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Imagine a kitchen party where Mother Maybelle Carter, Ella Fitzgerald, Mississippi John Hurt, Bessie Smith, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Patsy Cline show up, and you begin to get a sense of what it feels like inside songwriter Eve Goldberg's head. Never one to restrict herself to one genre of music, Eve has performed her trademark mixture of folk, blues, country, bluegrass, old time, and jazz in venues ranging from small house concerts to the prestigious Kennedy Center in Washington DC since 1990. (More)

Eve's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Eve Goldberg has 134 videos at JamPlay, with 67 beginner lessons, 65 intermediate lessons and 2 entertainment videos. Use the tabs below to learn more.

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Basic Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is one of the most beloved instruments in the world. Eve Goldberg will guide you on your guitar playing journey.

Lesson 1

Introduction to the...

In this lesson, Eve Goldberg introduces the acoustic guitar. She talks about the parts...

Length: 27:16
Lesson 2

Learning the A Chord

In this lesson, Eve Goldberg introduces the first chord in this series, the A chord. ...

Length: 22:54
Lesson 3

The E Chord

Eve Goldberg introduces the E chord. She explains how it is played and provides some...

Length: 21:54
Lesson 4

Swing Low with 2 Chords

Eve Goldberg returns to the song "Swing Low" and talks about playing it with two chords...

Length: 16:20
Lesson 5

Boom-Chuck Strum

Eve talks about the boom-chuck strum pattern. This strum pattern will completely change...

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Lesson 6

Boom-Chuck and Swing...

Eve Goldberg teaches how the boom-chuck strum can be applied to the song "Swing Low".

Length: 8:16
Lesson 7

The D Chord

In this lesson, Eve introduces the D chord. You will also learn how to switch from the...

Length: 16:59
Lesson 8

Little Birdy

Eve teaches the song "Little Birdy," which is a great tune to practice changing from the...

Length: 23:54
Lesson 9

I'm Thinking Tonight...

You will learn the The Carter Family song "I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes" in this...

Length: 32:58
Lesson 10

Songs and Capos

Eve talks about 3 chord songs and demonstrates a few as an example. She also introduces...

Length: 10:36
Lesson 11

Capo and Keys

Eve continues her discussion on capos. She explains how to find a key by using a piano...

Length: 12:28
Lesson 12


Eve introduces the flatpick. She explains the proper way to hold it and strum.

Length: 10:00
Lesson 13

A to D Bass Run

Eve shows you how to to compliment your boom-chuck strum by adding an A to D bass run.

Length: 14:59
Lesson 14

E to A Bass Run

In this lesson, Eve furthers your knowledge of bass runs by teaching the E to A bass run.

Length: 22:59
Lesson 15

Review and Practice

Eve continues her discussion of bass runs and also covers some great practicing techniques.

Length: 22:46
Lesson 16

The G Chord

Eve introduces the G chord and practices changing to and from other chords you have learned....

Length: 14:06
Lesson 17

Gold Watch and Chain

Eve teaches the song "Gold Watch and Chain" using the G chord you learned in the last...

Length: 19:02
Lesson 18

Boom-Chucka Strum

Eve shows you how to add a little spice to your standard boom-chuck strum in this lesson.

Length: 10:54
Lesson 19

Boom-a-Chucka Strum

You've learned the Boom-Chuck strum. You've learned the Boom-Chucka strum. Now you will...

Length: 13:16
Lesson 20

Incorporating the A...

Eve shows how to incorporate the A to D bass run into the song "Gold Watch and Chain."

Length: 18:10
Lesson 21

D to A Bass Run

Get ready for a new run! Eve teaches the D to A bass run in this lesson.

Length: 30:35
Lesson 22

D to G Bass Run

Learn how to add even more flavor to "Gold Watch and Chain" by including a bass run from...

Length: 20:02
Lesson 23

G to D Bass Run

Learn the G to D bass run and incorporate it into the song "Gold Watch and Chain."

Length: 29:10
Lesson 24

Putting It Together

Eve encourages you to take all of the tools you've learned thus far and apply them to...

Length: 16:07
Lesson 25

Hobo's Lullaby

Eve introduces a new song called "Hobo's Lullaby."

Length: 15:26
Lesson 26

Hobo's Lullaby Fingerpicking

Eve introduces fingerpicking in this lesson by using the song "Hobo's Lullaby" as an example.

Length: 24:19
Lesson 27

Adding Bass Runs: D...

Eve adds a D to G bass run into the song "Hobo's Lullaby."

Length: 19:27
Lesson 28

Adding Bass Runs: A...

Eve adds the bass run from A to D into the song "Hobo's Lullaby."

Length: 16:45
Lesson 29

Adding Bass Runs: G...

Eve adds the bass run from G to A into the song "Hobo's Lullaby."

Length: 19:55
Lesson 30

The D Doodad

Eve Goldberg finishes up her lessons on "Hobo's Lullaby" by adding one final technique:...

Length: 30:49
Lesson 31

Careless Love Introduction

Eve Goldberg continues her beginner series with another amazing song called "Careless...

Length: 12:34
Lesson 32

Chord Structure

Eve Goldberg continues her discussion on "Careless Love" with a lesson about the pattern...

