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New Scale Library Launched to Members

By JamPlay, LLC January 11th, 2013 For Immediate Release
Google+, a leading online educational platform for aspiring guitarists, has updated its scale library to now offer multiple instrument configurations (6, 7, and 8 string for guitar; 4, 5, and 6 string for bass), midi playback of notes, handle multiple tunings, and give students the ability to dynamically highlight scale patterns in any key.

An Ohio-based company founded in 2006, JamPlay utilizes high definition video to present guitar lessons to students across the world. As of March, 2013, the company offers over 1000 hours of video based lessons from 56 instructors, all accessible online on the desktop or mobile device. Additionally, JamPlay offers a suite of professional software tools to aid students in the learning process.

Completed in 2008, JamPlay's scale library is one of the few libraries on the web to offer advanced features such as enharmonic note recognition and pattern highlighting in any key. The library offers fretboard diagrams for any scale in the music library, in any key, and in various tunings. The most recent update also expands the library to 6, 7, and 8 string guitars and expands its offering of tunings.

JamPlay Scale Library

"We are excited with the advancements", said Chris Dawson, Co-Founder of JamPlay, LLC. "The library has been a bit of a passion project for me since the start of the company, and it's fun to see how far we can go with it".

  • Scale Library 1
  • JamPlay Scale Library
  • Guitar Scales
  • Major Scale on Guitar
  • Bass Scale Library
  • Major Scale Patterns
  • Pentatonic Patterns on Guitar

Along with its newest features, a list of the library's offerings can be found below.

  • Fretboard Diagrams for any scale in any key
  • 6, 7, 8 String Configuration for Guitar
  • 4, 5, 6 String Configuration for Bass
  • Multiple tuning setups for each string configuration
  • Clickable MIDI note playback for any scale, key, or instrument configuration
  • Triad Formation for Diatonic Scales
  • Triad Highlighting for Diatonic Scales (i - vii)
  • Pattern Highlighting for any scale, any key
  • Advanced Theory write ups for all prominent scales
  • "Famous Solos" and applications for prominent scales

The newest library is now available to members of JamPlay. Plans for the next major release are ongoing, with new features being discussed and planned for. These features include chord analysis as derived from the scale, along with more refinements for pattern highlighting.

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