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Connecting Chords & Scales

Starting September 15th - Each Thursday at 6pm EST

Starting September 15th, 2016 and live each Thursday for the following 6 weeks. This course will help beginners of any style or genre to begin connecting scales with their associated chord voices.

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This course is a continuation of Chris' past 3 beginner courses. With this six-week set of lessons, we will bring scales and chords together. So often, guitar players treat lead and rhythm as separate ways of playing. It is easy to compartmentalize certain aspects of guitar when, in fact, they are all intricately intertwined. After this next six weeks, you will be able to play simple chord progressions in a new way.

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Full Course Schedule

View the full course schedule below. And of course, we keep everything, so if you miss a week you can always watch our archive of live courses. Tabs, backing tracks, and a full course PDF are provided for students, along with homework for each week! Interact with other students along with the instructor and get the instruction you need to advance your playing.

Date Topic

Session 1

9/15/16 at 6pm EST Get Access

Putting Things Together

We have only got 12 notes. Music is all about organization. We will look at how scales and chords are related by using a linear scale pattern and a few chords you already know. We will also discuss key signatures because they are important to understanding the building blocks of chords.

Session 2

9/22/16 at 6pm EST Get Access

Blurring the Lines

You will get to learn a scale pattern that contains the good old familiar C chord inside it. We will start looking at the same notes from three different viewpoints: the scale, the chord, and the arpeggio. Learning this way of looking at notes in this open C position will set the stage for working in different keys and up the neck.

Session 3

9/29/16 at 6pm EST Get Access

Infinite Possibilities

The key of A in open position will yield some interesting and fun ways to embellish around your basic A chord. We will spend a bit more time looking at chord extensions after we look at the chord, scale and arpeggio.

Session 4

10/6/16 at 6pm EST Get Access

Greatness Will Come

You will hear a lot of familiarity in the Open G scale, chord and arpeggio. Many songs take advantage of what you will see and hear demonstrated in this lesson. Many of the chord modifications that we have done to G will start to make sense in this lesson as we relate everything back to the major scale.

Session 5

10/13/16 at 6pm EST Get Access

Every Guitarist Needs To Know This

The Key of E might require a little bit of stretching of the hand and mind compared with some of the other patterns we have looked at, but there is a lot of music in here. In keeping with the previous weeks, we will look at how the basic E chord relates to the scale it comes from. Then we will look at the arpeggio in that position. Finally, we will spend some time being musical with it.

Session 6

10/20/16 at 6pm EST Get Access

Diving In Head First

We have done a lot with the D chord already in our lessons together. Here is where you will get to see the roots in what we have done in those past lessons. You will recognize many of the ways we will work with the D chord, and your eyes will be opened to many more possibilities.