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Chosen by popular vote to become the next JamPlay instructor, Joe Chawki jumped into the opportunity with both feet. Join him as he takes his unique, mesmerizing playing style and breaks it down so you can learn how to apply it to your own playing.

Joe's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Joe Chawki has 15 videos at JamPlay, with 15 intermediate lessons. Use the tabs below to learn more.

Subscribing to JamPlay gives you unlimited access to all of Joe's lessons, as well as all lessons from our roster of instructors.

Speed and Technique

The fans spoke, and they said, "Joe Chawki" - here he is, ladies and gentlemen. In this series Joe breaks down some of the techniques and concepts that he draws from in his own improvisation. He blends numerous styles and influences to create a mesmerizing sound that is as musically beautiful as it is technically challenging.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

Joe kicks off his series and gives a little preview of what's to come.

Length: 1:39
Lesson 2

Modal Musings

The concept of modes is absolutely vital to your ability to improvise at an advanced level....

Length: 5:28
Lesson 3

Bursting & Sprinting...

Joe walks through an economy picked sequence using a grouping of 5.

Length: 3:47
Lesson 4

Bursting & Sprinting...

Learn a few licks that will help hone your sweep picking skills.

Length: 3:49
Lesson 5

Bursting & Sprinting...

Joe takes the common Pentatonic scale and creates a less common sound by string skipping.

Length: 3:32
Lesson 6

Bursting & Sprinting...

Joe goes further expands on the Pentatonic scale, but goes back to utilizing economy picking...

Length: 5:51
Lesson 7

Bursting & Sprinting...

Join Joe as he demonstrates a sequence made up of groupings of 5 and 8.

Length: 2:31
Lesson 8

Bursting & Sprinting...

Joe expands on economy picking with a new 1 note, 2 note per string pattern to help break...

Length: 4:32
Lesson 9

Bursting & Sprinting...

While not something Joe typically relies on, tapping can be a useful tool in extending...

Length: 4:25
Lesson 10

Boot Soup Blues

In this beast of a lesson, and I mean that in a good way, Joe improvises a solo using...

Length: 19:55
Lesson 11

Atonal Hacks

Step outside the box with Joe and learn how to grab outside or dissonant sounds.

Length: 15:56
Lesson 12

Synthetic Pentatonics

Also known as "altered pentatonics", learn how to use this concept to create a more interesting...

Length: 14:30
Lesson 13

Is it Major? Is it Minor?

It's both! Join Joe for this crash course in the melodic minor scale.

Length: 6:36
Lesson 14

Intro to Yogi's, Gypsies,...

Joe attempts to condense down the wide world of Eastern music into a short lesson. As...

Length: 10:34
Lesson 15

Say It Like You Mean...

In this lesson, Joe explains and demonstrates his approach to dynamics and phrasing.

Length: 4:21