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Sarah Longfield Master Course: Series Introducti.. Sarah gives you a quick rundown of what to expect from her new course.
Learning Campfire Songs: Learning Campfire Songs.. Tyler gives a quick description of the course, who it's for, and what you can expect to learn.
Andre Nieri Master Course: Series Introduction Born in 1986 and hailing from Brazil, Andre showed musical inclination at an early age. Influenced b..
Six String Problem Solver: Series Introduction Eric Discusses the goals of his "Six String Problem Solver" lesson series and what kind of material ..
Mike Dawes Master Course: Introduction to the Co.. Mike Dawes introduces you to his inspirational course. He talks about what you will learn, and what ..
Aaron Marshall Master Course: Aaron Marshall Mas.. JamPlay welcomes instrumental guitarist Aaron Marshall for a comprehensive master course. In this f..
Yvette Young Artist Series: Series Introduction Welcome to Yvette Young's series! Join Yvette as she gets creative with open tunings.
Classic Country Chops: Series Introduction Tyler Grant is back with an introduction to his new series "Classic Country Chops." In this series,..
Finding Your Voice: Improvisation: Series Introd.. Michael kicks off his course and explains what to expect from the course, as well as who this course..
Style of Eddie Van Halen: Series Introduction Join Andy as he takes a look at the style of one of the most influential guitarists of all time: Edd..
Rules of Rock: Series Introduction Welcome to Rock Out: A Backing Track Series - 15 original backing tracks and dozens of inspirationa..
Tony MacAlpine Master Course: Series Introductio.. Get a taste of what to expect from Tony's Master Course.
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Nothing helps you learn to play guitar like playing real music! You may have tried all the books and tab sites out there and still find yourself moving at a snail's pace. This series is designed to ..
JamPlay instructor Allen Van Wert offers up an exercise to help your string skipping and speed. Focusing on inside picking for economy, this simply exercise will help develop accuracy and speed. Bro..
This video is an archive of the live even we did with Dustin Prinz on March 31st, 2015. In this live Event Dustin plays some of his original songs, gives a rundown of the gear he uses (hint: it's real..
Join Will Ripley, a professional guitarist and teacher, on a journey through useful guitar techniques that can elevate your playing from amateur level to sounding like a pro. Be sure to check out th..
Subscribe to JamPlay and get access to Jim's full acoustic guitar course: In Jim's full course you'll learn: Avoid a commonly taught method that severely..
Get the tab here: Nick Kellie teaches a classic blues guitar lick in the key of A major. The A minor and A major pentatonic scales are used effectively tog..
JamPlay instructor and 2008 Flatpicking champion, Tyler Grant provides a lesson on the bluegrass guitar break. For more from Tyler Grant's lesson series and other bluegrass lessons, be sure to check ..
Hawkeye continues in his series, Blues Songwriting with part two of Blues Inspiration. Getting inspired is one thing, developing the inspiration into a complete song is another! Join Hawk..

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