Basic Acoustic Guitar

Beginner Guitar Course from Eve Goldberg

The acoustic guitar is one of the most beloved instruments in the world. Eve Goldberg will guide you on your guitar playing journey.

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Eve Goldberg will cover the basics of the acoustic guitar and move on from there. She will cover all of the essential topics and get to playing songs as quickly as possible.


Introduction to the Guitar

In this lesson, Eve Goldberg introduces the acoustic guitar. She talks about the parts of the guitar, the string names, and tuning.

27:16 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty


Learning the A Chord

In this lesson, Eve Goldberg introduces the first chord in this series, the A chord. She also shows how this chord can be used to play a simple song.

22:54 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty


The E Chord

Eve Goldberg introduces the E chord. She explains how it is played and provides some exercises designed to improve your chord changing abilities.

21:54 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty


Swing Low with 2 Chords

Eve Goldberg returns to the song "Swing Low" and talks about playing it with two chords instead of one.

16:20 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


Boom-Chuck Strum

Eve talks about the boom-chuck strum pattern. This strum pattern will completely change the sound of your playing.

15:56 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty

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Boom-Chuck and Swing Low

Eve Goldberg teaches how the boom-chuck strum can be applied to the song "Swing Low".

8:16 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


The D Chord

In this lesson, Eve introduces the D chord. You will also learn how to switch from the D chord to the A chord while applying the boom-chuck strum.

16:59 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


Little Birdy

Eve teaches the song "Little Birdy," which is a great tune to practice changing from the D chord to the A chord with your boom-chuck strum.

23:54 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes

You will learn the The Carter Family song "I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes" in this lesson.

32:58 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Songs and Capos

Eve talks about 3 chord songs and demonstrates a few as an example. She also introduces the capo.

10:36 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


Capo and Keys

Eve continues her discussion on capos. She explains how to find a key by using a piano keyboard drawing.

12:28 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty



Eve introduces the flatpick. She explains the proper way to hold it and strum.

10:00 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


A to D Bass Run

Eve shows you how to to compliment your boom-chuck strum by adding an A to D bass run.

14:59 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


E to A Bass Run

In this lesson, Eve furthers your knowledge of bass runs by teaching the E to A bass run.

22:59 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Review and Practice

Eve continues her discussion of bass runs and also covers some great practicing techniques.

22:46 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


The G Chord

Eve introduces the G chord and practices changing to and from other chords you have learned. This is important for the next song you will learn.

14:06 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Gold Watch and Chain

Eve teaches the song "Gold Watch and Chain" using the G chord you learned in the last lesson.

19:02 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Boom-Chucka Strum

Eve shows you how to add a little spice to your standard boom-chuck strum in this lesson.

10:54 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Boom-a-Chucka Strum

You've learned the Boom-Chuck strum. You've learned the Boom-Chucka strum. Now you will learn the Boom-a-Chucka strum. Have fun!

13:16 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Incorporating the A to D Bass Run

Eve shows how to incorporate the A to D bass run into the song "Gold Watch and Chain."

18:10 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


D to A Bass Run

Get ready for a new run! Eve teaches the D to A bass run in this lesson.

30:35 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


D to G Bass Run

Learn how to add even more flavor to "Gold Watch and Chain" by including a bass run from D to G.

20:02 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


G to D Bass Run

Learn the G to D bass run and incorporate it into the song "Gold Watch and Chain."

29:10 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Putting It Together

Eve encourages you to take all of the tools you've learned thus far and apply them to the song "Gold Watch and Chain."

16:07 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Hobo's Lullaby

Eve introduces a new song called "Hobo's Lullaby."

15:26 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Hobo's Lullaby Fingerpicking

Eve introduces fingerpicking in this lesson by using the song "Hobo's Lullaby" as an example.

24:19 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Adding Bass Runs: D to G

Eve adds a D to G bass run into the song "Hobo's Lullaby."

19:27 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Adding Bass Runs: A to D

Eve adds the bass run from A to D into the song "Hobo's Lullaby."

16:45 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Adding Bass Runs: G to A

Eve adds the bass run from G to A into the song "Hobo's Lullaby."

