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New & Exclusive Toolkits - Free!

7 New Toolkits for 2019 Free

Featuring over 35 new courses from various artists, our 2019 Toolkits have become a bit of a labor of love. Covering major topics for players of all ages and skill levels, we are confident these Toolkits will hold the answers to a wide array of common problems and pain points for the modern guitarist. Explore and enjoy!

Acoustic Guitarist

Acoustic Guitarist

Learn Shortcuts, Break Obstacles & Practice Effectively

Break through common obstacles, learn shortcuts, and take the guesswork out of practice with our new Acoustic Guitarist Toolkit. Multiple JamPlay artists offer their experiences with “ruts” and how to take the next step forward.

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Electric Guitarist

Electric Guitarist

Breakthrough Concepts for Better Playing and Tone

Noodling the same riffs, in the same key, with the same tone? We provide over 40 solutions to common roadblocks and how to solve the 3 most common issues facing guitarists.. I don’t know what to play. I don’t know what to practice. My tone sucks.

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Technique & Theory

Technique & Theory

Fretboard Knowledge Paired with Capable Technique

Regardless of your playing ability, a dedicated focus on sensible melody paired with capable technique is a recipe for success, and that idea is the genesis for our Technique and Theory Toolkit. Phrasing, vibrato, bends, and hammers are just a few of the topics we will cover.

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Chords & Grooves

Chords & Grooves

Mastering the Cornerstones of Acoustic Guitar

In its simplest form, the backbone of acoustic guitar is rhythm and progressions. Learn the foundational elements that can last a lifetime of playing; the most common rhythm forms, how to accent these grooves, and how to apply uncommon chord changes.

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Blues Guitarist

Blues Guitarist

A Tribute to the 12 Bars and Beyond

This Toolkit serves both the traditionalist bluesmen inspired by music from the 1930s-1960s, and the more contemporary bluesman aiming to modify and personalize this beloved tonality. Learn the foundation, the modifications, of the beloved 12 bar blues.

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Country Guitarist

Country Guitarist

A Detailed Exploration of Songs, Tone, and Chops

We pull apart this beloved genre in a sequenced, yet exploratory way by learning the “anatomy” of a country song, the guitar tone and instruments utilized, and the rhythms and licks used to create this heart-pumping style of music.

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Rock Guitarist

Rock Guitarist

Killer Tone, Useful Song Structure, Essential Riffs & Licks

We build the roadmap of the 5 cornerstones of rock music; creating killer tone, using common song structure, playing the essential riffs and licks, and finally putting these elements together to play like a real musician.

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But of course, all recent courses are awaiting with your Membership. This goes without mentioning our plans for 2019! Plenty of new artists, courses and features are in the pipeline.. and we look forward to having you onboard.

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