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Basic Chords & Strums Part 2 (Guitar Lesson)

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Randall Williams

Basic Chords & Strums Part 2

Randall Williams continues his discussion on basic chords and strums.

Taught by Randall Williams in Basic Acoustic Guitar with Randall Williams seriesLength: 7:22Difficulty: 1.0 of 5

Video Subtitles / Captions

Member Comments about this Lesson

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danonwheelsdanonwheels replied on August 31st, 2015

I like your Teaching style Randall

billy maloneybilly maloney replied on December 22nd, 2014

vidio and audio not in sync. not my computer ned help or refund

gcassanogcassano replied on November 5th, 2014

just starting out learning guitar. Love you teaching style. I am 58 years old and always wanted to learn to play. Looking forward to playing songs to my friends when I have mastered the basics. Thanks for doing what you do.

digitalhidigitalhi replied on June 28th, 2014

This guy is hilarious! Great teaching method but I agree - need better camera angles or a chart to see where your fingers are going.

helenxukihelenxuki replied on May 17th, 2014

So far you r the reason I will stay in Jamplay. Love your style. I like that your are able to keep a good pace and balance in your classes when it comes to teaching and practice. I am learning something new every lesson and I look forward to do it. I really feel that with your classes I advance and understand clearly and I don't get bored. Also love your sense of humor.

AaronMillerAaronMiller replied on May 19th, 2014

On behalf of Randall and everyone at JamPlay - Thanks!

alex morozalex moroz replied on December 26th, 2013

what was the song?

inviktorinviktor replied on December 15th, 2013

Also, I would add for the rest of the students that looking at the chords in the Suplemental Content clarified not only the cords itselves but which strings to play, which was not clear just by watching the video :)

inviktorinviktor replied on December 15th, 2013

Hi Randall, nice style for teaching. It was hard to see some of the finger positions for the g6 and the cm7 chords, but just a quick visit to google clarified it :) I am enjoying your classes!

tracidmartintracidmartin replied on November 1st, 2013

got a guitar about a year ago, quit after oh never started :P never found anything that made sense. After these few lessons I am pretty sure I wont quit. I can already do it and that is pretty awesome! Great lessons

grant waitegrant waite replied on September 19th, 2013

I agree with previous posts. Love your style but need better camera angles to see finger positions. Saying first finger second fret high e string would make it easier.

gblangblan replied on August 18th, 2013

I'm enjoying the lessons but I'm wondering why you don't refer to strings by name and fingers by number. It's not really so complicated an eight year old can't grasp the concept. Put these fingers here on these two strings seems a little weak.

gblangblan replied on August 18th, 2013

I'm enjoying the lessons but I'm wondering why you don't refer to strings by name and fingers by number. It's not really so complicated an eight year old can't grasp the concept. Put these fingers here on these two strings seems a little weak.

gibsonjb1gibsonjb1 replied on August 1st, 2013

Randall, Great teaching. This 69 year old had just about given up. I took private lessons for six months. Once a week. Learned a few hard cords but no songs. Now I am on my way. Thanks

andy79andy79 replied on January 16th, 2013

I have just started out, playing guitar and was trying to learn all the hard chords right away and was hitting a brick wall! But with your lessons I might actually get somewhere

timberkingtimberking replied on January 11th, 2013

Man awesome teaching job Randall, Ive learned more than ever before.

ellonysmanellonysman replied on December 30th, 2012

I wish we had one window open to show white dots on the fretboard to reassure us of what notes our fingers are on..numbered white dots..think that would be good too because sometimes its hard to see the exact fingering...what do you think?

sixgunsixgun replied on August 4th, 2012

What was the song he say those chords are? I'm guessing Nirvana from what he said about the lead singer??

greysparrowgreysparrow replied on August 2nd, 2012

It's so cool to start with such beautiful chords right away, not the boring major triads! Thanks!

greggovgreggov replied on June 15th, 2012

Great lesson. thank you. Today was my first day playing, and I'm excited. My fingers hurt like hell, but I'm excited.

theflyingscotsmantheflyingscotsman replied on May 16th, 2012

good lesson. you did rush the last two notes tho. kinda had to watch it back and the camera wasnt the best at seeing what fingers were going where. looking forward to playing music in the next one :D

timeouttimeout replied on April 27th, 2012

Randall got to say I am really enjoying and finding it easy to follow your instruction. I just do bit at a time till happy and then move on to next lesson. Very pleased student.

basprellictbasprellict replied on March 18th, 2012

Awesome, that is awesome! Sort of takes the beginner where he needs to go.

Randall.WilliamsRandall.Williams replied on February 19th, 2012

@Parlor, for the moment, I'd let go of trying to read. Just for now. Thanks for the feedback everybody - even if it took me a while to check in...

parlorjamparlorjam replied on February 2nd, 2012

Randell, is there a lesson on how to read music notes? I'm brand spank'n new to the guitar world, and having a great time! Enjoying your lessons and love your relaxed style. :) Thanks!

kryckmankryckman replied on February 1st, 2012

Randall, you are so calm and at ease teaching. I'm brand new and your style is making it very easy for me to follow along. I agree though that all of the videos should have the chord diagram on screen. I'm also noticing that the lesson does not auto progress to the next lesson. I'm sure someone can fix that glitch. Keep up the great work on here.

agbennyagbenny replied on October 22nd, 2011

The position on cords (left hand)is actually hidings the strings. Jam play team should consider better cam position.

agbennyagbenny replied on October 22nd, 2011

The cord diagram could have shown in the side, and Randall could have shown finger by finger position for cords.

