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Theory and Improvisation

Join GIT graduate, founder of Guitargate, and professional guitar player, Michael Palmisano as he explores his personal approach to improvising on guitar. Relying heavily on his loop pedal, Michael walks through the theory and mindset that goes into playing over chord progressions and crafting beautiful melodies and solos. This is a very hands on course! If you have a loop pedal, a recording device, or a friend to play with, that would really help make the most of it.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

Michael kicks off his course and explains what to expect from the course, as well as who...

Length: 3:23
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Award Winning GIT Grad, Founder of PRS Sponsored Guitargate.com, 70k+ students worldwide, and Lead Guitarist in What's Next - Voted 5x "Best Band" in Baltimore, MD. I have been playing guitar since I was 5, and gigging and teaching professionally for the last 15+ years. I genuinely love to teach, and my goal is to help people learn the "why" behind the notes, bridge the gap between rhythm and lead guitar, and ultimately use these tools to improvise and get the stuff in your head out! On a side note, it's truly incredible that the internet has allowed us to connect from all over the world. I believe in online education, and I strive to be as helpful as possible. If I can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to email me with a question or a video for feedback - I respond to each and every message. We're in this together!