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Fingerstyle & Americana

A collection of resources for acoustic aficionados

Grab your acoustic and lose yourself with this collection of Fingerstyle, Folk and Americana lessons, licks, and JamTracks. With nearly 60 lessons ranging from picking patterns and tunings to licks, you are sure to find plenty to sink your teeth into. With the included 35 JamTracks, you will skip the boring practice and start making music immediately as you learn and grow your musical vocabulary and build skill.

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58 Lessons

58 lessons in 5 seperate packs, with full supplemental material.

35 JamTracks

35 custom play along tracks are included for effective practice.

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All lessons are filmed in 4k with 7 cameras and delivered in 1080p.

Core Topics

Guided practice for the core techniques for developing guitarists.

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This Toolkit Contains the Following:

Thumb Independence Patterns

Complete Course: New for 2020

Build fingerstyle dexterity and pattern vocabulary in a musical context.

Fingerstyle is one of the most rewarding ways to play your guitar. It's also one of the hardest. In this pack, veteran fingerstlye player and teacher Jim Deeming put together a simplified method for building complex fingerstyle picking patterns by starting with the most important part: the thumb! In a streamlined and fun way, he provides exercises, examples and insights that will get your fingerpicking hand up to speed so you can play the songs you love.

12 Lessons

4k & 1080p



This pack is specifically designed to help you achieve thumb independence in the fingerstyle context. Start with basic thumb patterns, then build on them by adding chords and finger patterns.

Next, add more complex chords and melody while Jim shows you how to keep time. And finally, build those patterns into syncopated, complex sounds that you may recognize from some of your favorite songs.


Presented by Jim Deeming, we cover:
  • Learn how a fingerstyle pattern is built.
  • How to fit a pattern over different chords.
  • Internalize the feel of patterns for easier covers and arrangements.
  • Learn to build basic thumb patterns and add them to finger patterns.
  • Build to complex syncopated patterns used in many popular songs.
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Applied Fingerstyle Harmonics

Complete Course: New for 2020

Learning the location and relationships of harmonics covering the full fretboard

Join Justin Roth for a deep dive into the world of harmonics as it applies to fingerstyle and folk guitar. Learn how harmonics can be applied over chords using open string notes and exotic harmonic locations on the guitar. Starting with the natural harmonics, then moving on to articifial, and cascading variations - Justin will teach you the intervals and relationships of of these different types of harmonics as well as the techniques needed to articulate them cleanly.

17 Lessons

4k & 1080p



This course is designed to start with the most common open string harmonics and work through more obscure harmonic locations.

You will learn how to articulate each of them, and how they are related to other harmonics, chords, and strings. Then you will learn how to incorporate what you've earned into fluid chordal progressions to add color and flare to your playing.


Presented by Justin Roth, we cover:
  • Deep dive into fingerstyle/folk harmonics
  • Learn the locations of common and more obsucure harmonic notes
  • Learn fundamental mechanical skills required to articulate clean harmonics
  • Understand the relations of harmonic locations and why they occur where they do
  • Create interesting alternates of known chords and scales utilizing harmonics
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Folk & Americana Grooves

2020 Lick Pack

Explore licks, riffs and rhythms inherent to the Americana and Folk genre.

William Roberts offers up vocabulary in the fork of a lick pack based on traditional Folk and Americana music of yesterday and today. This pack is groove oriented, so it focuses on the rhythmic aspects of the lciks and riffs provided. In it's 15 lessons, you will see vocabulary relating to the genre's specifically as well as vocabulary that helps create the genre, like placing the melody in the top or bottom of the register as well as licks dedicated to specific techniques used in the style.

15 Lessons

4k & 1080p

15 JamTracks



If you are wantig to add repertoire and vocabulary from early american and folk music, look no further. This pack is full of specific vocabulary and technique based lick training aimed at getting you playing in a traditional americana and folk style.

This pack is perfect for the individual looking to expand on country and bluegrass playing they might already be adept at.


Presented by William Roberts, we cover:
  • Explore the early sounds of country music.
  • Explore classic waltz rhythms.
  • Learn techniques such as the claw hammer and Travis picking.
  • Explore musical and rhythmic tendancies for the Americana and Folk genres.
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Accessible Altered Tunings

Complete Course: New for 2020

Alternate tunings that unleash creativity on acoustic guitar.

Want to augment the sounds and arrangments you can get from a standard acoustic guitar? In this pack, Jim Deeming explores must-know alternate tunings and how to use them effectively. From new chord sounds to new melodic opportunities, alternate tunings are a great way to broaden your acoustic horizons.

14 Lessons

4k & 1080p



Jim Deeming teaches 3 alternate tunings that fundamentally expand the sound possibilities available on an acoustic guitar.

First, he looks at Drop D tuning, an easy tuning change that increases range at the low end. Then, he takes an in-depth look at Open G tuning which is great for singers and slide players alike. And finally, he builds upon that tuning with a look at DADGAD which creates many resonating possibilites at the top end of the instrument.


Presented by Jim Deeming, we cover:
  • Learn how to tune your guitar to Drop D, DADGAD, and Open G.
  • Learn tunings that many famous players use to this day.
  • Learn how you can play major chords with 1 finger.
  • Discover how to find new chord shapes in alternate tunings.
  • Break out of the box with new melodic possibilites.
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Americana Through the Ages

2020 JamTrack Pack

Develop a historical knowledge of the Americana guitar style.

These Americana JamTracks were recorded using a priceless collection of vintage and modern instruments, including several C. F. Martin guitars that were built in the late 1800’s. Performed and recorded by Grammy-nominated producer, songwriter and guitarist Joe Scott, these instruments speak with an authentic voice that lend an amazing air of inspiration to each track.

20 JamTracks

Stems Included



The story of American folk music is as rich and inspiring as the history of the nation itself. In this immersive 20-song JamTrack pack, we take you from the earliest folk songs of the 1800's all the way to modern day hit makers.

Learn many of the important feels, chords and progressions that make American roots music what it is today.


Presented by Alex Scott, we cover:
  • Inspired by iconic Americana music throughout history.
  • Recorded by Grammy-nominated musician in a pro studio.
  • Learn Americana music with real music.
  • For guitarists of all skill levels.
  • Features high-quality stems so you can customize and remix the tracks.
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Fingerstyle & Americana

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