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Lauren Passarelli is an award winning teacher & distinguished alumni from Berklee College of Music where she has been a guitar Professor since 1984.

Originally from Paramus, NJ, Lauren received a fantastic guitar foundation using the Alfred’s, Mel Bay, Harry Shearer & William G. Leavitt guitar books from her first guitar teacher, Lou Sabini. Graduating in 1982 as the first woman to finish the guitar performance program, Lauren also became the first woman to join Berklee’s guitar faculty & first to be promoted to full Professor. (More)
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  • Meet Lauren Passarelli

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Lauren's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Lauren Passarelli has 24 videos at JamPlay, with 24 intermediate lessons. Use the tabs below to learn more.

Subscribing to JamPlay gives you unlimited access to all of Lauren's lessons, as well as all lessons from our roster of instructors.


Using her own songs and recordings as examples, Lauren teaches us that it's not what you know, but instead how you USE what you know. This series covers tons of great chord voicing ideas, arranging tips, and production techniques as well as general music theory applied to real music!

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

Lauren is back with her highly-anticipated Phase 2 series on the styles of Pop and Classic...

Length: 6:15
Lesson 2

My Norwegian Friend,...

Lauren teaches a progression that is sure to have you thinking "Beatles." This lesson...

Length: 13:57
Lesson 3

My Norwegian Friend,...

Lauren teaches the catchy lead arpeggio line in the "tip our hats to the Beatles" tune...

Length: 6:47
Lesson 4


In this lesson, Lauren examines a fingerpicking technique commonly used by the Beatles...

Length: 17:26
Lesson 5

Middle of Me

Learn a walking riff, a 60's flavored guitar solo, a cool double stop picking technique,...

Length: 21:12
Lesson 6

How's It Gonna End?

Alternate tunings don't have to be so confusing. In this lesson, Lauren shows how changing...

Length: 12:57
Lesson 7

The Cmaj7 Chord - Drop...

In preparation for the lessons to follow, Lauren show us twenty different ways to play...

Length: 11:03
Lesson 8

Applied Drop 2 & 3 Chords

Lauren provides a tasteful chord progression that applies many of the Drop 2 & 3 shapes...

Length: 9:28
Lesson 9

I Carry On, Part 1

Continuing with the application of Drop 2 & 3 chords, Lauren teaches the chord progression...

Length: 13:23
Lesson 10

I Carry On, Part 2

Lauren discusses and demonstrates the lead and texture elements from her original song...

Length: 10:25
Lesson 11

Too Sad To Know

Lauren returns to some more basic chord voicings and strumming in this Beatles-inspired...

Length: 10:52
Lesson 12

Feel For Me

Lauren looks at combining riffs and chords while exploring how Drop-D tuning affects common...

Length: 10:51
Lesson 13

New World of Adventure

Lauren teaches a simple pattern perfect for those just getting started with finger picking....

Length: 11:10
Lesson 14

Sweetest Thing

Grab a refreshing drink, stretch out your fingers, and get to work on a soothing progression....

Length: 16:53
Lesson 15

Applied 7th Chord Inversions

Lauren teaches an upbeat chord progression using 7th chords. This time around, she focuses...

Length: 12:43
Lesson 16

Applied Major 6th Chords

Lauren explains various uses for the Major 6th chord and teaches a simple progression...

Length: 8:44
Lesson 17

Don't Look Down

Lauren demonstrates how to adapt songs that are in alternate tunings to standard tuning...

Length: 20:18
Lesson 18

Nice Chords, Part 1

Lauren starts a mini series in "Nice Chords" that was inspired by a student of hers. She...

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Lesson 19

Nice Chords, Part 2

Lauren continues her mini series with ten more "nice chords" and briefly discusses how...

Length: 10:25
Lesson 20

Nice Chords, Part 3

In this third installment of "Nice Chords," Lauren shares another ten voicings that are...

Length: 10:04
Lesson 21

Nice Chords, Part 4

Lauren concludes her mini series on "nice chords" and ends with a call to all guitarists...

Length: 10:57
Lesson 22

Applying Some "Nice...

Lauren takes a few of the voicings she shared in the previous mini series on "nice chords"...

Length: 12:33
Lesson 23

Style of James Taylor

Lauren discusses and demonstrates a key trait of James Taylor's rhythm style. Learn how...

Length: 9:35
Lesson 24

Blast of Love

Lauren takes a few more of the nice chords learned in her 4 part mini series and gives...

Length: 10:01