Power Picking with Prashant Aswani

A 30 day repertoire meant to help built your picking chops

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Prashant Aswani presents "Power Picking!" A 30 day exercise based program designed at introducing you to all the picking techniques necessary to play killer lead guitar.

Lessons in this Series:

Lesson 1

Power Picking with Prashant Aswani: Series Introduction

JamPlay welcomes back Prashant Aswani for an in-depth skill based challenge series to boost your lead and picking skills. During the course of this lesson series, you will be provided a new lick each day to get under your fingers. These licks are used as vehicles to introduce new and more...

Length: 3:37 Difficulty: 0.5 Member Only
Lesson 2

Day 1: Pentatonic Lick

Day one of power picking introduces a pentatonic lick to get you started. Nothing fancy here, just work on your basic alternating pick strategy.

Length: 11:13 Difficulty: 2.0 Free Sample Lesson
Lesson 3

Day 2: Adding Hammer-ons

In day two's exercise you'll be looking at the same lick from day one, but this time adding different dynamic through use of hammer-ons.

Length: 9:21 Difficulty: 2.5 Member Only
Lesson 4

Day 3: Hybrid Picking

Day three of Prashant's 30 day picking technique course introduces the concept of hybrid picking. You'll start of slow and simple with this one and gradually add complexity in the next several lessons.

Length: 10:17 Difficulty: 2.5 Member Only
Lesson 5

Day 4: Multiple Strings

In lesson 5, Prashant offers up a new lick to study that will incorporate multiple strings. This will work on your picking accuracy across those multiple strings and add more texture to your playing.

Length: 9:59 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 6

Day 5: Adding Octaves

Lesson 6 is all about discovering how to move licks into higher and lower octaves. You'll be using the lick you learned in the previous lesson and moving it to different strings.

Length: 10:02 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 7

Day 6: Adding Complexity

Day 6 in the picking workout consists of making the most recent lick you learned more complex. You'll be adding new notes and incorporating hybrid picking.

Length: 9:50 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 8

Day 7: Sweep Technique

In the day 7 lesson, Prashant introduces you to what is commonly referred to as sweep picking. This technique allows for fast and efficient scale and arpeggio runs.

Length: 12:37 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 9

Day 8: Sweep and Slide

Day 8 you'll be continuing with the sweep technique while also adding longer phrases, octaves and slides.

Length: 8:05 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 10

Day 9: Motif Style Lick

In day 9 of your picking course, it's time to start thinking more about motifs. A motif is a repeating rhythmic phrase that can add power and intensity to your soloing.

Length: 9:28 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 11

Day 10: Hybrid Picking Revisited

In day 10 of your 30 day exercise program, it's time to once again take a look at hybrid picking. This time you'll be upping the complexity further by adding string skipping to your lick.

Length: 16:50 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 12

Day 11: Adding a Third Finger

Day 11 is all about adding to what you know with hybrid picking. Using a repeating progression, Preshant demonstrates how to add a third finger to this technique to help with both speed and accuracy.

Length: 8:09 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 13

Day 12: Furthering Hybrid Skill

Day 12 has yet another hybrid picking style lick to challenge you. This technique is a cornerstone of speed and accuracy and as a result is revisited at length.

Length: 11:37 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 14

Day 13: Alternate Picking Revisited

Over the past couple days you've seen how hybrid picking can help speed and accuracy. It's now time to get there using alternate picking.

Length: 12:59 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 15

Day 14: Adding Motifs

Day 14 is all about adding what Prashant calls "motivic lines." Taking the concept of a motif, you'll be looking at how to include that aspect into your lick without making it sound like you've specifically added it.

Length: 11:06 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 16

Day 15: Pattern Based Licks

Building off of the motifs you've been working on, it's time to start incorporating patterns as well. Preshant offers up another practice lick to push your picking further.

Length: 10:41 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 17

Day 16: How to Create Memorable Licks

Starting off the second half of your 30 day training, Prashant talks about how to create memorable licks using the techniques you've been learning.

Length: 9:13 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 18

Day 17: Putting it All Together

You're looking at a much longer lick this time that encompasses all of the ideas and techniques covered so far.

Length: 17:16 Difficulty: 3.0 Member Only
Lesson 19

Day 18: Arpeggios and Syncopation

Day 18 is all about arpeggios and syncopation. You'll be utilizing the picking techniques you've learned so far to navigate a deeper lick.

Length: 12:40 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 20

Day 19: Short Encompassing Lick

Just like in your day 17 lesson, day 19 is all about putting all the skills you've learned into a single lick. To make it a bit more difficult, this lick will be shorter and more packed with technique.

Length: 8:23 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 21

Day 20: Barring While Hybrid Picking

A new day brings new challenges. In your lick today, Prashant provides a barring exercise mixed with hybrid picking.

Length: 10:42 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 22

Day 21: Movable Barres

Day 21 is all about taking the barring techniques you've learned recently and transporting them around the neck. Prashant offers up a lick designed to help you with just that!

Length: 9:58 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 23

Day 22: Looped Pattern Lick

Using the barre technique you've been working on, Prashant offers up a daily lick that traverses the neck of the guitar and loops back onto itself.

Length: 12:15 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 24

Day 23: Short Isolated Lick

The next lick in your 30 day picking challenge is a short lick that is designed to get into and out of quickly.

Length: 9:45 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 25

Day 24: Linear Looping Lick

Day 24's lick is all about linear movement across the fretboard. You'll be utilizing all of the techniques you've learned so far, but instead of focusing around a pattern or box, you'll move straight across the fretboard and loop back.

Length: 9:14 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 26

Day 25: Sliding Arpeggios

Day 25 is all about increasing your fretboard knowledge. Using what Prashant dubs a sliding arpeggio lick, you'll be able to gain confidence with which notes you're after when you're soloing.

Length: 9:43 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 27

Day 26: Closing Lick Part 1

Starting on day 26, Prashant is going to be dividing up a monster lick to round out the last part of his 30 day picking program. In this first installment, use all of the techniques you've learned thus far on the opening ascending portion of this new monster lick!

Length: 7:03 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 28

Day 27: Closing Lick Part 2

Day number 27 is the descending portion of the multi-part lick that Prashant is teaching over the closing days of this 30 day program.

Length: 7:46 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 29

Day 28: Adding Turnarounds

In lesson 29, you're going to add some small turnarounds to the ascending and descending portions of the lick you're working on, then put those pieces together.

Length: 6:09 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 30

Day 29: Accompaniment Jam

Now that you've learned all the licks of the course and have added several different techniques to your left and right hand repertoire, it's time to put them all to use along with another guitarist. In lesson 30, you'll learn a short turn around lick to get you back to the 1 and then trade...

Length: 6:05 Difficulty: 3.5 Member Only
Lesson 31

Day 30: Advanced Accompaniment Jam

The final day of your Power Picking training is here. In day 29 you had an accompaniment Jam with Prashant. In today's lesson you'll be doing the same, but he challenges you to go deeper. Add in some 32nd note rhythms and start delving into creating your own motif's to add to the complexity...

Length: 10:26 Difficulty: 4.0 Member Only
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