Warm Up Techniques (Guitar Lesson)

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Chris Liepe

Warm Up Techniques

Chris Liepe introduces his Phase 2 Lesson Series with a lesson on warm-up routines. Here, he teaches ways to improve your speed and dexterity.

Taught by Chris Liepe in Warm Up Techniques seriesLength: 20:19Difficulty: 2.5 of 5

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Member Comments about this Lesson

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SaltfishrSaltfishr replied

Hey Chris great lesson! I'm 47 and just started learning guitar something I always wanted to do. Much of my practice time is spent on drills, exercises, and scales however sometimes my 5th finger literally locks up is this common in a new player? If so any idea how to fix?

menbolduc01menbolduc01 replied

I like this exercise im sure it will help a lot!

OnomatopoietikonOnomatopoietikon replied

What kind of pick is that?

zarcapzarcap replied

Good Exercise!

kievsdadkievsdad replied

It would be helpful if Chris used a guitar with fret markers.

cuscuccuscuc replied

that 3rd finger...

Attack24Attack24 replied

Great lesson

drancisdrancis replied

Difficult to follow. Tab would be helpful.

elvisboogenselvisboogens replied

I'm surprised at how effortlessly I can touch my palm with my pinky, but can barely get past the D string with my ring finger.

rod fultonrod fulton replied

Hey Chris- great exercises! Like how they keep the 4/4 feel. Question: After an 8 year break from gtr, (played drums) where do u think I should head in ur lesson set? I'm ADHD, & kinda bore easily. Got kinda "metaled out" on gtr years ago. Love the sound, but it gets old memorizing & writing power chord rhythms. The title track on Cowboys from H*** (rhythms only) was probably my peak playing level. I understand music theory inside & out, but can't apply it in real time. I have an acoustic, 5 electric gtrs, a bass, and an 8-piece. (Master of none-lol.) I want a more musical go at it this time, and would like to develop a style more like Puddle of Mud or Seether, & less like Metallica or Slayer. [Yes Lars, downloading is bad. So is preaching about it- LOL] Your opinion would be to start where? Thanx man.

cccattorneycccattorney replied

still doing it every single day, thanks

cccattorneycccattorney replied

Thanks so much I do this every single day. Thank you.

caseddoncaseddon replied

Hello Chris, What type of guitar are you playing? It sounds nice. Christiane

kilathaarkilathaar replied

It looks very similar to an Ibanez JS1000 (Joe Satriani signature model), not quite, but really close.

AllTubeAmpAllTubeAmp replied

that's what I thought it was lol

stewbacastewbaca replied

Chris, should I try to keep my thumb between my index and middle the entire time I a playing?

dieterleguitardieterleguitar replied

Thank you for this great finger yoga !

richard88richard88 replied

Very good stuff, thanks Chris

midlifemidlife replied

Wow! Alternate picking exerise at 100 BPM is humbling.

stringthingstringthing replied

Ring finger does not want to cooperate on the warm up where you bend each toward the palm. How should I proceed, do I help it with the other hand, cheat by moving the pinky also, or do the best I can, which is just barely moving it. Also, how long before I can accomplish this, weeks, months, years? Thanks

Chris.LiepeChris.Liepe replied

Move your ring finger as much as you can without moving the other fingers for now. You can also hold the pinky in place for awhile so you start to feel some of the tension in your left forearm, but don't move your pinky and ring finger together. This exercise is designed to gradually provide you with finger independence by slowly training the muscles. Don't get discouraged! If you are doing this consistently (every other day or so) you'll see improvement over the next few months.

stringthingstringthing replied

Thanks for the fast reply, things happen so slowly its sometimes hard to tell any progress, nice to know it just takes time, and that its not just me. A little encouragement goes a long way. Thanks again...

merischinomerischino replied

I find this lesson extremely helpful, and extra credit for providing .pdf and .gp5 versions of the supplemental content... makes for a no-hassle repetition of the lesson's exercises without having to watch the video again to remind yourself what to do...

halldavidrhalldavidr replied

The best supplemental content of any lesson so far! Thank you.

jessman25jessman25 replied

I am using a Korg TM-40 Metronome on the single string Legato technique. Since it is in 5/8 timing, Do I set the metronome on 1/8 notes or triplets...What do you suggest. I have difficulty with my timing due to yrs of bad/lazy habits so I am trying to improve. Thanks

Chris.LiepeChris.Liepe replied

just set your metronome to a constant 8th note pulse. then place the accents yourself.

gibstratgibstrat replied

thx again

AaronMillerAaronMiller replied

Can i shoot to touch the high E string rather than try to touch my palm with the first warmup? I am worried about the thin string slipping under my nails.

Chris.LiepeChris.Liepe replied

Yeah, that will still warm you up and stretch you out. Start with that and down the road you'll probably find you can work up to touching your hand.

ry_naylorry_naylor replied

A Petrucci Rock Discipline graduate! Sweet!

xchris92xxchris92x replied

Great lesson, my warm up exercises were starting to bore me.

Warm Up Techniques

Found in our Beginner Lesson Sets

Chris Liepe introduces his way to approaching new way to improve speed and dexterity. In this series you will learn ways to become faster while developing skill and accuracy.

Warm Up TechniquesLesson 1

Warm Up Techniques

Chris Liepe introduces his Phase 2 Lesson Series with a lesson on warm-up routines. Here, he teaches ways to improve your speed and dexterity.

Length: 20:19 Difficulty: 2.5 Members Only
Chris Liepe

About Chris Liepe View Full Biography Chris Liepe was born on September 17th, 1981 in Portland OR. His first instrument was piano which he pursued until discovering his love for the electric guitar in high school. He became fans of such groups as Soundgarden, Collective Soul and U2 inspiring him to start singing, songwriting and helping others in their musical endeavors with teaching, co-writing and album production.

Having moved to Colorado with his family, he began gigging, recording and teaching in a number of music stores as well as out of his apartment until deciding to pursue music full time. He moved to Denver, CO to complete a Bachelors in Music Technology and was then hired on by Sweetwater Productions, a division of Sweetwater Sound and one of the largest, most successful recording studios in the Midwest.

Chris spent nearly 4 years at Sweetwater as a producer, recording engineer, studio musician and writer. During this time he had the privilege of working with many artists including Augustana, Landon Pigg, Jars of Clay, and Mercy Me. He also wrote for and played on numerous independent albums and hundreds of radio/TV commercials.

Wanting to get back to his favorite State in the world (Colorado) and feeling the urge to 'go freelance', Chris moved to Greeley, CO and opened his own recording and teaching studio. He continues to write and produce music for artists and agencies and is happy to be among the proud JamPlay.com instructors.

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