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2016 Blues JamTrack Pack - Free

Our annual Holiday Event schedule kicks off with an awesome Blues JamTrack Pack. This digial download is 100% free and gives you 20 new and exclusive JamTracks, all professionally recorded with full supplemental content. A master PDF and associated Guitar Pro files are included.. download and enjoy now!

JamTrack PDF with Chord Sheets

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The master document with chord charts, tabs, and recommended scales to play.

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2016 Blues JamTrack Pack - Free

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Download the full pack with mp3, Guitar Pro files, and PDF. Full size is around 188mb.

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a free present to celebrate the holiday season.

Enjoy these backing tracks to develop your lead playing! Learning the blues is a critical step for any guitar player, as the genre has influenced countless players and famed musicians. These JamTracks will give you the landscape to develop your phrasing, technique and timing while perfecting this unique and timeless style.

Attitude Blues in A minor

Make sure to have your shuffle on point for this minor blues. To be able to "swing" along with the rhythm section is crucial. Outline the E7 arpeggio over the V chord and resolve to A minor pentatonic.

Bayou Blues in F Major

Experiment the power of the minor pentatonic over a major Blues. Play F minor pentatonic, but listen carefully: the turnaround on bar ten begs for a change to F major pentatonic. Mix the two scales and have fun.

Blue Dobro in D Major

This features your basic three chord changes: I7, IV7 & V7. Take advantage of the harmonic simplicity to be more adventurous with your scale choices. Going over each mixolydian mode works great here, so explore!

Blue Swing in C Major

Go along with the relaxed pace of this track and take a moment to be expressive in your playing. Make every note count. Big bends, slow and wide vibrato, and thoughtful note choice fit nicely with this track.

Bluegrass Fun in G Major

The fast tempo of this backing track can be challenging. Work on short and quick phrases and let the banjo and fiddle parts shine. This is a busy track so you don't have to play constantly... interact in the conversation.

British Blues in Eb Major

Make sure you have your overdrive pedal at hand or the gain channel on your amp dialed in for this rocking track! Single and two note bends are key here. Also, throw around your blues/rock licks too.

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Country Blues in Bb Major

Fill your major pentatonic with chromatic passing notes between the diatonic notes! It is a great device for getting that country sound. Mix Bb major pentatonic with Bb minor pentatonic and use intervallic passages.

Groovy Bounce in B Minor

Listen to the cross stick on the drums. That softer section of the track calls for muted phrases and spacious playing. Then, when the drummer goes to the ride cymbal turn the volume up and rock out!

Kenny Blues in B Major

Listen to bar four of this twelve bar blues. It is a re-harmonization that leads nicely to the IV chord and uses the II (C#m) and III (D#m) degrees of the scale. Outline these chords with the minor arpeggio shapes.

Last Call Blues in E Minor

Mixing E minor pentatonic with E harmonic minor is the key to get the most out of this minor blues. Go to E harmonic minor over the V chord (B7) and emphasize the D# note for a really cool sound.

Lazy Boy Blues in A Minor

Listen to the track and focus on being melodic. Also, let the music breath, sometimes a solo works better if we engage into the musical conversation. A minor pentatonic and A minor blues scales are the sure bet.

Lazy Shuffle in E Major

Get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the slow tempo to really follow the chord changes. Sometimes it's so easy to just go pentatonic... try mixolydian over the changes and you will be rewarded.

2016 Holiday Season at JamPlay is Almost Here!

Mellow Blues in C Minor

This is a great backing track to play that C minor blues scale and make no apologies about it. Emphasize that Gb blue note (b5th) and bend it with passion. Sounds great no matter what chord change are you in.

Road Trip Blues in A Major

This is a fun, groovy track. Experiment and try to find interesting rhythmic ideas. Don't be afraid and repeat a single note, but change the rhythmic phrasing.. it is a great trick for this type of track.

Shuffle Drive in E Major

E major, one of our favorite keys as guitar players. Take advantage of the first and second open strings (E & B) and incorporate that open sound into your licks. Lots of interesting ideas come from this approach!

Slow Down Blues in D Minor

This track features a non conventional set of chord changes. The first eight bars you hear a D pedal tone and some triad movement over the bass note. D Dorian and D Aeolian work great over the track.

Smokey Blue in F Minor

The shuffle feel on this one is really strong! You can't play this blues without swing. The unexpected V7 chord (C7) quick change on the second bar makes for a cool sound.

Soulman Calling in G Minor

Minor blues is all about feeling. Express yourself beyond the note or scales choices. Good sound, tasty vibrato and accurate bends are more important than flashy licks on this type of track.

Touch Of Funk in B Major

The minor pentatonic over a major blues progression is magic! Works like a charm over the changes and you never lose that bluesy sound. Play your B minor pentatonic over this track and have fun!

Vintage Blues in D Minor

The VI7-V7-I (Bb7-A7-Dm) turnaround on bar nine of this minor blues is a great chance for crafting some really intentional licks that emphasize the return to the I chord. Work on this over the backing track.

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