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"Making music has a greater purpose - anything I can do to help others, I try to do."

-Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal

One time in Japan, I stayed up 43 hours straight doing gigs, interviews, instructional videos and going to clubs.

I take oral hygiene and fire safety seriously.

As a kid, I'd lay the guitar on the ground and play Bach pieces with two hands and one foot. Been a while since I tried that.

When I can, I like to do home improvement stuff - mostly drywall and electrical, some simple plumbing. Last thing I did at my house was install recessed lights in the ceiling going to a dimmer, and put in a new bathroom sink and faucet.


Bumblefoot's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Bumblefoot has 25 videos at JamPlay, with 4 song lessons, 20 lessons in our Artist Series and 1 entertainment video. Use the tabs below to learn more.

Subscribing to JamPlay gives you unlimited access to all of Bumblefoot's lessons, as well as all lessons from our roster of instructors.

Bumblefoot's Artist Series

Unconventional... Diabolical... Just plain crazy! Learn a fresh, quirky and MUSICAL approach to extreme guitar playing!

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal pulls out all the stops in his blistering...

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Lesson 2

The Drummer Is King!

Of all the crazy antics and skills you'll learn in this series, learning your place in...

Length: 19:07
Lesson 3

Focus on the Rhythm

Now try taking the concepts learned in the last lesson and apply them to chords and strumming....

Length: 13:58
Lesson 4

Do You Have an Accent?

Make sure you're thinking and playing behind the beat...Check! Now Bumblefoot makes sure...

Length: 9:54
Lesson 5

Why...Yes I Do!

Now that you've practiced playing with accents at a basic level, learn this blazing sequence...

Length: 9:38
Lesson 6

Sweeping Sensation

Done much sweep picking? Whether you are experienced in this technique or brand new, this...

Length: 7:48
Lesson 7

Sweep it under the Rug

Take the same ascending drill from the last lesson, move it around a bit more, and reverse...

Length: 10:43
Lesson 8

Sweep Up More Stuff!

Slackers beware! Bumblefoot introduces another picking variation and connects the ascending...

Length: 11:59
Lesson 9

Mental Multitasking

A seasoned guitar player can have multiple active channels going in his mind at once....

Length: 8:14
Lesson 10

Huh? Two Scales at Once?

Put mental multitasking to work with your hands. Practice playing a simple C major scale,...

Length: 4:07
Lesson 11

One Step Ahead of Your...

Sharpen your mind like a samurai sword with this exercise! While playing one note, think...

Length: 12:17
Lesson 12

Does Your Left Know...

Here's one more brain tearing exercise! Practice playing different rhythmic groupings...

Length: 7:01
Lesson 13

What Do You Have on...

Get a brief tutorial on proper tapping technique. Then, it's off to Bumbleland! Dive...

Length: 10:06
Lesson 14

I'll Take Two of What...

Take 2 hand and 2 right hand finger tapping to the next level. Don't forget rhythm! Rhythm...

Length: 6:36
Lesson 15

Now Let's Go Tap Dancing

Take the last two crazy lessons on tapping, and make them a bit more musical. As with...

Length: 14:56
Lesson 16

Be a Bit Abnormal

With this lesson, Bumblefoot delivers the first of a handful of ways to take what you...

Length: 10:20
Lesson 17

Blues it Up!

Bumblefoot alters the major scale a little further and roasts it over a simple blues shuffle....

Length: 5:23
Lesson 18

The Note Before the...

Do you like the pentatonic scale? Are you maybe a little tired of being limited by it?...

Length: 6:47
Lesson 19

Read Between the Frets

Join Bumblefoot for another great way to disguise and spruce up your standard pentatonic...

Length: 4:43
Lesson 20

I'm All In!

Before...Between...Now you can add a note after each note played on each string in your...

Length: 7:09