Surf Guitar

Study the ideas and techniques of surf artists like Dick Dale, The Ventures and more!

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Learn how to create surf hooks, get surf tones, and make the information you already know on the guitar useful in the Surf genre!

Lessons in this Series:

Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 1

What Is Surf Guitar?

What do you need to know to play surf guitar? What styles of music does surf draw from? How has surf music influenced other styles? How does technique play into playing in this genre? Answers to all of these questions and more are in this series! Dig in and have fun!

Length: 3:05 Difficulty: 0.5 Free Sample Lesson
Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 2

Surf & The Blues

If you know the blues, the song forms and chord progressions in surf music are going to make a lot of sense to you. If you are not that familiar with the blues, that's ok! We go over the similarities in this lesson and so you can learn about two different genres at the same time!

Length: 13:15 Difficulty: 1.5 Member Only
Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 3

Surfin' & Strummin'

Starting with some of the background layers that are present in some surf songs, you'll learn about two different ways to approach the guitar in a rhythmic context similar to a track performed by the Ventures.

Length: 12:19 Difficulty: 2.0 Member Only
Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 4

Ice That Arm

Fast alternate picking with thick spring reverb and strange sounding scales is the first sound people think of when someone mentions surf guitar. This lesson breaks down the alternate picking component of that sound.

Length: 15:34 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 5

Make It A Double Harmonic

That classic "Miserlou" sound that seems both haunting and enchanting is explained and broken down in this lesson with a scale that most people never even think to learn. It's called the Double Harmonic scale.

Length: 10:46 Difficulty: 2.0 Member Only
Chris Liepe Guitar Lessons Lesson 6

Bring It Home To E

Take what you learned about the double harmonic scale in the key of C from the last lesson and apply it to the good old open E. Practice it on the low E and the high E with a click track and with the backing track! Get familiar with the sound and try writing your own melody or hook.

Length: 8:23 Difficulty: 2.0 Member Only
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