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Introductory Guitar Part 2 (Guitar Lesson)

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Brendan Burns

Introductory Guitar Part 2

Brendan continues his introductory series for guitar, adding more chords, melodic exercises and rhythmic exercises to further you in your playing ability!

Taught by Brendan Burns in Introductory Guitar seriesLength: 10:45Difficulty: 0.5 of 5

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Member Comments about this Lesson

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Jackie2019Jackie2019 replied

Why does it continue to buffer, or at least that is what it looks like to me. Everything quits and the little circle goes round and round

Bradley.ConwayBradley.Conway replied

I had the same issue! I was able to fix it by clicking the "HD" button and selecting a lower resolution. Medium worked great for me. Hope that helps!

ahbrennan5ahbrennan5 replied

Where is the sheet is keeps referencing?

Bradley.ConwayBradley.Conway replied

Hi ahbrennan5! Brendan is referring to the "Lesson Materials (PDF)" under the red "Supplemental" button just below the video player. I always use the PDF for my lessons since they will usually cover the whole lesson all in one file...just scroll through it while the lesson plays. The interactive notation is pretty cool too :)

ahbrennan5ahbrennan5 replied

Where is the sheet is keeps referencing?

rweltyjrweltyj replied

Hi there, you reference that chords can be found “on the sheet”. What sheet are you referencing, I haven’t seen that in this site or heard about it? Thanks

genydedgenyded replied

Please add the references to the 'detailed' materials you keep making in the series as links in the supplemental sections if possible. That way we so not have to spend time trying to hunt them down.

LSCalgaryLSCalgary replied

Awesome beginner course! I love his teaching style :)

MokarainMokarain replied

When I try to print my write up page, it shows up blank. Anyone else have this problem?

Jason.MounceJason.Mounce replied

Hi there, because there is no writeup for this lesson, you would end up printing a blank page. If it's the supplemental content you are after, click on the "Supplemental" button below the video, then place a check mark next to the items in the list you wish to print. Then click the "View/Print" button below the list. The system will create a printer friendly page for you, then you can print through your browser. Hope this helps!

jillnissjillniss replied

Isolating the fretboard for the bass and treble strumming, brilliant!

Kev5100Kev5100 replied

Lol, you said introcourse. but seriously I am enjoying and learning a lot from this series.

navidnavid replied


psneedpsneed replied

I had to find another site to ensure I was holding the correct strings. There are references that show the strings horizontally and depicted on a guitar diagram. I found these much easier to follow.

qleinartqleinart replied

Very discouraged with my guitar progress , been playing everyday since, I'm an older person! Was wondering maybe if I started to late in life?

Austin34Austin34 replied

57 here...haven't pick up a 6 string since I was 17...patience and have fun. Everyday is an inspiration

ereverseereverse replied

The magic happens all the time and it happens mainly while you are relaxed or sleeping. So don't push too hard. Just enjoy taking simple steps forward and the magic will happen in your brain unconsciously. All you need to do is give your brain enough space to make it happen. Such space is all about being relaxed while training. Practice slowly and even slower. It does't matter for your brain how fast you will practice at such early stage. In fact the slower the better.

Jena53Jena53 replied

Don't give up !! I'm 61 old but I still enjoy to play (as better as I can - not hight level sincerly !) guitar. I raccomend you to follow the Eve Gollberg lessons. I believe you'll be surprised positively. Bye and Enjoy. (Angelo - Italian "student")

tgillytgilly replied

just wondering if acousic and electric beginning lessons are pretty much the same

kingsrkingsr replied

I really like how you have broken up the lesson into chords, melodic and rhythmic sections. it makes practicing very interesting.

lazblancolazblanco replied

Nice.Good way to start!

scottsl84scottsl84 replied

I am having a REALLY tough time with the C major cord. I can't get a good sound from the D string. I thought chopping my nails off might help, but no luck. Any tips? Thanks!

zack88zack88 replied

Brendan, Enjoying the lessons. But you refer to a sheet with the chords on it. i don't see it. How do i get to that. Thanks, Al

mydream7mydream7 replied

I'm learning on a nylon-string acoustic. Does this change anything insofar as the lessons are concerned (i.e. using a pick, etc.)? Thanks

dogueboydogueboy replied

Were is weeks 3-5

jboothjbooth replied

They will be coming up in the coming weeks. Brendan wanted users to focus before moving on :)

Brendan.BurnsBrendan.Burns replied

Totes. Think of it like a 5 week workout. Enjoy!

