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From Brother Sun

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Are you feeling stuck in standard tuning? Ready for something new and different to get your creative juices flowing? In this series, Greg walks through his own journey out of standard tuning and into the beautiful world of C9. You'll be amazed at what changing a few pitches will do to your guitar!

Lesson 1

Introducing C9 Tuning

Greg kicks off his series telling a little about himself and introduces the C9 tuning....

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Lesson 2

Getting in Tune

Greg walks through the transition from standard into C9 tuning. The guitar is under a...

Length: 8:42
Lesson 3

Icarus - Your First...

It's time to start playing! In this lesson, Greg introduces his song, Icarus, and uses...

Length: 9:02
Lesson 4

Icarus - The Second...

In this lesson, we'll be looking at the 2 minor chord as well as the 5 chord for Greg's...

Length: 7:10
Lesson 5

Icarus - Putting it...

As Greg wraps up this section of the series, focused on the song, Icarus, we will look...

Length: 7:39
Lesson 6

The Water Is Wide: Building...

After a quick recap of what we've learned so far, Greg introduces his C9 arrangement of...

Length: 9:04
Lesson 7

The Water Is Wide: ...

As we continue to explore The Water Is Wide, it's time to start filling in the other chord...

Length: 6:46
Lesson 8

The Water is Wide: The...

In this lesson, Greg takes us through the fingering of the IV chord (F), and it's variations.

Length: 5:56
Lesson 9

Section 2 Review

In this lesson, Greg reviews concepts talked about in this section, and he looks at some...

Length: 7:54
Lesson 10

Thinking Outside the...

Greg now gets outside of the typical 1-4-5 chords progressions in the C9 tuning.

Length: 13:46
Lesson 11

Harmonizing Around Bass...

Greg uses his song "Willow" to illustrate harmonizing chords around bass lines.

Length: 5:50
Lesson 12

Driving Movement with...

Greg continues with his song "Willow", to illustrate how to drive the movement of a song...

Length: 9:25
Lesson 13

Additional Techniques...

Greg analyzes some other aspects of his song "Willow" including right hand techniques...

Length: 8:01
Lesson 14

Section 3 Review

Greg analyzes techniques and concepts we've learned so far.

Length: 5:16
Lesson 15

Driving Eighth Note...

Greg illustrates how to get that driving eighth note bass sound with the thumb.

Length: 9:29
Lesson 16

Making Small Things...

Greg uses his song "Highway 4am" in this lesson to look at certain notes and scales surrounding...

Length: 13:09
Lesson 17

Playing with Touch

Greg talks about playing the guitar with "touch".

Length: 9:57
Lesson 18

Hand Positioning

In this lesson, Greg takes a look at certain hand positioning and stretches from his song...

Length: 9:56
Lesson 19

The Perfect Guitar?

Greg talks about his 1973 Martin guitar in this lesson.

Length: 9:02
Lesson 20

5th String Chords

Now let's look at how to find all these chords when basing them off of the 5th string.

Length: 7:40
Lesson 21

5th String Chords: Jericho...

Greg breaks down the 5th string chords in his song "Jericho Road".

Length: 5:10
Lesson 22

Jericho Road: IV Chord...

Greg goes over some IV chord variations in his song "Jericho Road".

Length: 5:39
Lesson 23

Jericho Road: The V...

Greg looks at the remaining chords in "Jericho Road", the V chord and the ii (minor 2)...

Length: 7:08
Lesson 24

Moving Songs to a Different...

Greg uses his song "Jericho Road" and shows us how to effectively move a song to another...

Length: 7:43
Lesson 25

Pushing Yourself

Always being able to push yourself as a player only helps you get better. Greg uses his...

Length: 10:27
Lesson 26

Additional Techniques...

Greg continues working his way through his song, "Lately".

Length: 6:34
Lesson 27

Adding Fills in Lately

Greg takes a look at the break down section of his song "Lately", and shows us some possibilities...

