How to Play House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals (Guitar Lesson)

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Brad Lindsey

House Of The Rising Sun

Brad Lindsey teaches you how to play "House of the Rising Sun." He also explains the song's structure.

Taught by Brad Lindsey in Songs with Brad Lindsey seriesLength: 9:09Difficulty: 1.0 of 5
Chapter 1: (9:14) House of the Rising Sun This guitar lesson is for House of the Rising Sun. Below you will find the basic tablature you will need to master this beautiful song. For more tablature and chord charts, please click the "supplemental content" tab above.

Intro Section


Verse Part 1


Verse Part 2


Video Subtitles / Captions


Member Comments about this Lesson

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freefly8freefly8 replied

I like this frills and straight forward. It gets the point across and would be easy to teach this to someone starting out. Thanks

roobarbroobarb replied

Thanks Brad, as said before, nice lesson!

KeziapurrsKeziapurrs replied

Tablature is slightly different from video. On Tablature we play F, whereas on video Brad plays Fmajor7. On tablature we play E7, but on video Brad plays E. I like the video version better than the tab. I'll just print the tab and hand write the changes.

danonwheelsdanonwheels replied

Thanks Brad cool song

drapolonskydrapolonsky replied

Enter your comment here.

drapolonskydrapolonsky replied

Thanks, good lesson/teaching.

guitarpretenderguitarpretender replied

Thanks Brad, enjoyed this lesson.

dan52dan52 replied

My first song. Thanks Brad

drdieseldrdiesel replied

enjoyed the teaching thanks

kenwishkenwish replied

great lesson easy to follow ,but you strum the am cord different than you say. you actually left your index figure why i s that ?

stratrat8758stratrat8758 replied

A lesson done to perfection. Easy to understand, a great song to start with. Thanks Brad.

Roxanne HallRoxanne Hall replied

Never realized how easy this song really was! Great visuals and a good lessons

whouserwhouser replied

Perfect lesson for a beginner. Thanks

jokergrinjokergrin replied

Simply excellent. Thank you Brad.

WIZARD1325WIZARD1325 replied

you strumed your AM differently than taught

pierpier replied

GReat lesson. Wish all the jam play instructors would use visuals.

ggcastggcast replied

Super beginner lesson. Keep em comin!!

SteveP1961SteveP1961 replied

Thank You for putting the picking for this song! Great Lesson, Classic Song

rivalrival replied

House of the rising sun - the Animals Am C D F Am C E E Am C D F There is a house in New Orleans, Am C E E They call the Rising Sun Am C D F And It's been the ruin of many a poor boy Am E Am C D F Am E Am E And God, I know, I'm one Am C D F My mother was a tailor She sewed my new blue jeans My father was a gambling man Down in New Orleans And the only things a gambler needs Is a suitcase and a trunk And the only time he's satisfied Is when he's all a-drunk I've got one foot on the platform The other foot on the train I'm going back to New Orleans To wear the ball and chain So mothers, tell your children Not to do what I have done Spend your life in sin and misery In the house of the Rising Sun Repeat First Verse

rivalrival replied

Is there full arrangement of this song anywhere? I listen to the actual song and it seems they play a slightly different progression.

fire dragonfire dragon replied

MR Brad !! It doesn't get any easier than that !! Good one !! Learned the song in 15 minutes , very cool !! Mahalo from Maui !! Again you Rock !!

jgrazianojgraziano replied

nice - very easy start

jgrazianojgraziano replied

nice - very easy start

argieargie replied

This was a great lesson for beginners! I have been finger picking on my acoustic and my electric. It's alot easier on my electric with a pick, but I am going to practice until I get it clean on my acoustic! Thanks

gemrocksgemrocks replied

Hi Great lesson.I am confidentwith the chords and the upward strumming. But I can't quite see the downward strumming. Which strings are strummed downwards for each chord. Im a beginner please help then ill have my first song in the bag :).

gemrocksgemrocks replied

Hey I can do it !!!

gemrocksgemrocks replied

Enter your comment here.

kevinjwkevinjw replied

Thanks for the great lesson, need more easy songs for those of us just starting out. Keeps us inspired. Cheers

cb golfcb golf replied

not a level 3 lesson. no lead? come on show us some lead

bigbaybigbay replied

how do you print out the song with the cords?

bigbaybigbay replied

cords and words and notes???

noelpnoelp replied

Yea i would like these too.

noelpnoelp replied

Do you provide the lyrics for house of the rising sun anywhere on your site?