19:55 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


The D Doodad

Eve Goldberg finishes up her lessons on "Hobo's Lullaby" by adding one final technique: The D Doodad.

30:49 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Careless Love Introduction

Eve Goldberg continues her beginner series with another amazing song called "Careless Love."

12:34 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Chord Structure

Eve Goldberg continues her discussion on "Careless Love" with a lesson about the pattern and chord changes of the song.

16:09 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


G Chord Fingerpicking Pattern

Eve Goldberg takes a look at the G chord fingerpicking pattern for the song "Careless Love."

14:45 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


D Chord Fingerpicking Pattern

Eve Goldberg continues "Careless Love" with a lesson about the fingerpicking pattern for the D chord.

16:48 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


C Chord Fingerpicking Pattern

Eve teaches a Travis style picking pattern for the C chord. She also explains how to make the change from the C to the G pattern.

10:02 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Careless Love Wrap-Up

Eve wraps up "Careless Love" with a lesson about putting the whole song together.

16:12 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad Introduction

Eve Goldberg introduces a new song called "Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad."

11:06 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Part 2: Chord Structure

Eve Goldberg reviews the chord structure for the song "Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad."

13:21 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Part 3: Hammer-on Introduction

Eve Goldberg returns to "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad" with a lesson all about the hammer-on.

9:40 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Part 4: C Chord Hammer-on

Eve Goldberg continues her discussion of the hammer-on. She explains how a hammer-on can be used within a C major chord and the importance of timing.

13:18 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Part 5: G Chord Hammer-on

Eve adds the G chord hammer-on to the song "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad."

15:15 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Part 6: Bass Runs

Eve gives a quick review of what you have learned so far in "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad." Then, she dives into some bass runs that can be added to the chord progression.

13:54 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Part 7: G to C Bass Run

Eve plays the G to C run in the song "Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad." Then, she breaks it down for practice.

16:42 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Part 8: C to G Bass Run

Eve taught the G to C bass run in the last lesson. In this lesson, she teaches you how to go from C back to G.

16:42 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Part 9: G to Em Transition

Eve Goldberg covers a transitional chord between G and Em that functions like a bass run.

16:42 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Part 10: All Together

Eve Goldberg wraps up "Goin' Down this Road Feelin' Bad" with a lesson that combines all the techniques you have learned in the song.

17:12 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Stewball Introduction

Eve Goldberg introduces a new song called "Stewball" in this lesson. Get started with a little history and some basic concepts.

10:11 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Stewball Part 2: Chord Structure

Eve Goldberg talks about the chord structure for the song "Stewball" in this lesson.

11:48 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Stewball Part 3: Strum Variations

Eve Goldberg wraps up the song "Stewball" with some strum pattern variations.

15:08 Runtime

0.0 Difficulty


Drunken Sailor Part 1

Eve Goldberg returns to JamPlay with another exciting addition to her beginner series! Here you will take a look at "Drunken Sailor". Eve builds on this song in lessons to come.

16:44 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Drunken Sailor Part 2

Eve Goldberg returns to the song "Drunken Sailor" with some great tips on strumming patterns and more.

21:14 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Drunken Sailor Part 3

Eve Goldberg finishes up "Drunken Sailor" with some new strumming exercises.

13:45 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Haul Away Joe Part 1

Eve Goldberg dives into "Haul Away Joe," another fun sea shanty.

25:29 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Haul Away Joe Part 2

Eve Goldberg takes another look at "Haul Away Joe" with a brand new strumming pattern.

17:32 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


The John B. Sails

Eve Goldberg starts on a new folk song called "The John B. Sails". This particular song was later made famous by The Beach Boys under the title of "Sloop John B".

21:42 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


The John B. Sails Part 2

Eve Goldberg continues with "The John B. Sails". This time she introduces a brand new strumming pattern.

17:47 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


The John B. Sails Part 3

Eve Goldberg finishes up "The John B. Sails" lessons with a couple of brand new chords and a new strum.

24:16 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Practical Theory Part 1

Eve Goldberg dives into some basic, practical theory to expand your knowledge of the guitar. In this lesson, she talks about the I-IV-V progression and explains the circle of fifths.

