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Learn to Play Guitar Faster and More Accurate

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About the Course

It's time to stop making excuses and finally get your stamina and accuracy up to speed! David will walk you through 10 weeks of exercises designed to improve your picking. Each exercise gets progressively more difficult. Both old and new players alike will find something to like with this course. Don't forget to take the guided practice sessions, either!

Here are few highlights of things we will cover in this course:

  • Build Speed Progressively
  • Proper Mechanical Movement
  • Horizontal and Vertical Playing
  • Major and Minor Exercises
  • Speed Bursts and Position Shifts
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About our Live Courses

We have upgraded, revamped, and organized in-studio, live weekly workshops broadcasted in 1080p. These focused, task-based workshops include full tablature, interactivity with the instruction, and even homework each week. We are bringing live, educational instruction into the next generation with this platform.

5,000 Lessons

In 2016 and 2017, we completely re-engineered our recording studio with top of the line gear, including a full suite of 4k cameras complimented by a new audio outfit. The result is beautiful live streams to your computer, in qualities as high as 1080p!

79 Instructors

Each live course is supplemented with full tablature, music notation, and even backing tracks. Our live lessons are focused, planned, and even give you homework options on how to improve and look forward to the following week.

Live Lessons

Our staff fields questions from the audience throughout each section, and opens the "classroom" up for questions throughout each course. You also have the ability to call in live with your own video stream!

Our live platform has been a major focus over the past 18 months, and we are very excited to fully unleash it's capability! Attend any of these courses with a full JamPlay subscription and get the benefit of full interaction with our instructors in a focused, planned course. We even have the ability to field your questions with live video call in!

Full Course Schedule

And of course, we keep everything, so if you miss a week you can always watch our archive of live courses. Tabs, backing tracks, and a full course PDF are provided for students, along with homework for each week! Interact with other students along with David and get the instruction you need to advance your playing.

Date Topic

Week 1

10/11/2016 at 6pm Get Access

Mechanics of Movement

In this first session we will break down the physical movements required to build stamina in a safe and healthy way. We will take a look at simple muscle building exercises, warm-ups and proper picking position.

Week 2

10/18/2016 at 6pm Get Access

Major Modes Exercises

This session will introduce students to the three Major modes we’ll use throughout the course: Ionian, Lydian and Mixolydian. We will spend a lot of time playing and memorizing the shapes using a metronome.

Week 3

10/25/2016 at 6pm Get Access

Minor Modes Exercises

This session will introduce students to the four minor modes we’ll use throughout the course: Dorian, Phrygian, Aeolian and Locrian. As we did in the previous week, we will spend a lot of time playing and memorizing the shapes using a metronome.

Week 4

11/01/2016 at 6pm Get Access

Position Shifts

In this session we will focus on building stamina using longer repetitive exercises that combine all the previously learned seven shapes. This session will assume that students already memorized all the previously studied shapes. We’ll spend most of the hour playing over a metronome.

Week 5

11/08/2016 at 6pm Get Access

String Skipping

Session five is about string skipping. During the hour we will learn and develop stamina building exercises focusing on precise string attacks and finger placement. This session will solidify participants’ scale knowledge and help them build confidence in their technical ability.

Week 6

11/15/2016 at 6pm Get Access

Intervallic Approach

In this session we will practice interesting interval ideas over all the seven modes we’ve previously covered. Most of this session will be spent playing over a metronome at various speeds.

Week 7

11/22/2016 at 6pm Get Access

Chromatic Injections

In today’s session we will develop chromatic ideas and apply them to the modes. A heavy emphasis on precise rhythm placement will be made as we practice the concept at different speeds.

Week 8

11/29/2016 at 6pm Get Access

Speed Bursts

In session eight we will develop ideas combining 16th notes and 16th triplets. We will first get a feel for both rhythm motifs, then apply them over interesting sequences that we will play over the metronome.

Week 9

12/06/2016 at 6pm Get Access

Single Note Per String Dilemma

In this session we will talk study ideas that use single notes on a single string. We will talk about proper picking angle and how to not let those single notes affect the outcome of the musical idea played. A series of exercises will be played during the session helping participants get passed the discussed difficulty.

Week 10

12/13/2016 at 6pm Get Access

Horizontal String Pairing

In this last segment we will develop ideas using only two strings. This will help students smoothly transition from one area of the fretboard to the next without losing focus.