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Common Questions & Answers

All Courses Included with your Membership

We have assembled the most common customer support inquiries over the past few days and assembled them for you! Please feel free to browse below, and if you need additional help, please don't hesitate to call us 877-999-4526 or email us at [email protected]

What are Bundles?

Our 2018 Bundles are downloadable content packs, which focus on a particular genre or skillset. Each Bundle contains around 75 to 100 items (video courses, guided practice, audio JamTracks, etc). Bundles are free with signup during our Summer Sale. You own the content for life, and can download it to your computer or device. All Bundles were created exclusively for 2018, with the intention of solving common trouble spots and pain-points for aspiring guitarists.

Essential Bundles

Created for the struggling beginner to intermediate player to fill in gaps in their knowledge, and make a tangible step forward in their playing. These contain 4 seperate courses (video-based), and 1 JamTrack Pack for beginning to make music against a live band. Intimidating right? No! These Bundles were created as an entry-level primer with ease-of-use as the primary motivation.

Practice Bundles

Created for the "wandering" guitarist who struggles to find the discipline or time to work on common pain points. These include things such as Barre Chords, Picking, Rhythm, Timing and much much more. These are meant as play-along videos. Think of an exercise program for guitar. You follow the teacher step by step and do each exercise alongside your teacher.

Genre Bundles

Created for beginner to intermediate players who want to focus on a particular genre. Each Bundle contains brand new JamTrack Packs and Lick Packs for 2018, aimed at refining your lead play and pushing your creativity, phrasing, and musicality. For 2018, all JamTrack Packs were recorded by live musicians, and now included Guide Tracks and full Stems for creating your own mix! Seperate files are provided for Bass, Rhythm Guitar, and the entire Drum Kit.

Are the Bundles new?

All content, lessons, and JamTracks in our 2018 Bundles are 100% brand new for 2018. In total, there are 675 downloadable items available, (135) course videos, (200) practice pack videos, (260) JamTracks, and (80) Lick Videos. All told... it took our staff over 1,200 man hours to assemble these!

How do Bundles tie in with Membership?

By purchasing a One Year Membership during our Summer Sale, you can select whichever Bundles you prefer and keep them for life. Just an awesome, free resource as our welcoming gift for you! These will never expire, and you will receive Lifetime Access to your selected Bundles.

Can I purchase Bundles separately?

Not yet. Bundles are only available with purchase of a One Year Membership during our Summer Event. We do intend on releasing them in the future for a price of $99.95 per Bundle.

Common Account Questions

Find your answers to common JamPlay Account questions. If you need further help, don't hesitate to call us at 1-877-999-4JAM.

How many lessons can I watch?

You can watch as many as you can handle! As of today, we offer you over 5,600 lessons from 85 teachers, covering over 300 topics. This is a library built over 11 years, featuring some of the best artists and instructors on the planet. There are no charges for watching a lesson multiple times, and all lessons are included with your membership.

What if I miss a Live Course?

All Live Courses are saved and archived for later viewing. You will be able to access them anytime you wish. Additionally, all Live Course Lessons come with "Guided Practice".. which is a downloadable, playalong video to use while you work on the material.

Are Master Courses included?

Yes sir! Your membership includes all lessons, from all teachers since the day we founded JamPlay (over 10 years ago). This includes all song lessons, artist series lessons, live courses and more.

Guitar Lessons and Bass Lessons?

Yes! We provide lessons for both guitar and bass. You are currently viewing our Guitar Membership subscription enrollment. You can learn more about our bass lessons here, and signup for bass lessons here.

What comes with a lesson?

Each lesson we offer streams in a variety of qualities (from 360p all the way to 1080p and 4k for newer lessons), and comes with full lesson supplemental material (tabs, chord charts, backing tracks where necessary). Additionally, our lesson player offers the following features: (1) Slow Motion Replay, (2) A/B Looping, (3) Video Bookmarks to Save Position and (4) Automatic Progress Tracking.

Can I contact a teacher with a question?

Absolutely, there are multiple ways to interact with our teachers. First, we have Live, Interactive Q&A every day with full interactive chat and webcam-to-webcam capabilities. Next, we have Live Courses just about every week, which allows for full interaction. And finally, you can ask a teacher a question about any lesson at JamPlay and get a response! All of these are 100% free, and included with your membership.

Explain this Money Back "Guarantee".

We provide a no questions asked, hassle free refund within 30 days of your signup. If you don't enjoy our service, then we don't want your money. Just call or email us and we will process your request.

Do I get everything with Membership?

A JamPlay.com subscription gives you access to every lesson we have published, all live courses, teaching tools and libraries. There are no additional charges for watching any lesson multiple times, or accessing any feature. It's all included with membership!

Are Apps an extra charge?

No. The apps will allow you to login to your JamPlay Membership and view all the lessons we have to offer while on the go. The apps are free to download, but you need a paid, active JamPlay membership to view our lessons. We support all mobile technologies on JamPlay.com via a web browser. Our lessons are also equipped to stream to your media devices, including Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Internet Ready TVs.

JamPlay iPhone App

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Membership Questions

Find your answers to common questions about a JamPlay Membership. If you need further help, don't hesitate to call us at 1-877-999-4JAM.

Explain the 3 Summer Memberships?

This Summer we have 3 offers for our Yearly Membership. Each Membership includes the standard 1 Year Membership, but feature different add-ons and Bundle options.

Year Standard

$338.40 in value.

  • Year Membership (Normally $159.95)
  • Select 1 Free Bundle ($99.95 Value)
Now $109.95

Year Plus

$554.40 in value.

  • Year Membership (Normally $159.95)
  • Select 3 Free Bundles ($299.85 Value)
  • 5 Ownership Credits ($15.00 Value)
Now $149.95

Year Pro

$1,093.40 in value.

  • Year Membership (Normally $159.95)
  • Receive All 7 Bundles ($699.65 Value)
  • 25 Ownership Credits ($75.00 Value)
  • 1-on-1 Consultation ($60.00 Value)
  • JamPlay T-Shirt ($20.00 Value)
Now $199.95

What's the 1-on-1 Consultation?

You give us a time and a communication medium (skype, phone, email, facebook live, or anything you use), and we will provide a teacher and an open ear. You name the topic, and you get the help you need. Get the 1-to-1 assistance you need to further your guitar journey. Exclusive to JamPlay Pro, this furthers the gap between "internet" guitar lessons and... JamPlay.com.

What are ownership credits?

These allow you download and own any lessons of your choosing. You own the lessons for life, and will always be able to either download them, or access them on the web. A JamPlay Membership is not required to access your lessons. Take your lessons on the plane, on the beach, or anywhere data restrictions can become a problem.

Can I call to join instead?

Absolutely! You can call us anytime between 9am and 6pm (MST in beautiful Colorado) by calling 1-877-999-4JAM.

Can I read unbiased reviews?

We encourage you to do your research about our company. Read our Better Business Bureau profile, or our TrustPilot 3rd Party Reviews anytime... even the complaints... which we listen to more than the praise. We have worked tirelessly for 10 years to build and maintain strong relationships with all customers.

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