Introductory Guitar

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Introductory Guitar Part 2Lesson 2

Introductory Guitar Part 2

Brendan continues his introductory series for guitar, adding more chords, melodic exercises and rhythmic exercises to further you in your playing ability!

Length: 10:45 Difficulty: 0.5 Members Only
Introductory Guitar Part 3Lesson 3

Introductory Guitar Part 3

Brendan continues his Introductory Guitar series with three new chords, a challenging melodic exercise, and a rhythm exercise.

Length: 16:21 Difficulty: 1.0 Members Only
Introductory Guitar Part 4Lesson 4

Introductory Guitar Part 4

In week number 4, Brendan shows you his chord transition strategy and introduces the major scale!

Length: 16:34 Difficulty: 1.0 Members Only
Introductory Guitar Part 5Lesson 5

Introductory Guitar Part 5

In the final lesson of this series, Brendan sends you on your way with some great tools: strumming chords and playing the minor pentatonic scale!

Length: 14:25 Difficulty: 1.0 Members Only
Brendan Burns

About Brendan Burns View Full Biography Brendan has been passionate about music since childhood. He began his studies on trumpet, in elementary school, and then moved to guitar as a teenager. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Berklee College of Music, and has studied with Norm Zocher, Joe Stump, Bret Willmott, Bob Pilkington, Jay Weik, Tim Miller, & Charlie Banacos.

While at Berklee, Brendan was a member of the Music Mentoring Program, teaching private lessons to gifted high school students. He is currently teaches, and is chair of the guitar department at Brookline Music School. Brendan also teaches guitar for Tune Foolery & privately at his home in Cambridge, MA.

Along with educating, Brendan plays out often as a Solo Guitarist, performing standards, pop, and classical repertoire. He has recorded and played with the chamber-fusion band Ra Quintent, and as well as Vessela Stoyanova's Eastern Stories Under Western Skies Project. Brendan also performs as a leader, director and sideman for various Boston art-rock projects, and is former member of MIT's Gamelan Galak Tika.

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Mike H.

"I feel like a 12 year old kid with a new guitar!"

I am 66 years young and I still got it! I would have never known this if it had not been for Jamplay! I feel like a 12 year old kid with a new guitar! Ha! I cannot express enough how great you're website is! It is for beginners and advanced pickers! I am an advanced picker and thought I had lost it but thanks to you all, I found it again! Even though I only play by ear, I have been a member a whopping whole two weeks now and have already got Brent's country shuffle and country blues down and of course with embellishments. Thank you all for your wonderful program!

Greg J.

"With Jamplay I can fit in a random session when I have time and I can go at my own pace"

I'm a fifty eight year old newbie who owns a guitar which has been sitting untouched in a corner for about seven years now. Last weekend I got inspired to pick it up and finally learn how to play after watching an amazing Spanish guitarist on TV. So, here I am. I'm starting at the beginning with Steve Eulberg and I couldn't be happier (except for the sore fingers :) Some day I'm going to play like Steve! I'm self employed with a hectic schedule. With Jamplay I can fit in a random session when I have time and I can go at my own pace, rewinding and replaying the videos until I get it. This is a very enjoyable diversion from my work yet I still feel like I'm accomplishing something worthwhile. Thanks a lot, Greg


"I believe this is the absolute best site for guitar students."

I am commenting here to tell you and everyone at JamPlay that I believe this is the absolute best site for guitar students. I truly enjoy learning to play the guitar on Yes, I said the words, ""enjoy learning."" It is by far the best deal for the money.

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