Rock of Ages

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Are you a classic rock fan? Great ready to embark on a journey through the styles of all of your favorite bands, learning all about rock bass as we go. Over 10 weekly sessions, we'll cover everything from late 50's rockabilly to 80's hard rock, and talk about the bass concepts that drive these styles. Featuring awesome playalong backing tracks, live Q&A, and indepth conversation, this JamPlay Live course is sure to bring a new understanding and appreciation of the great body of music we call classic rock.

10 Weeks

Each Wednesday

This course starts at 6:00pm EST each Wednesday for the next 10 weeks! Full the full schedule below. And of course, we save everything... so you can tune in even if you miss a week.

Filmed in 4k

Filmed in 4k

Our live platform has been a major focus over the past year, and we now film in 4k and deliver live video to you in 1080p with improved audio streams. This is an awesome way to learn!

Interactive Live

Interact Live

Ask your questions and get real time feedback. We also have the ability to take your calls live with video stream... show us what you are struggling with and get instant feedback.

Interactive Live

Tabs & JamTracks

Each week comes complete with full tabs and notation in PDF and Guitar Pro standards. Alex also provides free JamTracks with each week to practice to and learn the material.

Meet Alex Scott

Alex Scott is a professional freelance bassist, drummer and recording engineer based out of Denver, CO. He has had the honor of sharing the stage with such artists as John Popper (Blues Traveler), Stanton Moore, Robert Randolph, DJ Logic, and many others. As a producer and engineer, he has 12 albums to his credit, as well as work in television and online content creation. He tours nationally with Fox Street, 40 Oz to Freedom, and performs and records all around Colorado with a variety of different local projects. Alex began playing music at a very young age thanks to his father Joe Scott, a guitarist, songwriter and producer with a career spanning 25 records over 40 years.

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Live Course Schedule

Learn more about each week of this course... and don't forget... a full JamPlay subscription comes with full access to this course, along with On-Demand lessons from the some of the best players on earth. Learn from Billy Sheehan, Bryan Beller, Rex Brown and more!

Week 1

01/20/16 06:00 PM EST Get Access

Golden Oldies: 50's Classics

We begin our first week by diving into the origins of classic rock. We look at a simple 12 bar blues in the style of "Johnny B Goode" and talk about how classic artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry laid the foundations for all rock to come.

Week 2

01/27/16 06:00 PM EST Get Access


We move to a critical phase in early rock the British Invasion and the Beatles. We learn a simple form similar to "Hard Day's Night" and discuss how the rhythms of rock begin to change from the jazz influenced beats of the 50's into the straighter, more rocking style.

Week 3

02/03/16 06:00 PM EST Get Access

Flower Power: Late 60's, Part 1

We look at the melding of British and American styles, as well as the political themes of the time, that led to the 'hippie' revolution of the mid-to-late 60s. In the first part, we look at the softer side of things bands like the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Bob Dylan. We discuss the influence of American folk music on this period.

Week 4

02/10/16 06:00 PM EST Get Access

Flower Power: Late 60's, Part 2

We flip the coin from last week and look at the harder, psychedelic rock that started to form in this time artists like Jimi Hendrix, CCR, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones. The influence of R&B, as well as the use of distortion and effects, is also discussed.

Week 5

02/17/16 06:00 PM EST Get Access

Week 5 - Getting Harder: Early 70's Metal

As time moves on, things get louder and heavier. We look at Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and the rise of darker imagery and sounds in rock and roll. We also talk about the shifting culture around music at this time, and the polarizing effect that 'heavy metal' had on music as a whole.

Week 6

02/24/16 06:00 PM EST Get Access

Diversifying - Early 70's Folk Rock and Pop

As things are heating up on the hard rock side, a unique group of artists had a mellower approach. Artists such as Joni Mitchell, Glenn Campbell and Simon and Garfunkel begin to utilize elements of jazz, world music and folk to craft entirely new soundscapes and feels. We discuss how this influenced songwriting and music production for many years to come.

Week 7

03/02/16 06:00 PM EST Get Access

An All American Approach: Mid 70's Rock

A new wave of primarily American artists brings about the first incarnations of what we generally think of as true "classic rock". Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger and the like create a soundtrack for the fabled American Dream. We talk about how simple songs and simple songwriting ruled the radio in these times.

Week 8

03/09/16 06:00 PM EST Get Access

Synthesize It: Late 70's Pop/Rock

The introduction of synthesizers and drum machines gives rock artists a new medium to work in. Genesis, Talking Heads, Tears for Fears and David Bowie, among many others, take advantage of these new creative tools and bring about a new revolution in rock music. We talk about the impacts that electronic technology had on songwriting both then and now.

Week 9

03/09/16 06:00 PM EST Get Access

Simply Glamorous: Late 70's/Early 80's Arena Rock

We round out our study on classic rock with an iconic era glam rock. Poison, KISS, Whitesnake and the like bring a new sound and style into the public eye. We look at the changing image of rock musicians and how creating an image around a band became a major idea as time went on.

Week 10

03/16/16 06:00 PM EST Get Access

Recap and Discussion

We finish our live course with an evening of Q&A and discussion. We recap the early history of rock, look at how it has influenced the myriad of styles that have come since, and talk about just how many different styles of music have come together to form our most popular and pervasive music rock and roll.