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Celebrate spring with new courses and offers from JamPlay! Enjoy up to $50 in savings with welcome bonuses for all memberships. Learn more about our newest course arrivals and major league spring promotions.

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Newest Arrivals for 2018

We are just getting started for 2018, and already introducing new artists and courses. Discover our newest releases, now available for members.

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Join the 500,000+ guitarists who have experienced JamPlay. Learn more about your membership, featuring an arsenal of teaching tools, 85 instructors and more.

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Take advantage of our best offer of 2018 with some major league bonuses. Up to $50 off with free packs provided with each option.. all free with your signup.

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Recent Releases & JamPlay Exclusives

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With 5 new additions to our internal staff, we are locked in loaded to make 2018 one of the best in company history. This starts now, with course additions and new artists added to our library. All courses are accessible with a full JamPlay Membership. Learn more about what's in store for this year.

New JamPlay Courses

Featuring 85 instructors spanning 20 different genres, we have spent the past 11 years building one of the largest resources of guitar content on the planet. Having serviced over 500,000 subscribers from over 220 countries, we are proud to be a worldwide leader in guitar education.

The JamPlay Platform

400+ Courses | World Class Artists | Teaching Tools

Founded in 2007, JamPlay quickly became one of the leading services for learning guitar. From our first days of shooting lessons in farm houses and bedrooms, we now produce around 10 hours of new guitar content every 30 days. We also broadcast Live Courses each week, and feature a full suite of teaching tools, JamTracks, educational libraries and more. Learn more about these features below.


Take a moment to meet a few members of our staff and learn more about our service. With an exclusive collection of courses and teaching tools spanning all genres and skill levels, we are proud to serve as leading provider of music education. The only thing missing... is you!

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On Demand Lessons

Beginner to advanced, heavy metal to country; we have the lessons you need to develop your playing. Our lessons are filmed in HD and stream to any mobile device or computer.

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Streaming Live Every Week

On Demand Lessons

We now offer weekly Live Courses up to 5 days a week with full archives available. All Courses are archived for later viewing, filmed in 4k and broadcasted in 1080p.

Master Courses

Learn from the World's Top Players

On Demand Lessons

With Aaron Marshall, Yvette Young, Mike Dawes and Phil Keaggy, there is no better time to lock in a full year and enjoy the pinacle of guitar education. More coming soon!

Teaching Tools

Resources, Libraries and Games

On Demand Lessons

Chord, Scale, Riff & Lick Libraries... JamTracks, Games, Tuners, Metronomes.. Access the tools you need to become a better player, all included free with membership.

Learn more about what we offer with Membership. With over 5,500 lessons from 85 professional guitar teachers, we can help anyone from the absolute beginner to seasoned professional.

A new year warrants fresh faces. Meet our newest staff members and production engineers!


Bradley Conway joins us as one badass customer relations manager, along with apparel, accessories and future product development.


Chris Perkins-Cook joins our video production team, along with studio management, set design and more. He's probably listening to Cynic.


Phil Broste joins our editing staff after leaving Hollywood. He worked on some of our favorite movies ("Zombieland"!). That's pretty epic.


Ethan Lindhout joins our marketing staff and social media outfit. This man is a ball of energy, and will soon be conquering promotions.


Royce Hoffner is way nicer than this photo suggests. Royce joins our creative and marketing staff, specializing in promotion and video.

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