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Godsmack's Robbie Merrill Teaching Bass Lessons at

By JamPlay, LLC April 3rd, 2013 For Immediate Release
Google+, a leading online platform for learning to play bass and guitar, now welcomes Godsmack's long standing bass player Robbie Merrill to its list of online bass instructors. Formed in 1995, Godsmack has become a staple of modern rock with five studio albums, four DVDs and over 20 million records sold. The band has 3 consecutive number 1 albums on the Billbord 200, and 20 top ten rock radio hits, including 15 in the top 5.

An Ohio-based company founded in 2006, JamPlay utilizes high definition video to present bass lessons to students across the world. Bass instruction was launched in late 2012, and features lessons from prominent musicians such as Billy Sheehan, Dave Ellefson, and Bryan Beller. All video lessons are filmed in HD with multiple cameras, and are accessible online on the desktop or mobile device. Robbie will offer lessons which discuss song writing, technique, and step by step lessons teaching Godsmack's biggest hits.

“I have been a fan of Godsmack since high school!”, said Chris Dawson, Co-Founder of JamPlay, LLC. “It's another one of those 'pinch-me' moments to have Robbie teaching on the site.”
Robbie Merrill In Studio

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"Robbie's diversity in playing is evident in many of the grooves he produces. He has the ability to lock on to a drummer or guitarist with speed and precision," said Jason Mounce, producer at Concluded in early April, the week-long filming session resulted in major contributions to JamPlay's new bass platform.

Learn Godsmack Songs

Phase 2 - Artist Series

Robbie discusses how bands are signed, how they make money, and how touring works. He provides skill based lessons on tapping, thumping and playing with a pick.

Learn Godsmack Songs

Phase 3 - Learn Godsmack Songs on Guitar

Robbie provides step-by-step video instruction for some of Godsmack's biggest hits. These include tracks such as "Awake", "Voodoo", and "Keep Away".

“The number one piece of advise I can give is to never give up. I was 35 when we got signed which is unheard of. At first nobody wanted to sign us. At the end of the day we had a chance to give up, but we didn't.” said Robbie.

JamPlay plans the full release of Robbie's material in the upcoming weeks.

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