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Rock guitarist John Shannon takes you on a journey to improve your rhythm playing. Effecting all facets of rock playing, rhythm is the foundation of quality playing. Learn to rock hard, efficient and not get stuck at one tempo.

Lesson 1

Introduction to Rock...

Meet John Shannon and his approach to rhythm guitar. John discusses why he put this lesson...

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Lesson 2

Rock Rhythm Player's...

To get started in his lesson series, John discusses what should be in every rock rhythm...

Length: 10:56
Lesson 3

Rock Tempo Zones

Now that you have your rock toolbox built, it's time to start developing your rhythm playing...

Length: 8:05
Lesson 4

Down Strokes

Lesson four in the rock rhythm series is all about the down stroke. This stroke drives...

Length: 9:12
Lesson 5

Up Strokes

Lesson five covers the opposite from the down stroke; the upstroke. The up stroke may...

Length: 7:25
Lesson 6

Power Chords

Lesson six is all about the mighty power chord! John discusses the various ways to create...

Length: 8:51
Lesson 7

Palm Muting

Palm muting is a powerful tool to help shape and define your tone while playing. It also...

Length: 8:42
Lesson 8

Full Chords

Previously, John has touched on the power chords and other smaller chord voicings that...

Length: 9:59
Lesson 9


You've looked at the upstroke and downstroke individually in previous lessons. Now it's...

Length: 15:40
Lesson 10


Lesson 10 is all about the octave chord shape. This chord shape provides some cool rhythmic...

Length: 9:39
Lesson 11

Combining Elements

We've reached a junction in the series where you've started to develop several different...

Length: 9:20
Lesson 12

Combining More Elements

Practice is a cornerstone of being a well-rounded rock rhythm guitarist. As such, John...

Length: 8:44
Lesson 13


It's time to start adding more tricks to your bag go rhythm techniques for rock guitar....

Length: 10:49
Lesson 14


The next technique in your tool-bag is going to be the counterpart to the Pull-Off and...

Length: 12:23
Lesson 15

Drop D Tuning

Lesson 15 starts off a focus on altered tuning from standard. To start with, John discusses...

Length: 12:53
Lesson 16

Multiple String Muting

In lesson 16, John discusses muting multiple strings simultaneously. This is done with...

Length: 11:24
Lesson 17

The Rhythmic Chuck

In lesson 17, John Shannon uses the multi-string mute technique along with a strumming...

Length: 7:21
Lesson 18

Open G Tuning

Lesson 17 is all about open g tuning. This tuning is made popular by bands like The Rolling...

Length: 12:49
Lesson 19

Single Notes with Power...

John Shannon takes a now familiar power chord and discusses how to add single notes along...

Length: 9:31
Lesson 20

Rock Fingerstyle #1:...

It's not time to switch gears and discuss the world of fingerstyle. To get you started,...

Length: 8:51
Lesson 21

Rock Fingerstyle #2:...

Now it's time to tackle another aspect of the Fingerstyle technique. In lesson 21 you'll...

Length: 11:04
Lesson 22

Rock Fingerstyle #3:...

Now that you have a basic understanding of the fingerstyle techniques, it's time to apply...

Length: 10:16
Lesson 23

Rock Rhythm Delay

In lesson 23, John Shannon discusses the use of a delay pedal and how to integrate it...

Length: 13:59
Lesson 24

Open Strings with Moving...

Another rhythm element that John Shannon imparts is the ability to move chords while ringing...

Length: 9:31
Lesson 25


In lesson 25, John Shannon discusses the uses of harmonics in rhythm playing.

Length: 14:14
Lesson 26

Right Hand Tapping

Bringing in some lead elements can really spice up your rhythm playing. In this lesson,...

Length: 12:56
Lesson 27

Advanced Metronome Use

The use of a metronome is an important aspect in keeping good time. A well rounded rhythm...

Length: 8:56
Lesson 28

Rhythmic Stabs

Rock Rhythm guitar sometimes has a characteristic stab and mute effect that is used. ...

Length: 8:31
Lesson 29

Ghost Notes

In lesson 29, John Shannon talks about ghosted notes that are typically slid away from...

Length: 10:00
Lesson 30

Rock Rhythm Slide

Taking a page from the previous lesson, you'll once again be sliding. This time using...

Length: 11:03
Lesson 31

The Arena Chord

Made popular by rock legend Pete Townshend, the arean chord not only cuts through the...

Length: 10:19

If you loved John's series Rockin' Rhythm Guitar, you'll love this series as well! Rockin' Rhythms and Beyond takes you into new, advanced rock rhythm guitar territory. Rhythm is not only what clarifies your melodic ideas but also what allows you to connect to the bass and drums to give the music shape, style and punch. In this course we will go further into developing your rhythmic abilities by thinking and playing from a rhythmic perspective.

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“The good thing about growing up in Pittsburgh is that there’s actually a really rich underground music and jazz history there,” says singer/songwriter John River Shannon. Coming from another source, those words might not raise eyebrows, but Shannon’s desert-influenced, mystical-leaning folk-pop is more rustic than Rust Belt; more likely to conjure images of campfires and canyons than dingy basements and speakeasys. Then again, a conversation with Shannon reveals a fascinating and complex individual – one equally at home embarking on solo vision quests in the Southwest desert as he is playing the guitars and writing music for the “Louie” show or playing a residency at the hip singer/songwriter hub of the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City; a true-blue denizen of NYC who’s equally at ease hanging with hipsters or kicking it with coyotes. While that juxtaposition might be jarring to some, it’s second nature to Shannon – who goes on to describe an adolescence spent steeping in Pittsburgh’s underground music scene. Indie-rock house shows and jazz gigs influenced him as much as an American Indian survival school. Spend a little time digging, and it’s apparent that Shannon’s organic aesthetic isn’t at odds with his status as a city-dweller as much as an extension of it. He sees nature in everything – including Manhattan. “They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder – well, nature is in the eye of the beholder”, he explains. “One way to see it is that art is nature and New York is a city full of art. Everywhere you go in the city there is art – whether it’s street art or someone’s take on a new restauraunt and bar, or the way people dress and do up their cars or the way tree roots break through the cement. It’s all art to me, and that’s all music to me because that is creation. That’s what nature is, creation.”