Acoustic Tricks With Mark Kroos

Mark Kroos reaches in to his bag and pulls out a few tricks you might be interested in learning for the acoustic guitar.

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Learn a few tricks for your acoustic playing from extreme folk guitarist Mark Kroos.

Lessons in this Series:

Mark Kroos Guitar Lessons Lesson 1

Playing Two Guitars Simultaneously

Mark Kroos returns to JamPlay with a new mini-series. Here, Mark reaches into his bag of tricks and pulls out a few gems you may be interested in. To start things off, Mark provides a lesson on how he started playing a double neck guitar. Most people don't have one, so to get started, he discusses...

Length: 21:54 Difficulty: 3.5 Free Sample Lesson
Mark Kroos Guitar Lessons Lesson 2

Using a Stomp Box

Mark returns to his tricks lesson group with a lesson on using a wooden stomp box for percussion. He talks about his preferred box as well as some other options. Then, he demonstrates common ways to add it into your playing.

Length: 5:51 Difficulty: 1.5 Member Only
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