3 Day Live Course with Emil Werstler

9 Sessions - Friday through Sunday - Archives Available

Starts this Friday and features 9 sessions throughout the weekend. Veteran guitarist Emil Werstler breaks you out of common pitfalls of Rock Guitar with this weekend crash course. Learn more about this course below.

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If you don't know Emil Werstler just yet, watch a few of the videos below and introduce yourself to one of the finest young guitar players out there. Emil is a thoughtful, intriguing guitarist who can change how you think about the instrument. This course covers everything from breaking out of power chords, to interchanging ideas for licks and leads.

Watch - Paul Reed Smith talks Emil

Watch - Sweetwater Minute

Watch - Moore Music Clinic with PRS

"Dura Mater" - Lick & Song

The terrifying opening lick. Pick snap is crazy!

The blistering solo (starts at 1:24)

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About our Live Courses

We have upgraded, revamped, and organized in-studio, live weekly workshops broadcasted in 1080p. These focused, task-based workshops include full tablature, interactivity with the instruction, and even homework each week. We are bringing live, educational instruction into the next generation with this platform.

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In 2016, we completely re-engineered our recording studio with top of the line gear, including a full suite of 4k cameras complimented by a new audio outfit. The result is beautiful live streams to your computer, in qualities as high as 1080p!

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Each live course is supplemented with full tablature, music notation, and even backing tracks. Our live lessons are focused, planned, and even give you homework options on how to improve and look forward to the following week.

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Our live platform has been a major focus over the past 18 months, and we are very excited to fully unleash it's capability! Attend any of these courses with a full JamPlay subscription and get the benefit of full interaction with our instructors in a focused, planned course. We even have the ability to field your questions with live video call in!

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Full Course Schedule

View the full course schedule below. And of course, we keep everything, so if you miss a week you can always watch our archive of live courses. Tabs, backing tracks, and a full course PDF are provided for students, along with homework for each week! Interact with other students along with the instructor and get the instruction you need to advance your playing.

Date Topic

Session 1

9/23/16 at 12pm EST Get Access

Advanced Rock Warm Up

Taking on a lot of new material is not the easiest. Music is a language, so the following examples should be seen as the small ingredients that can build a bigger picture. Think of it as learning to say words that can eventually build paragraphs. The focus of this segment is repetition and endurance.

Session 2

9/23/16 at 4pm EST Get Access

Build Your Progression Bank

Being comfortable while playing can be closely related to being prepared or at least familiar with what you are playing over. Progressions can provide you with a sense of momentum in knowing what's coming up around the corner. For the listener, progressions can provide familiarity since they exist in every genre of music. We will be using the progressions throughout the live event

Session 3

9/23/16 at 7pm EST Get Access

Spice Up Power Chords

If you ever want an alternative to power chords, you can utilize the lower triads to create a more harmonically full sound. Here we will explore the basic triads and how they can expand on the basic power chord sound. For the final examples, we'll apply the concept to progressions from the progression bank.

Session 4

9/24/16 at 12pm EST Get Access

The Answer is in the Chords

This approach to soloing over a chord progression is a direct parallel to how you can treat any progression that comes your way. In this case, we are going to expand on the pentatonic scale using something very common: the 12 Bar Blues. By focusing on the chords we are actually playing over, we can add more personality to the common pentatonic box. This approach to playing the changes can assist you in getting through a performance tomorrow, without having to completely relearn the instrument.

Session 5

9/24/16 at 4pm EST Get Access

Quick Thinking Lick Interchange

That AC/DC lick from the guitar shop is useful in more ways than one. Almost any common lick you come across can be used multiple times in one key. In this next session we are going to explore exactly how to approach a lick and get the most out of it. Here we will take a look at a simple process to run all licks through. This approach can help with overall creativity as well as abbreviated thought will writing or improvising.

Session 6

9/24/16 at 7pm EST Get Access

Fretboard Navigation

In this segment, we are going look at small pieces of the pentatonic scale. With a more "fragmented" perspective, we can find new mobility on the fretboard. Once we establish a few examples, we'll create a final master example to get outside of the common "box" and essentially connect one idea to another. The secret to this entire lesson will be a slide with your index finger.

Session 7

9/25/16 at 12pm EST Get Access

Performance Application

Learning something and applying it are two completely different things. Once you comfortable with what you have learned, it is wise to test yourself. Here is a five part list that we can use to really see where we stand with anything we are working on. In this case, we are going to use the Minor Blues Progression and see just how diverse we can sound.

Session 8

9/25/16 at 4pm EST Get Access

Octaves In All Their Glory

The Octave can exist in the softest ballad as well as the heaviest music on the planet. Every genre has it's way to feature its sound. The octave is often used as a lead component which means that it can move at a quick pace at times. When moving across the fretboard, it can be rather tricky to stay in key. This next segment was constructed to work out those kinks while adding to your bank of sounds while soloing or writing a riff.

Session 9

9/25/16 at 7pm EST Get Access

Plan Your Work - Work Your Plan

The best improvisational artists are actually more rehearsed than we may realize. Anytime you perform on the guitar, there must be momentum. In this next segment, I'd like to take a look at planning a musical statement using various examples from this weekend's entire workshop.

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