light and magiclight and magic replied

A fun golden oldie from my guitar books of over 20 years ago. Pretty easy to play along with Brad's instructions, but a whole different story when I try to play along with the actual Animals song. I have to keep working on my picking speed there, but fun it is no matter what :)

jasonconfusedjasonconfused replied

Good lesson but all the delay confuses me when I'm trying to listen to how you play it.

tachinidtachinid replied

Thanks took awhile, but I nailed it finally.

ron88ron88 replied

great lesson,I wish I could see both your fingers on the frets AND the strummin g parts on one screen

jeroenvanderputjeroenvanderput replied

Hey Brad, thanks for the lesson. I enjoyed this one. As I got inspired I made a video of me playing my own version of House of the Rising Sun. Hope you like it!!

darklife666darklife666 replied


kmattkmatt replied

Keep up with some basic songs for us beginners.....Gives hope for the future!!!!!! It makes it more fun to learn basic chords this wa also.

barry12barry12 replied


put a lid on itput a lid on it replied

Thanks for the wonderful lesson, Mr. Lindsey, you taught it very well. I grasped it quickly as the chords were mentioned. I've been looking for tabs to this song, but hadn't found any that matched it correctly until I came across this lesson. Thanks a lot. :)

lilbikerlilbiker replied

Great lesson, my only complaint is the reverb in the guitar. It would nice to be able to hear it with clean notes. The animals play it cleanly. But I did enjoy the lesson and the F maj 7 is easier than a straight F chord and sounds just as good. I have a hard time with that one chord change but not anymore.

Nick1515Nick1515 replied

I wish they also played it in acoustic, I know the original was electric, but .... the reverb was kind of hard too. The board with info in the back ground was only showing halfway. other than that, nice job, especially on the dual hands showing how to play. Thank you

humkush666humkush666 replied

53 year old beginner, I like the way lesson was done made it very easy to play, this will be my first song and I'm really enjoying jam play. GREAT SITE and the assortment of teachers, was linked here by Justin guitar, I have learned a lot from him free so I trust him and Im very glad I did ! thanks

montanadanmontanadan replied

Great job Brad. You made it very easy and great teaching format. How about some more tunes?

weinerweiner replied

Brad I"m an old beginner and have tried this one before with little luck. Your session showed how simple it is. Great job.

guitarcaughtfireguitarcaughtfire replied

awsome lesson

paulmccherrypaulmccherry replied

hey brad, great lesson, can you show us what you do with that little thing on the A minor you do ? Also can you add another chapter with the strumming part of this song. Im a beginner and this is my first song, I would really like to get it right in full.

matejmatej replied

As said before, nice lesson!

kovachkovach replied

Nice song, easy to learn!

curbanycurbany replied

Where is the rest of the lesson? With the strumming?

Donald_RoseDonald_Rose replied

Nice lesson, very well explained.

rodwhitney49rodwhitney49 replied

Easy to follow lesson. Thanks. But, Mr. Lidsey does not pick every chord three down and three up like he says. And, he adds something on the A minor chord with his first finger. Can someone point out what he is doing differently so I can play it the same way. Thanks.

shiroshiro replied

u can look at the tab.

maxus72maxus72 replied

Looks like just a simple pull off/hammer on with the first finger to me

jusromnjusromn replied

Thanks for rthe lesson. I used to play at this but back then (mid 60's) we had no internet and I couldn't read music. So, now I have it mastered, thanks

tonehoundtonehound replied

Great lesson. I could kind of play this before, but this really fleshed it out. Generally, it would be great if lyrics could be posted on the tab. This would make it easier to get the feel of chord changes along with lyrical changes. Thanks for the lesson!

conanjconanj replied

i liked the lesson however when he switches to the D and F7 he needs to show his right hand technique is he just playing string 1 thru 4?

seedevilseedevil replied

people who are complaining about him not showing all the movements, fingerings...that's what the tab is for. check under supplemental content. there's no way he could slow down this already easy song. nice lesson Brad!

cannibalcorpse524cannibalcorpse524 replied

great lesson!this is the first song i have learned on my electric guitar :)

plutoskiplutoski replied

I love this song and so does my dad. Now I can play it for him. Thank you!

selfrobselfrob replied

Thanks for the lesson. I enjoyed learining it.

levick11levick11 replied

The tempo listed on the tab is way too slow.

luke420187luke420187 replied

Cool, I just wish the strumming rhythm was better illustrated. I don't think the pattern is mentioned in the whole lesson.

umbertoneumbertone replied

Wonderful lesson!!! I enjoyed it!!! Thank you Brad!!! Can you teach us some Beatles, Eagles, CCR, and Queen songs? You're Ggggreat!

