Additional Techniques in Lately (Guitar Lesson)

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Greg Greenway

Additional Techniques in Lately

Greg continues working his way through his song, "Lately".

Taught by Greg Greenway in Guitar Reset: C9 Tuning seriesLength: 6:34Difficulty: 3.0 of 5

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Guitar Reset: C9 Tuning

Found in our Beginner Lesson Sets

Are you feeling stuck in standard tuning? Ready for something new and different to get your creative juices flowing? In this series, Greg walks through his own journey out of standard tuning and into the beautiful world of C9. You'll be amazed at what changing a few pitches will do to your guitar!

Introducing C9 TuningLesson 1

Introducing C9 Tuning

Greg kicks off his series telling a little about himself and introduces the C9 tuning.

Length: 6:00 Difficulty: 0.5 FREE
Getting in TuneLesson 2

Getting in Tune

Greg walks through the transition from standard into C9 tuning. The guitar is under a lot of tension, so be sure to follow his instructions!

Length: 8:42 Difficulty: 0.5 Members Only
Icarus - Your First ChordLesson 3

Icarus - Your First Chord

It's time to start playing! In this lesson, Greg introduces his song, Icarus, and uses it as an opportunity to start using your first chord in the C9 context.

Length: 9:02 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Icarus - The Second and Third ChordsLesson 4

Icarus - The Second and Third Chords

In this lesson, we'll be looking at the 2 minor chord as well as the 5 chord for Greg's song Icarus.

Length: 7:10 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Icarus - Putting it All TogetherLesson 5

Icarus - Putting it All Together

As Greg wraps up this section of the series, focused on the song, Icarus, we will look at the 4 and 6 chords in our progression. It's time to put the whole song together and review what we've done so...

Length: 7:39 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
The Water Is Wide: Building Off of What We KnowLesson 6

The Water Is Wide: Building Off of What We Know

After a quick recap of what we've learned so far, Greg introduces his C9 arrangement of The Water Is Wide. He also takes a closer look at fingerpicking technique.

Length: 9:04 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
The Water Is Wide:  The Fabulous 6 Minor ChordLesson 7

The Water Is Wide: The Fabulous 6 Minor Chord

As we continue to explore The Water Is Wide, it's time to start filling in the other chord tones around our melody. In doing so we encounter the beautiful 6 minor chord.

Length: 6:46 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
The Water is Wide: The IV Chord and VariationsLesson 8

The Water is Wide: The IV Chord and Variations

In this lesson, Greg takes us through the fingering of the IV chord (F), and it's variations.

Length: 5:56 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Section 2 ReviewLesson 9

Section 2 Review

In this lesson, Greg reviews concepts talked about in this section, and he looks at some helpful apps you can use on your phone.

Length: 7:54 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Thinking Outside the 1-4-5 BoxLesson 10

Thinking Outside the 1-4-5 Box

Greg now gets outside of the typical 1-4-5 chords progressions in the C9 tuning.

Length: 13:46 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Harmonizing Around Bass LinesLesson 11

Harmonizing Around Bass Lines

Greg uses his song "Willow" to illustrate harmonizing chords around bass lines.

Length: 5:50 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Driving Movement with Bass LinesLesson 12

Driving Movement with Bass Lines

Greg continues with his song "Willow", to illustrate how to drive the movement of a song with the bass line.

Length: 9:25 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Additional Techniques in WillowLesson 13

Additional Techniques in Willow

Greg analyzes some other aspects of his song "Willow" including right hand techniques and what he calls "static motion".

Length: 8:01 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Section 3 ReviewLesson 14

Section 3 Review

Greg analyzes techniques and concepts we've learned so far.

Length: 5:16 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Driving Eighth Note BassLesson 15

Driving Eighth Note Bass

Greg illustrates how to get that driving eighth note bass sound with the thumb.

Length: 9:29 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Making Small Things BiggerLesson 16

Making Small Things Bigger

Greg uses his song "Highway 4am" in this lesson to look at certain notes and scales surrounding the song.

Length: 13:09 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Playing with TouchLesson 17

Playing with Touch

Greg talks about playing the guitar with "touch".

Length: 9:57 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Hand PositioningLesson 18

Hand Positioning

In this lesson, Greg takes a look at certain hand positioning and stretches from his song "Highway 4am".

Length: 9:56 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
The Perfect Guitar?Lesson 19

The Perfect Guitar?

Greg talks about his 1973 Martin guitar in this lesson.

Length: 9:02 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
5th String ChordsLesson 20

5th String Chords

Now let's look at how to find all these chords when basing them off of the 5th string.

Length: 7:40 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
5th String Chords: Jericho RoadLesson 21

5th String Chords: Jericho Road

Greg breaks down the 5th string chords in his song "Jericho Road".

Length: 5:10 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Jericho Road: IV Chord VariationsLesson 22

Jericho Road: IV Chord Variations

Greg goes over some IV chord variations in his song "Jericho Road".

Length: 5:39 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Jericho Road: The V Chord and the ii ChordLesson 23

Jericho Road: The V Chord and the ii Chord

Greg looks at the remaining chords in "Jericho Road", the V chord and the ii (minor 2) chord.

Length: 7:08 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Moving Songs to a Different KeyLesson 24

Moving Songs to a Different Key

Greg uses his song "Jericho Road" and shows us how to effectively move a song to another key.

Length: 7:43 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Pushing YourselfLesson 25

Pushing Yourself

Always being able to push yourself as a player only helps you get better. Greg uses his song "Lately" to up the difficulty level.

Length: 10:27 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Additional Techniques in LatelyLesson 26

Additional Techniques in Lately

Greg continues working his way through his song, "Lately".

Length: 6:34 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Adding Fills in LatelyLesson 27

Adding Fills in Lately

Greg takes a look at the break down section of his song "Lately", and shows us some possibilities for fills.

Length: 9:02 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Ending Section of LatelyLesson 28

Ending Section of Lately

Greg moves into the final section of his song "Lately".

Length: 7:34 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
 Putting it All TogetherLesson 29

Putting it All Together

Greg puts all of the techniques from his song "Lately" together in one lesson.

Length: 6:23 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Simulated Twelve StringLesson 30

Simulated Twelve String

Greg shows us how to use the C9 tuning to simulate a twelve string guitar.

Length: 7:43 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Playing Blues in C9 TuningLesson 31

Playing Blues in C9 Tuning

Greg uses the song "Rosa Parks" to demonstrate how to play blues in the C9 Tuning.

Length: 5:34 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Open G/C, a Half Step AwayLesson 32

Open G/C, a Half Step Away

Greg shows us how to make a simple adjustment to the C9 tuning to get the open G/C tuning.

Length: 7:23 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
G Minor, a Whole Step AwayLesson 33

G Minor, a Whole Step Away

Greg looks at adjusting the C9 open tuning to play in open G minor tuning.

Length: 6:10 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Summarizing TechniquesLesson 34

Summarizing Techniques

In the final lesson of the series, Greg summarizes the techniques unique to him as a player, and unique to the C9 open tuning. There are so many possibilities with this style and tuning! Join Greg as...

Length: 6:53 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Greg Greenway

About Greg Greenway View Full Biography Above and Beyond Standard

A rare combination of instrumental expertise, a soulful and moving singer, powerful poet, and sparkling entertainer; Greenway is one of those difficult-to-categorize performers who has found a home in the modern acoustic genre.

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