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Joel Kosche of Collective Soul Teaches Guitar Lessons at JamPlay

By March 7th, 2013 For Immediate Release
Joel Kosche, lead guitarist for Collective Soul, just wrapped up a three day stay at the studios, situated in front of a green screen with endless HD cameras and microphones capturing his knowledge for later playback to JamPlay members.

A majority of his time was focused on lessons for his exclusive artist series. Artist series at JamPlay are a virtual playground for instructors. They are given the opportunity to teach anything and everything that they think will be useful for JamPlay members. Joel put together a series of lessons, unveiling the creative mastermind within, which will all soon be available to JamPlay's subscribers. Topics for these guitar lessons include basic picking techniques, useful exercises, usage of a pedal board, custom amp modification, improvising, solo play, and much more.

"We are thrilled to add Joel to our amazing roster of teachers. We are really excited to get these lessons up for our members" says Jeff Booth, co-founder of JamPlay.

Joel Kosche at JamPlay

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  • Joel Kosche of Collective Soul

Joel was in the JamPlay studios from March 4th to 6th, 2013. He filmed a few songs and put together an artist series of lessons covering a broad range of topics, outlined below.

Artist Series Lessons

Artist Series

Joel gets into song writing, playing techniques, recording techniques ande exercises. He also talks about his pedal board, amp, and guitar. Towards the end of the series, members will learn about solo playing and improvisation.

Learn Collective Soul Songs

Phase 3 - Learn Collective Soul Songs

Joel spent a bit of time putting together a lesson for a Collective Soul song and another for a song off of his personal album.

"Joel Kosche is a beast with a surgeons scalpel. His playing is energetic with focus on cleanliness and precision", said Jason Mounce, producer at JamPlay. All of the lessons from Joel Kosche as well other amazing guitarists are available to members of JamPlay's online guitar lessons.

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