pjhubikpjhubik replied

Good job!!! A great song for a 46 year old beginner such as myself. Thanks

bahumutxbahumutx replied

Great lesson. This is the first song that I am learning and this lesson is right on!!!

jasondjasond replied

What an excellent lesson! As a beginner, this is really right-on for me. Thanks!

avienteaviente replied

Good lesson and easy to follow; can you also post the music with chord progression instead of tabs? I don't read tabs.

evefogartyevefogarty replied

Excellent lesson! Easy to follow and so great sounding!

flyrerflyrer replied

Nice, very well explained.

mozza1mozza1 replied

Fantastic! It's a great lesson. More please!

arlentarlent replied

Awesome lesson Brad, a classic song and you teach it so well!

aleshaalesha replied

Nice to see you, Brad! Tnanks for really good lesson! I've started searching for lyrics... :))

mav67mav67 replied

I have them if you still want them Alesha.

igoreigore replied

hey, great lesson.. and your guitar has such a nice sound to it, what type is it? fender squire?

jboothjbooth replied

Hey, I believe it is a Fender :)

mav67mav67 replied

Nice Start, cool lesson, may there be many more to come.

cheesebombcheesebomb replied

Cool intro lesson! good lesson.

kevinacekevinace replied

Great lesson...welcome to JamPlay!

Jim.DeemingJim.Deeming replied

Nice job Brad!

gerrygerry replied

Very cool Mr. Lindsey ! thats the kind of lesson i like.... i am 56 (beginner)you Sorry for my english writing i'm french speaking from Canada , thanks. Oh by the way i also love SRV, bye...

nessanessa replied

Hooray! It's Friday! A great way to end the week, I'd say :)

nessanessa replied

Welcome, Mr. Lindsey (Brad #2) Good lesson :)

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Brad Lindsey

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Brad Lindsey started his musical career in grade school during the early 60's. His first instrument of choice was the trumpet. He learned to read sheet music and other basic music principals early on which helped greatly in the future.

One night when Brad was still young he had a dream where someone handed him a beautiful electric guitar and instructed him to "play something." In the dream he took the guitar and began playing and the most wonderful music came out. At the time Brad thought this dream was strange as he didn't know how to play the guitar or even own one. He didn't even have any friends who played! This would prove to be the start of a very fruitful career as a professional guitarist.

In 1965 Brad and his family moved to beautiful Loveland Colorado. At this time his band teacher move him to playing the French horn, and he continued with that for a few years. Even though it wasn't the guitar, it kept him on his musical journey.

In 1968 Brad finally began getting involved with the guitar crowd and met friends who were already into the instrument. This was so exciting to Brad that he went to Woolworth's and bought his first guitar. He chose one that looked just like the one in his dream.

Brad found some old guitar books and began learning chords and other basics, and after only one year began getting quite proficient on his instrument. He kept practicing the guitar, but one instrument simply wasn't enough for him.

Brad's Dad owned a theater which had an old piano by the stage. Brad's new after school hobby became visiting the theater and using his knowledge of guitar chords and music theory to learn the piano. Before long Brad was playing some of his favorite Beetles songs.

From there Brad moved to Denver in 1971 and kept practicing. By 1980 Brad was playing in bands around Denver. Sometimes rock and roll and sometimes country.

Brad went on the road touring for two and a half years around 1990, and while never hitting the big time he made many friends and had a great time along the way. Brad currently resides in Loveland Colorado and tours the area playing the guitar, piano and more.

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I am 66 years young and I still got it! I would have never known this if it had not been for Jamplay! I feel like a 12 year old kid with a new guitar! Ha! I cannot express enough how great you're website is! It is for beginners and advanced pickers! I am an advanced picker and thought I had lost it but thanks to you all, I found it again! Even though I only play by ear, I have been a member a whopping whole two weeks now and have already got Brent's country shuffle and country blues down and of course with embellishments. Thank you all for your wonderful program!

Greg J.

"With Jamplay I can fit in a random session when I have time and I can go at my own pace"

I'm a fifty eight year old newbie who owns a guitar which has been sitting untouched in a corner for about seven years now. Last weekend I got inspired to pick it up and finally learn how to play after watching an amazing Spanish guitarist on TV. So, here I am. I'm starting at the beginning with Steve Eulberg and I couldn't be happier (except for the sore fingers :) Some day I'm going to play like Steve! I'm self employed with a hectic schedule. With Jamplay I can fit in a random session when I have time and I can go at my own pace, rewinding and replaying the videos until I get it. This is a very enjoyable diversion from my work yet I still feel like I'm accomplishing something worthwhile. Thanks a lot, Greg


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