JamPlay Apple TV Support

Ready to watch JamPlay lessons through your Apple TV and on your HDTV? No problem. We don't have an Apple TV app out yet, but you can Airplay from your mobile devices to your Apple TV. Follow these simple instructions and you'll be good to go.

Step 1: Connect to WiFi

Connect the device you're using to the same WiFi as your Apple TV.

Step 2: Launch Device Browser

Launch the browser of choice. Chrome & Safari will both work great.

Step 3: Login to JamPlay

Visit Members.JamPlay.com within the browser.

Step 4: Navigate to a JamPlay lesson

Navigate through the members area to the JamPlay lesson you want to play through your Apple TV.

Step 5: Play Lesson

Play the lesson on your device. Once it starts playing, touch the Apple TV Airplay icon and select your Apple TV. That's it! The video will start playing through your Apple TV and on to your TV.
Need more help? Visit the Apple TV help page.