13:30 Runtime

1.5 Difficulty


Practical Theory Part 2

Eve Goldberg continues her practical theory discussion, this time with an emphasis on minor chords and how they fit in.

13:52 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Frankie and Johnny Part 1

In lesson 60 of her basic guitar series, Eve Goldberg offers up another traditional song to add to your repertoire. In part one, you'll learn the basic patterns for Frankie and Johnny. You'll also be introduced to the B7 chord, which the song utilizes.

24:37 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Frankie and Johnny Part 2: Adding Bass Runs

Now that you've learned the basic chords and structure of the song Frankie and Johnny, it's time to start adding some extra bits. In lesson 61 Eve will walk you through adding bass runs between chord changes. She also introduces a spot where you can use the E7 chord to change the feel of the song.

29:52 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Frankie and Johnny Part 3: Finger Style

As we are adding more complexity to this tune, it's a good time to look at how it's played using the fingerstyle technique. As with the other lessons on this song, Eve will start you off with a basic pattern and add complexity as you go.

18:24 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Frankie and Johnny Part 4: Variations

You've learned all of "Frankie and Johnny" at this point. Now it's time to put all of the techniques together and create a varied and flowing arrangement.

24:22 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Don't Let Your Deal Go Down

In lesson 64 of her basic guitar series, Eve provides a look at another traditional tune. You'll start off with the basic song, and then progress by adding additional skills and challenges.

18:30 Runtime

2.0 Difficulty


Don't Let Your Deal Go Down: Advanced Strumming

It's time to take a closer look at spicing up the song "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down." In this lesson, Eve introduces more strumming options, including several that haven't been discussed previously.

15:27 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Don't Let Your Deal Go Down: Bass Runs

In lesson 66 of her basic guitar series, Eve demonstrates the bass runs that will work over the song "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down".

24:07 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


The Water is Wide

To finalize her beginner series, Eve offers up the song "The Water is Wide." This will be a good start on the song that you can use to transition to her fingerstyle series.

30:34 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty

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Eve Goldberg

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Playing since 1978
  • 134 lessons at JamPlay
Imagine a kitchen party where Mother Maybelle Carter, Ella Fitzgerald, Mississippi John Hurt, Bessie Smith, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Patsy Cline show up, and you begin to get a sense of what it feels like inside songwriter Eve Goldberg's head. Never one to restrict herself to one genre of music, Eve has performed her trademark mixture of folk, blues, country, bluegrass, old time, and jazz in venues ranging from small house concerts to the prestigious Kennedy Center in Washington DC since 1990.

Eve was born in the Boston area but has called Toronto, Ontario home since 1981. As a child, she was dragged to folk concerts by the likes of The Weavers, Doc Watson, Arlo Guthrie, the Watersons, and countless others. Eventually it sank in, and as a teenager she began to devour all kinds of contemporary and traditional roots music. She began performing in 1990, and hasn't looked back since. Along the way she's earned the respect of legendary musicians like Peggy Seeger, Geoff Muldaur, and Penny Lang.

Her watercolour voice and solid guitar style has become a favourite at festivals, folk clubs, and concert series across Canada and the US. With an equal passion for traditional music, and for the art of songwriting and interpretation, Eve's performances are intimate and relaxed, moving effortlessly from folk classics to original gems, all wrapped up in her clear, pure voice and dynamic guitar playing. She has released two albums to widespread acclaim -- 1998's "Ever Brightening Day" released on her own Sweet Patootie Music label, and 2003's "Crossing the Water," released by The Borealis Recording Company. Her instrumental tune "Watermelon Sorbet" was used for years as the opening theme to the popular CBC national radio show "Richardson's Roundup."

Her latest album "A Kinder Season" was released in September 2007 on Borealis Records (US Release: Jan 9, 2007). Recorded in the months after her mother's death, the album is a remarkable personal testament to the joy and hope that lurks somewhere beyond the heartache, and the sweetness that can be found even in the bitterest seasons of life. Produced by Ken Whiteley, "A Kinder Season" features twelve new originals that firmly establish Eve as a compelling and thoughtful writer whose songs draw honey from the rock of human experience. As legendary blues musician Geoff Muldaur put it, "As far as I'm concerned, Eve Goldberg is on the verge of riches. Big name folks would want to get hold of this stuff."

