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Country Pickin' - Live Bass Course on Country Guitar

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American music is as diverse as it is popular, but one genre stands out as one of the oldest and most unique: country music. From its ancient roots in folk music brought here from across the globe, country music has evolved to encompass many of the ideas that are truly American. We will explore the role of the bass in country music throughout the ages. Starting with the earliest incarnations of American folk music, we will examine the fascinating history of this diverse genre, moving through early country, bluegrass, western swing, and right up to modern-day pop country. Along this journey we’ll learn all about the role of the bass in this storied genre, and as always, be playing along with authentic backing tracks performed by great studio players. If you’re interested in learning all about country music bass, then this course is for you!

10 Weeks

Each Monday

This course starts at 8:00pm EST each Monday for the next 10 weeks! View the full schedule below. And of course, we save everything... so you can tune in even if you miss a week.

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Filmed in 4k

Our live platform has been a major focus over the past year, and we now film in 4k and deliver live video to you in 1080p with improved audio streams. This is an awesome way to learn!

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Interactive Live

Tabs & JamTracks

Each weekly session comes complete with full tabs and notation in PDF and Guitar Pro formats. Alex also provides free JamTracks with each week to practice to and learn the material.

Meet Alex Scott

Alex Scott is a professional freelance bassist, drummer and recording engineer based out of Denver, CO. He has had the honor of sharing the stage with such artists as John Popper (Blues Traveler), Stanton Moore, Robert Randolph, DJ Logic, and many others. As a producer and engineer, he has 12 albums to his credit, as well as work in television and online content creation. He tours nationally with Fox Street, 40 Oz to Freedom, and performs and records all around Colorado with a variety of different local projects. Alex began playing music at a very young age thanks to his father Joe Scott, a guitarist, songwriter and producer with a career spanning 25 records over 40 years.

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Live Course Schedule

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Week 1

06/05/17 08:00 PM EST Get Access


We begin our journey in the early 19th century with the classic American folk piece “The Wayfaring Stranger.” We talk about the early American musical melting pot, and how immigrants from around the world brought the songs and instruments of their homeland that would eventually merge and become folk and country.

Week 2

06/12/17 08:00 PM EST Get Access

A Family Affair

We jump to the first decades of the 20th century and examine the birth of “true” Country with a song in the style of the Carter family.

Week 3

06/19/17 08:00 PM EST Get Access

Pickin’ and Swingin'

We move forward to the 1930s and 40s, when the influence of jazz on early country created the popular subgenre of western swing.

Week 4

06/26/17 08:00 PM EST Get Access

Screamin’ Strings

Moving on to the 50s and 60s brings about another fascinating offshoot of the country sound: bluegrass. We will cover a track in the style of early bluegrass pioneers like Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs.

Week 5

07/03/17 08:00 PM EST Get Access

Crossing the Border

Another early blending of styles saw the music of Mexico coming into the border states and merging with popular country styles of the day. We look at one such track with country rhythms and strong Tejano influences.

Week 6

07/10/17 08:00 PM EST Get Access

The Nashville Sound

As bluegrass was coming into its own, the more commercial aspects of rock ‘n roll found their way into country music. Rockabilly became the hot new sound of the day, and laid the groundwork for many years to come. We take a look at popular artists from the period with a track in the style of Johnny Cash.

Week 7

07/17/17 08:00 PM EST Get Access

Folk-Rock Anthems

Moving into the late 60s and early 70s, we see elements of more modern rock coming together with country to create a new sound. Bands from the Eagles to the Grateful Dead began incorporating rock instrumentation with a country soul to create classic folk-rock.

Week 8

07/24/17 08:00 PM EST Get Access

A Technical Take

Spurred on by the technical prowess and musical precision of early bluegrass music, a new breed of virtuoso musicians blend the bluegrass sound with elements of jazz and classical music to create a softer and more musically intricate soundscape. Called ‘new acoustic,’ artists like Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas and Mark O’Connor bring diverse elements together to create something wholly unique.

Week 9

07/31/17 08:00 PM EST Get Access

Big Boots

The 1980s and 1990s see country become fully commercialized with artists like Garth Brooks and Billy Ray Cyrus. Taking many elements of traditional country, they begin to blend it with rock and pop elements to create a radio-friendly sound that appeals to the masses.

Week 10

08/07/17 08:00 PM EST Get Access

Modern Times

In the modern day, the musical melting pot is fully realized by artists like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Florida-Georgia Line. Blending traditional country with elements of modern pop, rock and even R&B and hip-hop creates a sound that dominates the current musical landscape.