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Our Holiday Event surges forward with the 2016 Guitarist Toolkit.


Four Guides. Four Key Concepts. Applicable to audiences from beginner to advanced, electric to acoustic. Prepare yourself and be sure to set aside a generous amount of time to sink your teeth into these featured topics. There are some absolute gems of information contained in this exclusive JamPlay feature.

Download 2016 Guitarist Toolkit (120.1mb zip)

Contains all 4 guides with Tabs (Guitar Pro, PDF), Charts, and Audio Tracks where necessary.

Chapter 1: The Great Pursuit of Tone

The ideal guitar tone is out there somewhere. We have all chased it. Elusive, evolving, and never just right. While lots of tone is "in the fingers", understanding how to properly setup your signal chain is a huge part of being a legit guitarist.

Knowing how to utilize these tools will help you make better music, period. This guide discusses everything you need to get up to speed, or refine your signal to begin dialing in more interesting, and more pure tones from your gear. We also provide 10 setups you can mimic as a shortcut.. from the grit of SRV to the spacial delay of the Edge!

View PDF Download Full Guide (19.5mb)

Full Guide includes photos of all signal chains.

Chapter 2: Strumming Patterns | 20 Must Know Grooves

Go from stiff to fluid with twenty of the most recognizable strumming patterns from the past four decades. From the contagious groove of Bo Diddley, to the classic Oasis-style grooves of the 1990s, these patterns are sure to challenge your rhythm sense and reward your efforts.

Some players are able to groove with the best of them while they manage to make strumming look effortless. The key, as always, is practice. Learning a variety of patterns will transform your static strumming into a more dynamic, "in the pocket" groove and feel. Download and enjoy 20 grooves equipped with audio tracks and notation in Guitar Pro and PDF formats.

View PDF Download Full Guide (54.7mb)

Full Guide includes Tabs (Guitar Pro, PDF) and audio of each pattern.

Chapter 3: Top Teacher "Ah-Ha" Moments

We asked our teachers and artists a simple, but important question: "What was the biggest 'ah-ha' moment you had in the history of your playing?" As guitar players, we tend to wonder what we are missing... and often think: What piece of information do the professionals have that I don't?

The feedback was surprising. Not only are the answers very mixed in music topics, but also the time in their career these moments happened. This was interesting to put together, and sheds a little more light into the mindset needed to breakthrough as an artist or career musician.

There are some absolute gems in this guide. This is a must-read article and very well could change your approach as a guitarist.

Chapter 4: Top Teacher "Go-To" Licks

Just like every human has a unique speaking voice, every guitarist has a unique style. Along the same vein as our last article, we thought it would be interesting to poll our staff with another question: "You are on stage in a jam band and it's your turn... what is your go to lick?"

As predicted, the results were eclectic.

From the ominous Flameco lick from Marcelo Berestovoy, to the paddle-shred lick from Phil Demmel (Machinehead), to the spine numbing "robot" lick from Allen Van Wert.. there is a surprise after each page. Explore, enjoy, and download the full guide with tabs and audio files for each lick.

View PDF Download Full Guide (24.0mb)

Full Guide contains tabs (PDF, Guitar Pro) and MP3s of each lick.

2016 Toolkit complete! Our staff needs a break from this one, but this was a great production from our staff. We would like to thank all teachers who participated in the development of these guides, and of course, the loyal JamPlay subscribers and followers who make these things possible.

If you missed the link to download the Toolkit with Tabs (GPX, PDF) and audio files (MP3), click below.

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