52 Blues - Slow Blues Rhythm (Guitar Lesson)

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David Isaacs

52 Blues - Slow Blues Rhythm

Triads, double stops and slides intertwined with tasty slow blues phrasing are going to make you proud to learn and practice this piece. Dig in

Taught by David Isaacs in 50 Years Of Guitar seriesLength: 19:24Difficulty: 2.5 of 5

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50 Years Of Guitar

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Join Dave Isaacs for a comprehensive course covering some of the most well-known sounds of the last 50 years in guitar playing.

50 Years Of Guitar IntroductionLesson 1

50 Years Of Guitar Introduction

Join Dave Isaacs for a comprehensive course covering some of the most well-known sounds of the last 50 years in guitar playing. Come straight out of Isaac's Phase 1 series and learn songs in the style...

Length: 7:38 Difficulty: 0.5 FREE
Ride The Cycle - Chord ReviewLesson 2

Ride The Cycle - Chord Review

Get warmed up and bridge the gap between Dave's extensive Phase 1 course with this lesson on chords. You'll have a nice track to play over and you'll be able to review many of the common chords you may...

Length: 16:31 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Passing Thru - Passing ChordsLesson 3

Passing Thru - Passing Chords

Learn how to use inversion chords to link other chords together. This happens all the time in the Rock and Roll style of bands like AC/DC. Grab your overdrive pedal and and make a statement with your...

Length: 18:31 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Home - Picked ArpeggiosLesson 4

Home - Picked Arpeggios

Work your chords in a melodic and soothing way. Picked arpeggios make it possible to extract melody from ordinary chord shapes. Once you have the concept and shapes down, try your hands at playing over...

Length: 17:03 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Trippin' - Bass Note RiffsLesson 5

Trippin' - Bass Note Riffs

Do you remember the first time you heard "Day Tripper" by The Beatles? Learning these techniques and playing with this track will take you back and help move your playing forward a huge step. Learn how...

Length: 14:34 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Stix Stax - Moveable Partial ChordsLesson 6

Stix Stax - Moveable Partial Chords

Get comfortable playing small, musical chords around the neck in this lesson. You've likely spent some time moving your barre chords around the neck. You'll use parts of those chords and be able to realize...

Length: 20:46 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Santa Ana - Filling Out The PentatonicLesson 7

Santa Ana - Filling Out The Pentatonic

The minor pentatonic scale is a great place to start and a bedrock of popular music. Dave used those shapes and adds in the rest of the notes from the natural minor scale to tip his hat to one of the...

Length: 20:00 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Minor Blues - Rhythm RiffsLesson 8

Minor Blues - Rhythm Riffs

You're familiar with a standard 12-bar blues. Now, you'll get to experience some of the twists and chord possibilities that can be present in a minor blues. Riff away!

Length: 14:43 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Scaling The Heights - In CLesson 9

Scaling The Heights - In C

Learn how to navigate the neck by connecting simple C major scale patterns together. Do it in a musical way with a nice, catchy example to get your feet wet with.

Length: 18:05 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
The Mountain:  Melody & ChordsLesson 10

The Mountain: Melody & Chords

Scale the neck with both single notes and chords with this catchy musical example. This track moves at a slow pace and allows for a very contemplative mindset while learning the different positions of...

Length: 20:54 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Stone Face - Play Like Keith RichardsLesson 11

Stone Face - Play Like Keith Richards

You'll spend some more time with moveable chord forms, journey around the neck a little, and learn bits and pieces of a classic rock style.

Length: 13:50 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Down The Road - Boogie GrooveLesson 12

Down The Road - Boogie Groove

By making small adjustments to a simple scale, you can make something very normal, sound much more interesting. It's been done for decades and is often not well understood, but Isaacs breaks down this...

Length: 26:23 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Berry Pickin' - 50's Style Double StopsLesson 13

Berry Pickin' - 50's Style Double Stops

Put a little Chuck Berry in your playing by incorporating some of the most familiar sounds in all of Rock 'N Roll. Chords, rhythm and lead playing all come together in this style.

Length: 15:45 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
River Flow - FingerstyleLesson 14

River Flow - Fingerstyle

You might think of fingerstyle guitar as something that mostly only happens on acoustic. While acoustic players will get a lot out of this lesson, electric players will also be given the tools they need...

Length: 13:23 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Bend Don't Break - String BendingLesson 15

Bend Don't Break - String Bending

Bends are always one of the signature sounds of any guitar player, but bending musically and in tune consistently can be quite a challenge. Dave sheds some light on this subject in this lesson and also...

