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Understanding Musical Time on Guitar and Bass

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About the Course

When you’re learning about music, it can sometimes be easy to get lost in chords, scales, and other note-driven concepts. Notes, however, are only half of the story. Without rhythm, music as we know it wouldn’t exist. In this exciting 10-week course, we take you on a journey in time, groove, and feel as we examine the building blocks of musical structure. This course is designed for both guitarists and bassists of all levels, as the concepts discussed will apply to any instrument. We’ll jam along to 10 amazing backing tracks featuring pro session musicians as we talk about time signatures, subdivisions, polyrhythms, and more.
Here are few highlights of things we will cover in this course:

  • Learn the Building Blocks of Rhythm
  • Understanding Triplets
  • Common Rock Grooves
  • Funk and Jazz Rhythms
  • Good for Bass and Guitar
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We have upgraded, revamped, and organized in-studio, live weekly workshops broadcasted in 1080p. These focused, task-based workshops include full tablature, interactivity with the instruction, and even homework each week. We are bringing live, educational instruction into the next generation with this platform.

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In 2016 and 2017, we completely re-engineered our recording studio with top of the line gear, including a full suite of 4k cameras complimented by a new audio outfit. The result is beautiful live streams to your computer, in qualities as high as 1080p!

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Each live course is supplemented with full tablature, music notation, and even backing tracks. Our live lessons are focused, planned, and even give you homework options on how to improve and look forward to the following week.

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Our staff fields questions from the audience throughout each section, and opens the "classroom" up for questions throughout each course. You also have the ability to call in live with your own video stream!

Our live platform has been a major focus over the past 18 months, and we are very excited to fully unleash it's capability! Attend any of these courses with a full JamPlay subscription and get the benefit of full interaction with our instructors in a focused, planned course. We even have the ability to field your questions with live video call in!

Full Course Schedule

And of course, we keep everything, so if you miss a week you can always watch our archive of live courses. Tabs, backing tracks, and a full course PDF are provided for students, along with homework for each week! Interact with other students along with David and get the instruction you need to advance your playing.

Date Topic

Week 1

08/15/2018 at 8pm Get Access

Building Blocks

We look at the most basic rhythms. First, without using our instruments, we practice quarter, eighth, sixteenth and dotted notes by clapping and tapping along to a cool beat. We then strum or pick the same rhythms on a static note. This might sound tedious but it truly is the foundation of a solid rhythmic base.

Week 2

08/22/2018 at 8pm Get Access

Trippy Triplets

Following in the style of week 1, we discuss triplets and practice them both with and without our instruments.

Week 3

08/29/2018 at 8pm Get Access

Sync it Up

Moving along from basic rhythms, we take what we have learned thus far and study a driving force of groove-heavy music known as syncopation.

Week 4

09/12/2018 at 8pm Get Access

Time Travelers 1

We move from basic rhythmic ideas into practicing in different time signatures, starting with an exploration of 3 and 6.

Week 5

09/19/2018 at 8pm Get Access

Time Travelers 2

Continuing from Week 4, we learn about 5/4 time and practice accordingly. We also talk about techniques for feeling odd time signatures.

Week 6

09/26/2018 at 8pm Get Access

Time Travelers 3

Rounding out our study of time signatures is a study of a rock groove in 7.

Week 7

10/03/2018 at 8pm Get Access

Musical Multitasking

We incorporate our odd-time skills into a particularly challenging concept known as polyrhythms.

Week 8

10/10/2018 at 8pm Get Access

Genre Grooves 1 - Rock

We take everything we’ve learned so far and use it to break down grooves in rhythm-driven genres, starting with rock.

Week 9

10/17/2018 at 8pm Get Access

Genre Grooves 2 - Second Line

We take a trip to New Orleans for our second genre study. We learn a classic second-line groove over a 1-5 chord progression, discussing the 3/2 clave and other world rhythms along the way.

Week 10

10/24/2018 at 8pm Get Access

Genre Grooves 3 - Funk and Jazz

Our final lesson is heavy with syncopation as we learn an unusual funk/jazz groove. Look out for the time signature change!