In January 2008, Eve released "The Streets of Burma," a song inspired by the peaceful demonstrations of monks and nuns in Burma in September 2007. Since then, Amnesty International Canada has used the song as part of its campaign to free U Gambira, one of the monks arrested following his participation in the protests. Visitors to www.amnesty.ca/streetsofburma/ can listen to a preview of the song, find out more about the situation in Burma, sign an e-postcard to help free U Gambira, and if they want, download the song in exchange for a donation to Amnesty International Canada.

"A pure and pleasing voice and a performance style that know no bounds."
  - Greg Quill, Toronto Star

"...one of the most promising young singers in the Canadian folk scene"
  -  Alistair Brown, Greenman Review

"Wow! Ever Brightening Day is one of the best albums I've heard this year!"
  -  Back Porch Music Distribution

Reviews & Feedback 89/100 with 1277 ratings

Eve Great lesson thanks MikeRGR


I got to Lesson 10 with Jim Deeming before I felt things slipping away. I learned the CAGED chord progressions but transition was at 60 bpm. Starting over seemed like a good idea.


The way it is taught is so easy and relaxing to understand. Eve's method of teaching is great, she puts you so much at ease and it's just what I needed the way it's being taught


A great review for me and Eve goes step be step which is easily understood.


Actually all 3 above. This is the types of lessons I would like to learn more of... the keys as to scales to notes to chords and how to use.


All of the above - the teacher is great and very easy to understand.


All three statements apply!


All three--Eve is great, easy to understand, and the lessons are perfect for what I'm looking for.


also easy to understand


also: I liked the teacher




Would have liked to go through chord changes for all verses


That's perfect class. Amazing beginner lesson Thanks for all Nelson


At 59 I decided to learn how to play a guitar. Because I always wanted to do that. Eve Goldberg is really making me feel at home while learning. I really hope that someday i will beable to do this. Thanks to Eve.


BEAUTIFUL singing ... !!!


Slow and steady wins the race, thank you Eve. Learning something new and complex can feel like climbing a massive mountain, Eve is showing us the little ledges along the way to take a rest.


Easy and very practical explanation - great!


Easy to follow and Eve seems to really enjoy the process of moving us forward.


Easy to like Eve. I'm an absolute beginner and I like the pace of instruction.


She has helped me so much!!!


Eve Goldberg is great. I chose Jam Play because of her. I met her at a ukulele camp and loved her teaching style. I then discovered that she instructs on Jam Play and signed up right away. I like that she gets students right into the meat of


Eve has a great singing voice

River D

Eve is a great teacher. :)


Eve is a wonderful teacher!


Eve is amazing so nice and explains everything she is great


Eve is awesome!


Great lesson!!


Eve is just excellent. So easy to understand. Beautiful singer. I would like to buy a cd of eve if she has one. I am a retired teacher myself and I just marvel at her ability to teach so pleasantly and clearly. Thank you Eve.


Eve is such a wonderful teacher. I really enjoy how she teaches. Thanks Eve!


eve is the best teacher...knows just how to simplify every song


Eve, you are the best! I like the songs you select. They are fun for the beginner to play.


I appreciate the slow and easy instruction on the fingerstyle picking lessons! I so needed this :)


Finally understand what capo is about and how to figure out what key I'm in/need to find. FINALLY. Thank you Eve


Great teacher full stop. Makes everything look so easy. Helps with motivation.


From the first I thought it was a bit slow, but now this is just perfect! I can always speed it up a bit myself, but then I prefer to go at the tempo the teacher suggests. I like this repetitive sort of lesson - after going through it I felt t


Fun songs to play at the campfire.


Slowly, but surely, Eve coaxes the tricky bits out of my fingers and guitar. Love it!


Goes over basics in the perfect amount.


Good discussion about negative self talk and anxiety.


Good impression, clean playing.


Great explanation with the piano visual


Great start Eve thanks..


Great teacher, lesson was easy to understand.


Great teacher. Very easy to follow