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Our Annual Holiday Sale is now coming to close, but there is still time remaining. Get $50 off a One Year Membership and receive 5 exclusive JamTrack Packs. Additionally, we are introducing JamPlay Pro.. a bigger, more complete Membership with loads of additional new features. Learn more below.

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The Holiday Sale you have been waiting for has finally arrived. Lock in a full year of JamPlay for $50 off and enjoy 12 months of premium guitar education. Included with purchase are the new and exclusive 2017 JamTrack Packs ($120 value). Premium JamTracks with Master PDF, Audio files, and tabs in PDF and Guitar Pro formats.

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Founded in 2007, JamPlay quickly became one of the leading services for learning guitar. From our first days of shooting lessons in farm houses and bedrooms, we now produce around 10 hours of new guitar content every 30 days. We also broadcast Live Courses each week, and feature a full suite of teaching tools, JamTracks, educational libraries and more. Learn more about these features below.

 5,000+ Lessons  

Over 5000 Guitar Lessons

From beginner to advanced, Blues to Metal.. we have the lessons you need to advance your playing. We have lessons for absolute beginners to skilled musicians. Acoustic or electric, 8 string to 6 string, there is plenty to learn.

 80 Instructors  

80 Teachers

From celebrity instructors such as Brent Mason (country legend), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) or Mike Mushok (Staind) to tenured Berkley professors, our roster offers education from some of the best musicians on the planet.

 Live Courses  

Live Courses Weekly

We now offer weekly Live Courses from our studio, sometimes up to 5 days a week. Check the live schedule for our full course information. All Live Courses are filmed in 4k and broadcasted in 1080p for optimal clarity.

New and Exclusive JamTrack Packs. Included with purchase, Available immediately after signup

If you have any intention of playing guitar in 2017, JamTracks are a must-have tool for your practice arsenal. From scorching hot country tunes, to the subtly of our acoustic tracks, any player of any skill level can benefit from our JamTracks. And of course, you can download these immediately after purchase and own them for life.

5 Exclusive JamTrack Packs

Enjoy 120 new JamTracks in 5 different genres, all complete with a Master PDF, chord charts, and notation in Guitar Pro and PDF formats. These tracks are brand new for 2017 and exclusive to this Holiday Sale. Enjoy tracks in the genres of Blues, Rock, Country, Funk, and even acoustic-style JamTracks.

 Progress Reports

Progress Reports

Our progress reporting system allows you to organize, monitor, and mark your progress as you work through our lessons. Build custom progress report sheets, manage your lessons list, and stay organized as you progress.

 Teacher Reviews  

Teacher Reviews

Record yourself taking short, focused mini-quizzes and have your playing reviewed by our staff. Get rewarded with profile badges and earn respect amongst the community. Earn JamPoints to be redeemed for prizes and freebies.

 Teaching Tools  

Teaching Tools

Name it, we have it. Full chord libraries, scale libraries, riff & lick libraries, JamTracks, educational games, tuners, metronomes.. shall I go on? We have spent 10 years developing tools you need to become a better guitar player.

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