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Our Annual Holiday Event is here, but is just a few hours from expiration. Save $50 off a One Year Membership and select from 7 new Bundles, Practice Packs and Genre Packs... created exclusively for this event.

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Cheaper than Netflix | Up to $900 in Bonuses

Get a full year of JamPlay and select from our new Bundles and Practice Packs. Over the past 3 years, we have pinpointed the genres, styles, techniques and lessons most commonly requested by our community. We now offer you 7 unique, downloadable Bundles exploring popular topics and pain-points. Best of all, you pick the Bundle, and it's free with signup.

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Founded in 2007, JamPlay quickly became one of the leading services for learning guitar. From our first days of shooting lessons in farm houses and bedrooms, we now produce around 10 hours of new guitar content every 30 days. We also broadcast Live Courses each week, and feature a full suite of teaching tools, JamTracks, educational libraries and more. Learn more about these features below.

On Demand

On Demand Lessons

Beginner to advanced, heavy metal to country; we have the lessons you need to develop your playing. Our lessons are filmed in HD and stream to any mobile device or computer.

Live Courses

On Demand Lessons

We now offer weekly Live Courses from our studio, up to 5 days a week with full archives available. All Courses are filmed in 4k and broadcasted in 1080p.

Master Courses

On Demand Lessons

With Aaron Marshall, Yvette Young, Mike Dawes and Phil Keaggy, there is no better time to lock in a full year and enjoy the pinacle of guitar education. More coming soon!

Teaching Tools

On Demand Lessons

Chord, Scale, Riff & Lick Libraries... JamTracks, Games, Tuners, Metronomes.. Access the tools you need to become a better player, all included with membership.

Learn more about what we offer with Membership. With over 5,500 lessons from 85 professional guitar teachers, we can help anyone from the absolute beginner to seasoned professional.

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We have raised the bar. 7 New Bundles for 2018

This year, the power is in your hands. We have curated the most popular topics for aspiring guitarists and assembled 7 new Bundles, Practice Packs and JamTrack Packs. Featuring over 400 new and exclusive Lessons and 315 JamTracks, make 2018 the breakout year for your playing.

Acoustic Essentials Bundle

Acoustic Guitar Essentials

4 Modules  +  JamTrack Pack

We cover five of the most common topics to move out of the beginner phases of acoustic guitar playing. From "Maximizing Chords" to "Essential Strumming Patterns", this pack provides 4 full Courses, 75 Lessons and 20 JamTracks. Make 2018 the year of progress.

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Acoustic Practice Pack Bundle

Acoustic Practice Pack

5 Modules  |  100 Lessons

Barre chord practice routine.. effective chord transitions.. building strength.. sound right? This pack focuses exclusively on providing an effective platform for practicing the most stubborn acoustic guitar skills. Built with the developing guitarist in mind, and free with signup.

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Electric Essentials Bundle

Electric Guitar Essentials

4 Modules  +  JamTrack Pack

From the grooves of Nirvana and the Beatles, to gear setup and gain stacking, this Holiday Bundle delivers true knowledge for every electric guitar player. Complete with 65 video lessons and 20 JamTracks, we tackle the most common road blocks for electric guitarists.

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Electric Practice Pack Bundle

Electric Practice Pack

5 Modules  |  100 Lessons

From Pentatonics to Speed Building, this Practice Pack gives your the roadmap to refine technique and master the most common pain points for any electric guitarist. Receive a curated practice pack of exercises and guidance to establish a routine towards success.

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Blues JamTrack Bundle

The Blues Bundle

3 JamTrack Packs  +  2 Lick Packs

New for 2018, receive 60 custom JamTracks covering Acoustic, Modern and Classic Blues.. as well as 2 exclusive Lick Packs covering 40 timeless licks to add to your arsenal. Guaranteed to challenge your playing and inspire new ideas.

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Rock JamTrack Bundle

The Rock Bundle

5 JamTrack Packs  |  Stems Included

Recorded with live musicians, these tracks range from punk to hair metal and everything in between. Hone your licks, practice your riffage, or strip it all back and write your own tunes. Anyway you slice it, this a must-have pack for rock guitar fans.

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Country JamTrack Bundle

The Country Bundle

3 JamTrack Packs  +  2 Lick Packs

Created by pro session musicians and new for 2018, receive 60 custom JamTracks (with stems included) and 2 new Lick Packs. Jam along with pro musicians as you expand your country playing vocabulary and inject new inspiration into your playing.

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