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Allen Van Wert got the nickname "ROBOT" from his unusual guitar tapping techniques that often sound like a video game more than a guitar. He has studied and played a wide variety of genres. His experimental and eclectic amalgamation of music combining shred guitar, crazy tapping techniques, and electronically infused composition contrasted by a highly emotional soft melodic side, make his debut album a really fun and interesting listen for just about anyone. (More)
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  • Meet Allen Van Wert

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Allen's Contributions to JamPlay.com

Allen Van Wert has 58 videos at JamPlay, with 19 intermediate lessons, 19 song lessons and 20 Lick & Riff Library entries. Use the tabs below to learn more.

Subscribing to JamPlay gives you unlimited access to all of Allen's lessons, as well as all lessons from our roster of instructors.

Speed and Technique

Allen "Robot" Van Wert teaches his approach to developing technique necessary for fast playing.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction...

Allen kicks off his technique series with a primer lesson on right hand picking.

Length: 30:52
Lesson 2

Rudimentary Drills

Allen shows you the 24 rudiments crucial to developing finger dexterity.

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Lesson 3

Left Hand Endurance...

Allen shows an amazing muscle building exercise that really works out the left hand!

Length: 9:32
Lesson 4

Fundamental Picking...

This lesson covers an exercise that works on all the major picking techniques.

Length: 11:15
Lesson 5

Synchronize And Stretch

Allen shows you a great exercise set that helps with synchronizing your hands as well...

Length: 8:18
Lesson 6

The System

Allen Van Wert explains his system of programming, reinforcing, and forgetting primary...

Length: 50:53
Lesson 7

Interval Exercises

This is the next step after you have learned Allen's "system". If you follow Allen's teachings...

Length: 21:29
Lesson 8

Triad Arpeggio Exercises

First, Allen gives a pop quiz for you to check your own ability to visualize the fretboard....

Length: 21:30
Lesson 9

Seventh Arpeggio Exercises

Allen Van Wert shows you how to apply his systematic practice approach to 7th arpeggios....

Length: 8:36
Lesson 10

Fretboard Advancement

Allen briefly explains how he refers to modes in the context of this lesson and then shows...

Length: 15:35
Lesson 11

Rut Busting Exercises

Get out of that rut with these exercises from Allen Van Wert!

Length: 10:44
Lesson 12

Basic Tapping

Allen returns to his speed and technique lesson series with a look at the basics of tapping....

Length: 30:42
Lesson 13

Using Tapping to Extend...

Allen is back with the next installment in his look at tapping. In this lesson Allen discusses...

Length: 11:05
Lesson 14

Single String Tapping

Allen is back with more tapping goodness! This time around, he discusses single string...

Length: 10:27
Lesson 15

Multi-String Tapping

By this time you should have a pretty strong grasp of tapping basics and be proficient...

Length: 14:46
Lesson 16

Tapped Octave Minor...

In this lesson Allen demonstrates an octave displaced, tapped, minor pentatonic scale....

Length: 10:28
Lesson 17

Emulating Keyboards

Allen is back with a comprehensive look what what many people call "Touch Tapping." Allen...

Length: 32:41
Lesson 18

Combining Tapping Techniques

Now that you should have most of the tapping techniques under your fingers, it's time...

Length: 11:16
Lesson 19

String Skipping Exercises

To wrap up his current film session and look at the speed and technique series, Allen...

Length: 29:31