from 70 instructors, all accessible online on the desktop or mobile device.

Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel Guitar Lessons

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Concluded on in early October, the filming session resulted in major contributions to Phase 3 (learning songs).

Learn Staind Songs

Phase 3 - Learn Machine Head Songs on Guitar

Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel teach 4 songs from their extensive catalog. They take you step-by-step through each song, including the riffs and solos.

Due to be released before year-end, we will offer lessons for the following songs:

  • Machine Head - "Aesthetics of Hate"
  • Machine Head - "Darkness Within"
  • Machine Head - "Be Still and Know"
  • Machine Head - "Now I Lay Thee Down"

“I can't begin to tell you how pumped up I am for Robb and Phil” said Chris Dawson, Co-Founder of JamPlay. “I have been playing and learning their material for a long time now, and am excited to dig into the nuances of their playing. They have always delievered a great balance of great song writing, mixed with parts for pure guitar nerds. As a company and a fan, I couldn't be more pumped!”

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