Rhythm and Harmony

Rhythm & Harmony Live Course

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In ten weeks you will discover how rhythm and harmony work, and unlock infinite musical possibilities. You will gain a very focused perspective on how patterns on the neck are laid out and discover how to place different sounding electric and acoustic parts together. Rhythm playing is front and center in this course, but you will see a natural path made for beginning lead guitar as well. Bring your acoustic and your electric guitar and start creating great guitar arrangements that move to the beat and are truly a treat for the ears! Learn songs in the style of Ed Sheeran, Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Buffett, and MORE!

Here are few highlights of things we will cover in this course:

  • Theory Overview: Keys & Chords
  • Implementing Capos
  • Simple Ear Training
  • Arranging Chord Patterns
  • Ed Sheeran inspired muting
  • Free Backing Tracks & Tabs
  • Weekly Guided Practice Download Video
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Full Course Schedule

And of course, we keep everything, so if you miss a week you can always watch our archive of live courses. Tabs, backing tracks, and a full course PDF are provided for students, along with homework for each week! Interact with other students along with David and get the instruction you need to advance your playing.

Date Topic

Week 1

6/16/16 at 6pm EST Get Access

Chords, Keys & Numbers

CChord progressions are universal, moveable and full of options when you un-tether them from the mindset that they exist in a certain way within a particular key or area of the neck. Learn how to refer to chords with numbers and a lot about chord harmony!

Week 2

6/23/16 at 6pm EST Get Access

Capos Are Magical

Building on week one, we're going to look at how to play in the same key all over the neck using a capo. We will connect different chord positions and learn how to refer to chords as 'shapes'. This will be an eye­opening session for the traditional campfire guitar player. We will also discuss different types of capos and acoustic and electric approaches.

Week 3

7/7/2016 at 6pm EST Get Access

Your Ears Will Tell You the Answer

will listen through 5 different chord progressions and learn how to use the bass notes as a starting point for figuring out the whole progression. Then, we'll use our handy Chords & Keys chart to help determine what the chord qualities might be and explore some typical divergences from straight major scale progressions.

Week 4

7/14/2016 at 6pm EST Get Access

Shapes Within Shapes

Scales, chords and arpeggios are all intertwined. It's all the same notes, but we play them and use them differently. We will look at how these three musical vehicles are laid out around the neck in the key of C and discuss creative ways to use parts of each for a great deal of musical inspiration.

Week 5

7/21/2016 at 6pm EST Get Access

Simplicity and Layers

It's amazing how simple most music we listen to is. The chords are not hard to play and the riffs and ideas are straightforward. What's not so simple is how each part fits together to create that full, well-thought out sound. We're going to look at the 5 ear training tracks from a different perspective this week and talk about layering and arranging with nothing more than basic chord shapes!

Week 6

7/28/2016 at 6pm EST Get Access

Three Eyes, Three Parts

Simple chord progressions and great arranging go a long way in creating that "hit sound." We explore the key of G this week and look at layering various rhythm parts together for a nice, satisfying wall of sound. Our track this week is reminiscent of the style of Third Eye Blind.

Week 7

8/4/2016 at 6pm EST Get Access

Wait For Me, Come Play Guitar

Strum some great acoustic layers in the style of Ed Sheeran this week. Learn how simple, palm muted guitars, contrasted with open, free strumming is a fantastic recipe for that simple, soothing and popular sound.

Week 8

8/11/2016 at 6pm EST Get Access

Boats and Memories

Let's put our Buffett hats on and learn how to layer and riff in a subtle, yet interesting way. You will need to bring your acoustic and electric guitars to this one. Nothing is very difficult, but you will get to study a bit of basic lead concepts as well as several rhythm ideas. Don't forget to stay out of the way of the keys player!

Week 9

8/18/2016 at 6pm EST Get Access

Make Your Own Smoothie

After having a few weeks where we got to see and hear how parts are fitting together, we get to work through a stripped down driving blues track and you get to decide what the ingredients will be. We've got one rhythm guitar, bass and drums. What else can you think of?

Week 10

8/25/2016 at 6pm EST Get Access

Before Your Very Ears

We've worked through many prepared tracks throughout this course. You've also gotten a chance to use some of your own discernment when it comes to adding layers and rhythmic ideas to a basic track. In this final session of Rhythm & Harmony, you'll get to see and hear how easy it is to use what we've learned and create on the fly. We will start with nothing and create a layered backing track out of a simple chord progression.