leashaberrileashaberri replied on June 26th, 2011

Randall you are the first instructor that I have tried so far and I don't regret it. Your approach to chords is exactly what I am after. One question: how do I stop a buzzing sound coming from my low E string when I am strumming? I thought it had something to do with me not pressing hard enough but I am pressing until i can't feel my fingers anymore...

gofinsgofins replied on March 9th, 2011

Hey, after 1 1/2 months on Jamplay, just found you sets. They are great. One thing, they dont seem to change automatically to the next lesson. i have to go back to Randalls lesson set then choose the next lesson. Its a glitch.

lucretialucretia replied on January 23rd, 2011

Yup, have to agree with the posts so far. Actually managed to make some noises that don't sound terrible! :D Gotta finish building my Telecaster as well this year :)

roadgliderroadglider replied on January 1st, 2011

Randell I have to agree with all the other comments i've read. I love guitars and have a few of them, but can't play at all! lol. My new years resolution is to learn to play my babys. In the last few minutes I came to the belief (very important part!) that I can do this and you can help me. Pretty damn excited. Thanks, looking forward to learning from you!

todd026todd026 replied on December 29th, 2010

Randall these lessons are great as a person who is 43 years old and only just starting i have been told that it will be to hard to learn so i have tried to rush and got myself totally lost good to start again and learn just a bit at a time

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Basic Chords & Strums Part 2

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About Randall Williams View Full Biography He felt that classical music lacked the inclusiveness of folk music, and that the inevitable division between performer and audience was unbearable. And so Randall returned to the world of traveling with his guitar, writing songs in train stations and sleeping on couches, then singing and playing on street corners, cafï, and pubs. For a time he lived aboard a 20' sailboat that he bought for $800, teaching himself how to sail by single-handing through the Baltic and North Seas with his guitar sleeping in the berth beside him at night. He wrote a book about the trip, which begins with the story of almost getting squashed by a tanker before dawn one morning in the North Sea.

He moved to North Africa, then set off across the Sahara by hitching with locals - bouncing through a minefield on the way that made his mother have bad dreams. He loved the adventure, but he missed the music.

In 2005, Randall returned stateside to scrounge up a career as a performing songwriter, hoping it wasn't too late. So far, it hasn't been. As the "Partial Capo Guy," Randall has written two books for Hal Leonard, recorded a DVD for Kyser Musical Products, and given workshops at some of the biggest festivals in United States. As a performer, Randall has been a finalist in the Founder's Title and Mid-Atlantic Song Contests, A regional finalist at Kerrville, a showcase artist at Northeast and Midwest Folk Alliance, and at the International Folk Alliance in Memphis, and an Audience Favorite at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. His 2007 live release, "One Night in Louisiana" made a respectable dent in the folk DJ charts (One single, "Lebanon," was #8 in May,) and he's generally a nice guy to have around, capos or not.

Randall is as much at home in a Bangkok slum or a Senegalese village, at the Kennedy Center in D.C. or the Fine Arts Palace in Brussels sandwiched between a twitchy orchestra and a full house, or shoeless on the floor of your living room. Randall has sung in a dozen languages in over 35 countries.

Lynne Andrews: "When Randall left the confines of classical music largely behind, they lost a great talent, but the world gained a good friend - a friend who will tell its stories with grace, compassion, humility and humor."

Randall began playing guitar seriously in 1988, and played his first open mic one year later. Randall kept playing and learning more and more. Randall began teaching guitar in 1992, while studying musical composition, analysis, and performance. Randall got his undergraduate music degree in 1996, then studied flamenco for about a year (1997) before beginning studies at the royal conservatory of music in mons, belgium.

From 1998 to 2001, Randall studied voice, analysis, and harmony at the conservatory, with classical guitar lessons on the side for about 6 months. Randall's undergraduate study and the conservatory courses added a degree of musical structure to his improvisational ability, and gave him a strong music theory base. He recieved the premier prix for concert singing from the conservatory in 2001.

Randall's most recent discoveries: how to build a structure for creating chords in open tunings, and learning how to structure placement of partial capos in standard and alternate tunings.

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Mike H.

"I feel like a 12 year old kid with a new guitar!"

I am 66 years young and I still got it! I would have never known this if it had not been for Jamplay! I feel like a 12 year old kid with a new guitar! Ha! I cannot express enough how great you're website is! It is for beginners and advanced pickers! I am an advanced picker and thought I had lost it but thanks to you all, I found it again! Even though I only play by ear, I have been a member a whopping whole two weeks now and have already got Brent's country shuffle and country blues down and of course with embellishments. Thank you all for your wonderful program!

Greg J.

"With Jamplay I can fit in a random session when I have time and I can go at my own pace"

I'm a fifty eight year old newbie who owns a guitar which has been sitting untouched in a corner for about seven years now. Last weekend I got inspired to pick it up and finally learn how to play after watching an amazing Spanish guitarist on TV. So, here I am. I'm starting at the beginning with Steve Eulberg and I couldn't be happier (except for the sore fingers :) Some day I'm going to play like Steve! I'm self employed with a hectic schedule. With Jamplay I can fit in a random session when I have time and I can go at my own pace, rewinding and replaying the videos until I get it. This is a very enjoyable diversion from my work yet I still feel like I'm accomplishing something worthwhile. Thanks a lot, Greg


"I believe this is the absolute best site for guitar students."

I am commenting here to tell you and everyone at JamPlay that I believe this is the absolute best site for guitar students. I truly enjoy learning to play the guitar on JamPlay.com. Yes, I said the words, ""enjoy learning."" It is by far the best deal for the money.

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