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Rock Guitar with Chris Liepe

Genre and Style Guitar Course from Chris Liepe

Instrumental Rock carries with it many creative aspects both in writing and playing. By the end of this series, Chris will have covered almost everything you will need to know to create and play your very own melodic instrumental rock piece, with emotion!

16 Lessons

Complete course with step-by-step lessons and practice examples.


Course filmed with 6 cameras for the perfect angles.

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Full Course Breakdown

If you like instrumental rock guitar, this series is for you. This series covers three on a string scales, melodic invention, the CAGED system, modes and implementation and Arpeggios. Chris will demonstrate all the things that help you phrase and play with an instrumental rock influence.

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Rock Essentials Introduction

Chris Liepe introduces his Phase 2 Rock Essentials lesson series. By highlighting specific instrumental rock styles and techniques, Chris will help you become a more melodically creative player.

3:57 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


3 on a String Scales

Chris Liepe starts off his Rock Essentials series with a lesson on 3 on a string scales. Utilizing 3, 4, and 6 note sequencing, Chris begins to dive into instrumental rock style phrasing and provides several licks influenced by the 3 on a string concept.

37:00 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty

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Pentatonic Scales, Sequencing, and Lick Ideas

Chris introduces the pentatonic scales as well as some of their basic applications.

19:35 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


Chord Numbering

Chris Liepe takes some time to explain chord numbering. Understanding how chords are built will only help in your overall knowledge of the guitar.

16:25 Runtime

2.5 Difficulty


The CAGED System

Chris breaks down the CAGED system and its chord chemistry. He covers both major and minor chord forms.

35:06 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Sweep Picking

Chris digs into the sweep picking technique. He uses the C, A, and E forms introduced in the previous lesson to help with finger synchronization.

27:15 Runtime

3.0 Difficulty


Introduction to Modes

Chris moves on to the subject of modes. He explains where modes come from, how they sound, and how they are used.

30:04 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Modal Pentatonic Scales

This lesson demonstrates how to modify the old trusty 5th fret A minor pentatonic position to make it sound modal.

10:30 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Modal Chord Progressions

How do you know which mode to use? There are giveaways with every chord progression, and Chris covers them in this lesson.

17:12 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Complete Major / Minor Scale Using Penatonic Scales

Chris demonstrates how to complete the major and minor scale by using pentatonic positions based on the roots of the I, IV, and V chords.

14:52 Runtime

4.5 Difficulty


Melodic Development

Chris Liepe utilizes everything he has taught in the series so far to demonstrate how to create catchy lead lines over a backing track.

15:30 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Implied Tonalities

Chris Liepe delves into the world of implied tonalities. This lesson details how a single arpeggio can be implied over various chordal sounds.

25:40 Runtime

4.0 Difficulty


Series Introduction Solo Lesson (Composed Soloing)

Chris teaches the solo that was used in the introduction lesson for this series. He uses the solo as an example of how to effectively compose your own solos.

22:09 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


2 Hand Tapping

It's time to give the right hand hand some work with two hand tapping on the guitar neck.

31:26 Runtime

3.5 Difficulty


Thoughts on Practice

With so much material out there, what should you focus on? How much time do you spend on a certain topic? How do you progress? How do you measure progress? Chris covers all of these topics in this lesson.

17:16 Runtime

1.0 Difficulty


Get to Know Chris Liepe

Chris Liepe offers up some insight into his past. Hopefully this lesson will help you further your own goals as a guitarist.

11:42 Runtime

0.5 Difficulty

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  • Greeley, CO
  • Playing since 1995
  • 244 lessons at JamPlay
Chris Liepe was born on September 17th, 1981 in Portland OR. His first instrument was piano which he pursued until discovering his love for the electric guitar in high school. He became fans of such groups as Soundgarden, Collective Soul and U2 inspiring him to start singing, songwriting and helping others in their musical endeavors with teaching, co-writing and album production.

Having moved to Colorado with his family, he began gigging, recording and teaching in a number of music stores as well as out of his apartment until deciding to pursue music full time. He moved to Denver, CO to complete a Bachelors in Music Technology and was then hired on by Sweetwater Productions, a division of Sweetwater Sound and one of the largest, most successful recording studios in the Midwest.

Chris spent nearly 4 years at Sweetwater as a producer, recording engineer, studio musician and writer. During this time he had the privilege of working with many artists including Augustana, Landon Pigg, Jars of Clay, and Mercy Me. He also wrote for and played on numerous independent albums and hundreds of radio/TV commercials.

Wanting to get back to his favorite State in the world (Colorado) and feeling the urge to 'go freelance', Chris moved to Greeley, CO and opened his own recording and teaching studio. He continues to write and produce music for artists and agencies and is happy to be among the proud JamPlay.com instructors.
Reviews & Feedback 92/100 with 246 ratings

Chris is Awesome.


Chris is easy to learn from.


Chris Liepe explanation of the scales is easy to understand.


Chris Liepe is a phenomenal teacher. He and Allen Van Wert are my two favorites!


Good to know the logic in making a list of chordal changes


I love the way Chris plays. One of the reasons I wanted to revisit Jamplay.


Great lesson, and a great teacher. I've been doing this for years and had no idea there is a name for this. This lesson went beyond some of the things I was doing and opened another door for me. I'll be messing around with this for weeks! Than


great lessons Chris


Great teacher, solved that mystery that held me back the last 5 years!


I can see right off that this Instructor knows what he is doing. I wish that I knew, or understood the "Why's" for playing the way we did in the 60's


I felt I was learning and it was just about the right standard that I need at the moment.


I've been wanting to tie together modal sounds and play them over familiar patterns that I'm more used to soloing over (versus mentally lifting and shifting over to a pure modal shape). So once again, a great lesson. Thanks.


I've really been struggling with understanding modes, and Chris got me over the hump with this lesson. I get it now! Now it's time to teach my fingers. Great job Chris!


liked Chris also; good lesson to tie scale patterns to shape patterns


maybe just a little slower


Saw Chris in the first JamPlay video I came across. That helped me decide to join JP. He seems to have everything needed for outstanding instruction. I like Marty Schwartz, too, but that's not where I decided to put my money and time.


This is a good lesson, but the way jam play have organized lessons not in a proper order. It takes time to find the lesson I want to.


This is another series I am starting with Chris. He is fantastic!


Very helpful explanation of the CAGED system!

marshall laney

Well explained