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Extended Range Mastery

An exclusive, in-depth study of virtuosity on extended range guitars that will challenge and inspire guitarists of all backgrounds. Sarah Longfield teaches rhythm, soloing techniques and musicianship that helped her to build a career doing what she loves.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

Sarah gives you a quick rundown of what to expect from her new course.

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Lesson 2

Basic Tapping Exercize

Sarah shows us a tapping warm up exercise that builds in complexity.

Length: 5:06
Lesson 3

Building Tapping Patterns

Sarah shows a tapping exercise that centers on a complex rhythmic motif.

Length: 2:06
Lesson 4

Tapping Chords

Sarah builds on the rhythm from the previous lesson, this time applying it to chords.

Length: 3:01
Lesson 5

How to Stash Your Pick

Sarah shows how she stashes her pick for tapping so that she is able to switch back and...

Length: 2:26
Lesson 6

Legato Tapping Run

Sarah teaches a legato tapping exercise in four parts that takes you up and down the neck...

Length: 3:51
Lesson 7

7-String Tapping

Sarah teaches a 2 pattern motif that starts on the 5th fret of the low b string and ascends...

Length: 4:04
Lesson 8

Odd-count Fingerpicking

In this lesson, Sarah teaches the odd-count fingerpicking patterns that are prevalent...

Length: 3:45
Lesson 9

Paradiddle Tapping

Mixing drumming rudiments and tapped guitar playing, Sarah shows how to take rhythm playing...

Length: 3:47
Lesson 10

Extended Range Tapping...

Drawing on the same techniques discussed in the previous lesson, Sarah takes a look at...

Length: 3:07
Lesson 11

Advanced Tapped Arpeggios

In this lesson, Sarah shows advanced tapped arpeggio techniques that are challenging for...

Length: 3:44
Lesson 12

Legato Tapping Run #2

Sequenced legato tapping runs can be played very quickly, but they tend to sound predictable....

Length: 3:40
Lesson 13

Extended Range Tapping

Sarah likes to take full advantage of the extended range that 7 and 8 stringed guitars...

Length: 3:10
Lesson 14

First Flight Excerpt...

A slightly more advanced musical piece, Sarah teaches this excerpt to further solidify...

Length: 5:49
Lesson 15


Applying what has been learned so far, Sarah uses an excerpt from her song "Tydes". Using...

Length: 4:31
Lesson 16

Autumn Air

Sarah teaches a 2 pattern motif that starts on the 5th fret of the low b string and ascends...

Length: 5:09
Lesson 17

Sweep Tapping

This lesson uses one of Sarah's favorite 5-string minor sweep arpeggios. Using 16th note...

Length: 3:28
Lesson 18

Sweep Picking Cleanup

In this lesson, Sarah teaches how to clean up sweep picking technique. This will help...

Length: 6:37
Lesson 19

Creativity Boosting...

Alternate tunings on a 7 or 8 string guitar can dramatically alter the tonal possibilites....

Length: 3:51
Lesson 20

Quiescent Intro Lesson

Learn the 16th note intro to Sarah's song "Quiescent." The open C tuning and 110 bpm tempo...

Length: 3:56
Lesson 21

Chords in Open Tuning

Building on the concepts of the last lesson, Sarah shows how to use open tuning chords...

Length: 3:42
Lesson 22

Finger Tone

The importance of good finger tone for tapping cannot be overstated. Sarah teaches how...

Length: 4:19
Lesson 23

On Self Recording

Sarah believes that recording one's self is a great way to improve. Recording allows the...

Length: 4:38
Lesson 24

Overcoming Technique...

Getting stuck and hitting plateaus is part of the process of improving at guitar playing....

Length: 2:51
Lesson 25

First Flight Intro

Learn the tapped intro to Sarah's song "First Flight". One of her favorite tapping parts,...

Length: 4:10
Lesson 26

Ambient Fingerpicking

This ambient fingerpicking lick makes use of both multiple simultaneous notes and individual...

Length: 5:42
Lesson 27

Return to Ambient Fingerpickinog

Sarah returns with another ambient fingerpicking piece. This features chords that flow...

Length: 3:05
Lesson 28

Brutal Fast Tapping...

The tense and aggressive feel of this lick stems from the fact that it was born during...

Length: 2:57
Lesson 29

Ruthless Metal Lick

Sarah Longfield introduces a fast metal lick. This lick is one of her favorites for good...

Length: 4:22
Lesson 30

The Multi-Instrumentalist

Sarah attributes her unique sound to the fact that she is a multi-instrumentalist. Her...

Length: 3:41
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