Length: 12:55 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Walking Chords - Moving TriadsLesson 16

Walking Chords - Moving Triads

Wanna play chords anywhere on the neck? Learning and applying your triad shapes is a GREAT place to start. Learn how to use triads all over the place with this simple and fun musical example.

Length: 21:41 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Blue Peaches - Improvising Lesson 17

Blue Peaches - Improvising

Using nothing more than the simple Major Pentatonic scale, you'll create some catchy music and learn some nice licks. There's a lot to play with when it comes to this classic 5-note scale.

Length: 19:53 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
52 Blues - Slow Blues RhythmLesson 18

52 Blues - Slow Blues Rhythm

Triads, double stops and slides intertwined with tasty slow blues phrasing are going to make you proud to learn and practice this piece. Dig in

Length: 19:24 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Waltz For Pinky - Melodic ArpeggiosLesson 19

Waltz For Pinky - Melodic Arpeggios

Arpeggios are not just for classical guitar players and shredders. They are fantastic musical vehicles and make your playing sound spacious and dynamic. You'll also give your pinky a good workout.

Length: 10:06 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Swinging In A - Melody Around The NeckLesson 20

Swinging In A - Melody Around The Neck

It's bright and bouncy... It's "Swing". Learn this simple melody and learn the feel that always brings the moods up a notch. You'll get a good hand workout and get a catchy tune stuck in your head at...

Length: 23:34 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Sweet Strum - TriadsLesson 21

Sweet Strum - Triads

Practice moving triad shapes around the neck in a musical and even soothing way. You'll learn how to connect these small chords so that you're making little melodies as you're moving around!

Length: 15:05 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
Stomp It - Pentatonic RiffsLesson 22

Stomp It - Pentatonic Riffs

Rock out a little bit with this Bluesy and driving track that will make you want to play lead guitar all day long. Get ready for some straight up Rock and Roll. You'll be working a lot on slides and...

Length: 18:11 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Down Home - Clean CountryLesson 23

Down Home - Clean Country

Laid back, clean, and soothing to play, this lesson will have you focusing on double stops and slides in a Classic Country setting. Set the overdrive pedal aside and make it ring loud!

Length: 17:57 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
CAGEY - Chord ConnectionsLesson 24

CAGEY - Chord Connections

It's time for a geography lesson. Look at the way the CAGED patterns relate to each other around the neck. You'll be moving up and down the neck with ease after you master the material in this lesson!

Length: 17:15 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Sally's Impala - R&B SoundsLesson 25

Sally's Impala - R&B Sounds

Dig in to some R&B-style grooves and playing here! You'll be using a lot of we've already covered previously, but with a good deal more 'bounce'. Each lick will contain a lot of different types of techniques...

Length: 14:37 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Like An Eagle - Double Stop BendsLesson 26

Like An Eagle - Double Stop Bends

Do you like Classic Rock? Do you like Country-tinged, laid back leads? Well, get ready for a treat! You'll learn a solo in the style of the Eagles today and have a chance to work on musical bending...

Length: 19:11 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
What It Is - Improvisation in ALesson 27

What It Is - Improvisation in A

Improvisation might be a scary word for some, but Dave lays out a method and a track that will have you making music that easily comes out of your stream of conspicuousness. You won't need to over think!

Length: 11:30 Difficulty: 3.0 Members Only
Funky - Syncopated RhythmLesson 28

Funky - Syncopated Rhythm

There's lots to unpack here with all of the various rhythmic variations. It has a chime, yet it is tight and full of range. Have fun with this one!

Length: 27:44 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Variations on the Minor SoundLesson 29

Variations on the Minor Sound

Enter back into the realms of improvisation in this lesson and have some fun experimenting with different flavors of the minor sound. You'll get a sense of how to use some 'unexpected' sounding notes...

Length: 22:20 Difficulty: 2.0 Members Only
David Isaacs

About David Isaacs View Full Biography Nashville-based Dave Isaacs has made a name for himself as one of Music City's top guitar instructors, working with both professional and aspiring songwriters and artists at his Music Row teaching studio. He is also an instructor in the music department at Tennessee State University and is the coordinator and artistic director of the annual TSU Guitar Summit.

A seasoned performer as well, Dave has released eight independent CDs and gigs steadily as a solo artist, bandleader, and sideman. He continues to write, record, and perform as well as arranging and producing projects for other artists.

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