Length: 16:09
Lesson 33

G Chord Fingerpicking...

Eve Goldberg takes a look at the G chord fingerpicking pattern for the song "Careless...

Length: 14:45
Lesson 34

D Chord Fingerpicking...

Eve Goldberg continues "Careless Love" with a lesson about the fingerpicking pattern for...

Length: 16:48
Lesson 35

C Chord Fingerpicking...

Eve teaches a Travis style picking pattern for the C chord. She also explains how to...

Length: 10:02
Lesson 36

Careless Love Wrap-Up

Eve wraps up "Careless Love" with a lesson about putting the whole song together.

Length: 16:12
Lesson 37

Goin' Down The Road...

Eve Goldberg introduces a new song called "Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad."

Length: 11:06
Lesson 38

Part 2: Chord Structure

Eve Goldberg reviews the chord structure for the song "Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad."

Length: 13:21
Lesson 39

Part 3: Hammer-on Introduction

Eve Goldberg returns to "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad" with a lesson all about the...

Length: 9:40
Lesson 40

Part 4: C Chord Hammer-on

Eve Goldberg continues her discussion of the hammer-on. She explains how a hammer-on can...

Length: 13:18
Lesson 41

Part 5: G Chord Hammer-on

Eve adds the G chord hammer-on to the song "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad."

Length: 15:15
Lesson 42

Part 6: Bass Runs

Eve gives a quick review of what you have learned so far in "Goin' Down the Road Feelin'...

Length: 13:54
Lesson 43

Part 7: G to C Bass...

Eve plays the G to C run in the song "Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad." Then, she breaks...

Length: 16:42
Lesson 44

Part 8: C to G Bass...

Eve taught the G to C bass run in the last lesson. In this lesson, she teaches you how...

Length: 16:42
Lesson 45

Part 9: G to Em Transition

Eve Goldberg covers a transitional chord between G and Em that functions like a bass run.

Length: 16:42
Lesson 46

Part 10: All Together

Eve Goldberg wraps up "Goin' Down this Road Feelin' Bad" with a lesson that combines all...

Length: 17:12
Lesson 47

Stewball Introduction

Eve Goldberg introduces a new song called "Stewball" in this lesson. Get started with...

Length: 10:11
Lesson 48

Stewball Part 2: Chord...

Eve Goldberg talks about the chord structure for the song "Stewball" in this lesson.

Length: 11:48
Lesson 49

Stewball Part 3: Strum...

Eve Goldberg wraps up the song "Stewball" with some strum pattern variations.

Length: 15:08
Lesson 50

Drunken Sailor Part...

Eve Goldberg returns to JamPlay with another exciting addition to her beginner series!...

Length: 16:44
Lesson 51

Drunken Sailor Part...

Eve Goldberg returns to the song "Drunken Sailor" with some great tips on strumming patterns...

Length: 21:14
Lesson 52

Drunken Sailor Part...

Eve Goldberg finishes up "Drunken Sailor" with some new strumming exercises.

Length: 13:45
Lesson 53

Haul Away Joe Part 1

Eve Goldberg dives into "Haul Away Joe," another fun sea shanty.

Length: 25:29
Lesson 54

Haul Away Joe Part 2

Eve Goldberg takes another look at "Haul Away Joe" with a brand new strumming pattern.

Length: 17:32
Lesson 55

The John B. Sails

Eve Goldberg starts on a new folk song called "The John B. Sails". This particular song...

Length: 21:42
Lesson 56

The John B. Sails Part...

Eve Goldberg continues with "The John B. Sails". This time she introduces a brand new...

Length: 17:47
Lesson 57

The John B. Sails Part...

Eve Goldberg finishes up "The John B. Sails" lessons with a couple of brand new chords...

Length: 24:16
Lesson 58

Practical Theory Part...

Eve Goldberg dives into some basic, practical theory to expand your knowledge of the guitar....

Length: 13:30
Lesson 59

Practical Theory Part...

Eve Goldberg continues her practical theory discussion, this time with an emphasis on...

Length: 13:52
Lesson 60

Frankie and Johnny Part...

In lesson 60 of her basic guitar series, Eve Goldberg offers up another traditional song...

Length: 24:37
Lesson 61

Frankie and Johnny Part...

Now that you've learned the basic chords and structure of the song Frankie and Johnny,...

Length: 29:52
Lesson 62

Frankie and Johnny Part...

As we are adding more complexity to this tune, it's a good time to look at how it's played...

Length: 18:24
Lesson 63

Frankie and Johnny Part...

You've learned all of "Frankie and Johnny" at this point. Now it's time to put all of...

Length: 24:22
Lesson 64

Don't Let Your Deal...

In lesson 64 of her basic guitar series, Eve provides a look at another traditional tune....

Length: 18:30
Lesson 65

Don't Let Your Deal...

It's time to take a closer look at spicing up the song "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down."...

Length: 15:27
Lesson 66

Don't Let Your Deal...

In lesson 66 of her basic guitar series, Eve demonstrates the bass runs that will work...

Length: 24:07
Lesson 67

The Water is Wide

To finalize her beginner series, Eve offers up the song "The Water is Wide." This will...

Length: 30:34