Length: 9:02
Lesson 28

Ending Section of Lately

Greg moves into the final section of his song "Lately".

Length: 7:34
Lesson 29

Putting it All Together

Greg puts all of the techniques from his song "Lately" together in one lesson.

Length: 6:23
Lesson 30

Simulated Twelve String

Greg shows us how to use the C9 tuning to simulate a twelve string guitar.

Length: 7:43
Lesson 31

Playing Blues in C9...

Greg uses the song "Rosa Parks" to demonstrate how to play blues in the C9 Tuning.

Length: 5:34
Lesson 32

Open G/C, a Half Step...

Greg shows us how to make a simple adjustment to the C9 tuning to get the open G/C tuning....

Length: 7:23
Lesson 33

G Minor, a Whole Step...

Greg looks at adjusting the C9 open tuning to play in open G minor tuning.

Length: 6:10
Lesson 34

Summarizing Techniques

In the final lesson of the series, Greg summarizes the techniques unique to him as a player,...

Length: 6:53
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Learn more About Greg Greenway

Above and Beyond Standard Beneath the radar of the corporate music world there are gems to be found. Greg Greenway is a multi-faceted one. A rare combination of instrumental expertise, a soulful and moving singer, powerful poet, and sparkling entertainer; Greenway is one of those difficult-to-categorize performers who has found a home in the modern acoustic genre. His collaboration with Joe Jencks and Pat Wictor as Brother Sun has taken him all over North America and the planet. Their second album, “Some Part of the Truth”, was the number one CD on the Folk DJ list for the year 2013. Originally from Richmond, VA, Greg moved to Boston for its rich Folk Music tradition and has become one of its most unique and superlative emissaries. His “In the Name of Love,” a lead in to the U2 classic, “Pride,” was the #5 song on the Folk DJ list in 2013. It has become a defining piece on his journey to becoming an international artist capable of addressing sensitive topics, such as race, in a way that connects audiences to their humanity while entertaining them at the same time. Musically, his guitar, piano, and ukulele reflect inspiration from all over the map, drawing from gospel, rock, blues, jazz, and world music influences. But his center is in the singer/songwriter tradition that traces it roots all the way back to the social awareness of Woody Guthrie. He has a legendary energy, couched in a presentation of high spirited give and take that unfailingly leaves his audience uplifted. Among Greenway’s solo highlights are a show at Carnegie Hall in the New York Singer/Songwriter Festival which was rebroadcast on NPR’s World Cafe; an appearance on nationally syndicated Mountain Stage, and a show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honoring Phil Ochs. Greenway was seen world wide on CNN’s World Beat in a segment on socially conscious artists. He was filmed at the Clearwater Hudson River Revival Festival performing along with Folk legend Pete Seeger and others. Greenway has been featured on the weekend edition of NPR’s All Things Considered, and his dreams were fulfilled when “Driving in Massachusetts” was played on Car Talk. Greenway now has eight critically acclaimed solo releases: A Road Worth Walking Down (nominated for two Boston Music Awards) Singing For the Landlord (top five CDs for 1995 on the Internet Folk DJ list) Mussolini’s Head(1998) Something Worth Doing (2001) Greg Greenway: Live (2003) Weightless (2005) Standing On The Side of Love (2008) 20,000 Versions of the Sun (2016) He has been included on numerous compilations as well, including Putumayo World Music’s Shelter, Christine Lavin’s Big Times In A Small Town and Laugh Tracks, Sliced Bread’s Phil Ochs tribute CD, What’s That I Hear, and the compendium of disrespectful car songs from NPR’s Car Talk, CarTalk CarTunes. Even as Brother Sun tours internationally, Greenway has found new avenues through which to channel his art. He has become a producer and a teacher of workshops on song writing, performance, and his beloved C9 tuning. He originated a class entitled Music and Social Change, illuminating the history that bore songs and the songs that bore history. His first series with JamPlay, filmed in 2017, explores his journey of discovery with C9 and opens up a whole new world for guitarists who may be feeling stuck in standard tuning.