How to Play Come As You Are by Nirvana (Guitar Lesson)

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Allen Van Wert

Come As You Are

Released in 1991 by American grunge band Nirvana, this song is still a staple on rock radio to this day and a must learn for many beginning guitarists.

Taught by Allen Van Wert in Songs With Allen seriesLength: 16:57Difficulty: 0.5 of 5

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Member Comments about this Lesson

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LSCalgaryLSCalgary replied


RickKala43RickKala43 replied

The part you said people always play wrong drives me crazy hahaha. I just can't seem to get that transition fluid.

shiroshiro replied

tab for that first power chord is wrong. should be xx2450, or if you want to add that low E, then 0x2450. Either way, I don't see most people being able to play something like 022450. That is a stretch and a half...

shiroshiro replied

tab for that first power chord is wrong. should be xx2450, or if you want to add that low E, then 0x2450. Either way, I don't see most people being able to play something like 022450. That is a stretch and a half...

shiroshiro replied

tab for that first power chord is wrong. should be xx2450, or if you want to add that low E, then 0x2450. Either way, I don't see most people being able to play something like 022450. That is a stretch and a half...

allen.vanwertallen.vanwert replied

I think I was doing it to fill in two guitar recordings at the same time. Not sure if I mentioned that in the video but I tend to do these things in most bands as the only guitarist.

bsvillelabsvillela replied

Hey, Allen! Can you please tell us the set up you are using in the guitar / amp etc.? Can't reproduce that sound properly... Thanks![email protected] replied

you teach very fast...hold on

jimmypaynejimmypayne replied

Is the tuning on the tab incorrect you say it is tuned a whole step down which would be DGCFAD and the tab shows DAFCGD

j woolnoughj woolnough replied

It is correct, the string numbers show 6th string as D, 5th string as G, and so on.

kcraigmasonkcraigmason replied

Nice lesson Allen. What pickups do you have in that tele?

levirayleviray replied

sweet guitar, is it a strat? cant quite tell

rexalotrexalot replied

Custom Fender Telecaster

echegollenechegollen replied

How the heck does he do the part right before the solo? It sounds so good but for some reason I can't replicate it!

allen.vanwertallen.vanwert replied

I am scratching the pick back and forth against the string really fast while sliding it gradually down the string

echegollenechegollen replied

I'm guessing you are picking the 6th, 5th, and 4th strings?

echegollenechegollen replied

I'm guessing you are picking the 6th, 5th, and 4th strings?

echegollenechegollen replied

Actually I think I just got it. I was trying to do the effect with the pic but I think he is doing it only with his knuckles going up and down. Does that make sense?

echegollenechegollen replied

Actually I think I just got it. I was trying to do the effect with the pic but I think he is doing it only with his knuckles going up and down. Does that make sense?

echegollenechegollen replied

How the heck does he do the part right before the solo? It sounds so good but for some reason I can't replicate it!

allen.vanwertallen.vanwert replied

pick scrape on side of pick like a strum

WIZARD1325WIZARD1325 replied

I don't get this lesson then again maybe I need to go back to the beginner section

allen.vanwertallen.vanwert replied

Take your time and go through all of the lessons you need to get to where you want to be.

shunshun replied

How about Aqoustic

allen.vanwertallen.vanwert replied

how about acoustic...?

echegollenechegollen replied

What does it mean when the notes are in parenthesis ? (0)

allen.vanwertallen.vanwert replied

Probably ghost notes.. they are quieter but slightly there.. like when you strum a chord and only lightly catch one of the strings or it simply resonates from being fretted but not struck when the other strings vibrate.

shunshun replied

He say 2 guitars which I find strange cause there only 3 people in the band 1 bassist 1 guitarist/vocal 1 drummer

supaflysupafly replied

in the studio they often record multiple guitars even if there is only one guitarist. they can be different parts completely, or the same part but panned differently to make the song sound "big".

