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And this is just the start! This year is already shaping up to feature an awesome roster of new teachers, artists and revered musicians. Your JamPlay Membership gives you access to all lessons, from all teachers. Find our latest additions below.

Sarah Longfield

Level up your Tapping Technique

The Strandberg-wielding, polyrhythmic tapping technician herself is here to set the record straight and document her unique approach to guitar. A multi-instrumentalist from a young age, Sarah Longfield is now being praised for both her bombastic covers and dazzling original compositions. Her JamPlay exclusive course reveals her advanced techniques, how she creates and records her music and much more.

Andre Nieri

Fusing Brazilian Flare with Blues and Rock

From blending Flamenco phrases with rock leads, to Bossa-Nova infused Blues, Andre Nieri delivers a unique sound to match his unique story. Hailing from Brazil with degrees in Jazz and Brazilian Performance, his playing harmoniously fuses unique flavor with beautiful phrasing, tonality and timing. This JamPlay exclusive course covers the gamut of techniques and concepts to achieve this unique style.

Artur Menezes

Blues Guitarist & Gibson Player of the Year

Course Filmed

This course is scheduled to be released soon. Stay tuned for updates, pre-orders and course information.

Winner of the "Albert King Award" for Best Guitarist and 3rd at the International Blues Challenge 2018, Artur is an upcoming blues guitarist hailing from Los Angeles. In addition to performing the traditional blues with expertise and respect, he also plays modern blues, mixing with other styles. This course is currently on the editing floor, with release scheduled for early August.

Yvette Young

Break out with open tunings and creative fingerstyle

If you are interested in writing or learning music that is melodic, emotionally driven, and harmonically detailed, then this course is for you! Break out of the usual habits and go-to chord shapes you are familiar with, and get inspired by the world of open tunings. Yvette will introduce you to how they can be utilized in writing full-sounding, melodic music, along with dedicated lessons for various techniques and song-writing tips.

Mike Dawes

Fingerstyle mastery for all skill levels

Start your fingerstyle foray under the tutelage of a world-class player. Mike Dawes teaches you to go from a fingerstyle newbie to playing some of his most advanced compositions. This course applies to all skill levels.. from the beginner player starting to discover modern fingerstyle techniques, to the seasoned veteran looking to add more dynamic and versitility to their craft.

Aaron Marshall

Writing effective themes and motifs for instrumental guitar

From chord progressions and melodies, to rhythmic devices and riffs, Aaron will show us that modern guitar music revolves around thought-provoking song writing, written to stand strong for years to come. Learn how to curate elements of a compelling instrumental guitar piece, with an emphasis on effective themes and motifs.

Phil Keaggy

The history and legend of Mr. Phil Keaggy

Take the opportunity to explore a Master Course from one of the best musicians to grace the guitar. A JamPlay.com exclusive, this 46 lesson course will cover the songs, techniques, and styles that have defined the history of Phil Keaggy. With 45 years of touring and 70+ studio albums, Phil is one of the most admired guitarists in music.

Horace Bray

Jazz for the rest of us.

Course Filmed

This course is scheduled to be released soon. Stay tuned for updates, pre-orders and course information.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Horace is a Jazz player through and through. His first album, Dreamstate, garnered much acclaim and he has been touring and teaching professionally ever since. His new course teaches how to move beyond basic chords and create fresh ideas that resonate. Taking a hands on approach, the course features musical examples, practice videos, and deep explanations on the why, not just the how.

Tony MacAlpine

Signature Leads from Tony MacAlpine

Tony MacAlpine defines modern musical virtuosity. Fusing the elements of jazz, progressive rock, and classical music, Tony has proven that he truly is one of rock's most amazing and versatile musicians. From "Edge of Insanity to "Concrete Gardens", this exclusive Master Course will cover the 30 signature styles of Tony MacAlpine.

Prashant Aswani

The 15 Rules of Rock Guitar

This course features 15 rock songs that are exclusive to JamPlay. Each song will be broken down into rhythm and melody and then dissected in great depth. Beyond that, you will learn how to improvise over JamTracks, write creative melodies and solo sections, learn how to write riffs, and much more. This really is a comprehensive toolbox for instrumental rock players.

Dan Sugarman

Sugarman's Shredding Revolution

This course is all about discovering and creating ways to develop understanding of two-hand synchronization, one of the core foundations of clean playing. If you’ve ever felt like one of your hands seems to fall behind the other, or you tend to get ahead of yourself in one way or another, you are well aware of how frustrating this problem can be. But don't worry, we can fix it.

Calum Graham

Acoustic Artistry and Modern Fingerstyle

Award-winning Canadian fingerstyle guitarist Calum Graham aims to transform the average fingerstyle player into an artist. Using a modern approach to fingerstyle guitar, Calum teaches you techniques in the context of his own songs to get you on your way to composing your own beautiful fingerstyle songs.

Tyler Grant

Telecaster-Style Country Chops

Tyler Grant provides an in-depth look at the classic country genre from the perspective of the electric guitar. Throughout the lesson series, you will learn tips, tricks and vocabulary that embodies this genre as well as profiling the iconic guitarists that helped shape it's signature sound.

Dave Isaacs

The Style of the Grateful Dead

Nashville guitarist and teacher, Dave Issacs, breaks down the fundamentals that made The Grateful Dead so powerful. From in depth improvising techniques, adding Jazz to the Blues, learning Pentatonic flavors, to finding melody in chords, you will learn the secrets that Garcia and Weir used to move millions of people with their guitar playing. Dave goes over different Melody, Rhythm, and Harmony concepts that will give you all the tools and techniques necessary to follow in the footsteps of the masters.

Andy Wood

Blues, Bluegrass and Rock Guitar

Course Filmed

This course is scheduled to be released soon. Stay tuned for updates, pre-orders and course information.

Seasoned mandolinist and upcoming musician Andy Wood joins us for an exclusive course covering the blues, bluegrass and rock styles. Winner of Guitarmaggedon at the age of 22, Andy has shared the stage with prominent acts such as Rascal Flatts, Sebastian Bach and many more. We are excited to welcome Andy as our newest JamPlay artist.

John Shannon

Rock Rhythm Guitar Essentials

Rock guitarist John Shannon takes you on a journey to improve your rhythm playing. Effecting all facets of rock playing, rhythm is the foundation of quality playing. Learn to rock hard, efficient and not get stuck at one tempo.

Michael Palmisano

Finding Your Voice: Improvisation

Join GIT graduate and professional guitar player, Michael Palmisano as he explores his personal approach to improvising on guitar. Relying heavily on his loop pedal, Michael walks through the theory and mindset that goes into playing over chord progressions and crafting beautiful melodies and solos. This is a very hands on course!

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