SodaPopSodaPop replied

Saw the song explained by Danny Gill, he also does a good version of it.

tesketeske replied

thanks for this lesson Allen it helped me to be a step closer to my goal

tesketeske replied

thanks for this lesson Allen it helped me to be a step closer to my goal

meganmegan replied

Now that I have turned my attention to my electric guitar, I have to start to pick up on all this amp, pedals, effects, gear stuff - so I was pleased that Allen gave instructions on how to get the right sound. Fortunately I have a little practice amp that 'models' other ones and comes with a set of effects - so I was able to turn on the chorus. My daughter and I both said " ooh, that does sound better now." That was a thrill.

donnie1967donnie1967 replied

And get ready to spend money, money, money! :-)

mattbrownmattbrown replied

It sounds like a flanger to me on the recording. I could be wrong though...Chorus and flanger are very similar effects though, so either will get you close to the tone you're looking for.

allen.vanwertallen.vanwert replied

Rotary with chorus.

meganmegan replied

Thanks. I'll take our chat as incentive to explore - I have delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, tremolo, plus the ability to mix some of them together. No wah. hmm I'll have to get a wah pedal.

allen.vanwertallen.vanwert replied

Tremolo is very similar to rotary and should work out the same way except it is usually volume altering instead of panning. Use that and chorus and it should be close to this with the proper settings of depth and speed.

meganmegan replied

Well, something like this?

allen.vanwertallen.vanwert replied

Yeah, a univibe may do the trick some.

donnie1967donnie1967 replied

I remember when this record hit the airwaves in the fall of 1991. It changed everything, and I think I listened to Nevermind for a year straight without listening to anything else.

jburdjburd replied

"You don't want a change like that...that SUUUUCCCKKKS" hilarious LOL

ikerrrikerrr replied

man do i feel out of sorts,seems like the notes on the tab page are a little off whats there are [dafcgd] i got [dacead]

dmb2574dmb2574 replied

Thanks for the great lesson, you present songs very accurately and in a way that is easy to follow. Hopefully you do some more lessons in the future on songs that aren't as daunting as the songs you typically do so I can make use of more of them. Thanks again.

fumblefumble replied

voice and instruction are audible but I can barely hear the guitar with speakers and content turned up to max. had to quit lesson due to not being able to hear it

kevinacekevinace replied

Great for me also.

AaronMillerAaronMiller replied

This appears to be a technical issue on your end. I tested the file in mono and reversed the phase and it is clearly audible on my machine. Is it only this video that you are having problems with?

jboothjbooth replied

Odd, it sounds perfect for me.

brokendreamerbrokendreamer replied

weird that they removed some of the other nirvana song lessons but allow this one? I guess not all of their songs are owned by the same company?

jboothjbooth replied

Nope they aren't! Really if I recall the issue is one company owns 5% of some songs and they can block the whole process. This licensing stuff is really a huge, huge mess.

jj90jj90 replied

Nice lesson Allen, been playing it wrong for all that time, nice big fat E power chord! This song was one of my first to learn on guitar, really easy. Now with you teaching people can't go wrong :-) Will there be TABS/supplemental content?

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Allen Van Wert

About Allen Van Wert View Full Biography Allen Van Wert got the nickname "ROBOT" from his unusual guitar tapping techniques that often sound like a video game more than a guitar. He has studied and played a wide variety of genres. His experimental and eclectic amalgamation of music combining shred guitar, crazy tapping techniques, and electronically infused composition contrasted by a highly emotional soft melodic side, make his debut album a really fun and interesting listen for just about anyone.

Allen has recorded guitar for the famed video game soundtrack composer Jesper Kyd (Composer of Hitman, Splinter Cell and many other big title games) as well as composing and recording for movie trailers and TV commercials. He has also been producing, recording and co-writing for local artists in his small home/project studio.

His three books on guitar technique, ear training and songwriting have helped many students over the past couple of years. Allen has also played in various cover bands in many genres since the age of 16 and has played to over 5000 on a few occasions. He was a featured guest musician on the album "West Coast Shred Fest".

In his spare time, Allen programs video games for fun. Wooo!

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Greg J.

"With Jamplay I can fit in a random session when I have time and I can go at my own pace"

I'm a fifty eight year old newbie who owns a guitar which has been sitting untouched in a corner for about seven years now. Last weekend I got inspired to pick it up and finally learn how to play after watching an amazing Spanish guitarist on TV. So, here I am. I'm starting at the beginning with Steve Eulberg and I couldn't be happier (except for the sore fingers :) Some day I'm going to play like Steve! I'm self employed with a hectic schedule. With Jamplay I can fit in a random session when I have time and I can go at my own pace, rewinding and replaying the videos until I get it. This is a very enjoyable diversion from my work yet I still feel like I'm accomplishing something worthwhile. Thanks a lot, Greg


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