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Theory and Improvisation

This series covers scale positions, arpeggios, modes, advanced blues and more! Learn creative, outside the box ways of applying your knowledge and ideas to your improvisation.

Lesson 1

Improvisation with Daniel...

Known around the world for his inspirational approach to guitar instruction, Musician's...

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Lesson 2

Learning Techniques

Learning can be frustrating! Daniel kicks off his series by taking you through 3 basic...

Length: 13:03
Lesson 3

Scale Basics: CAGED...

Whether you've practiced a lot of scales or you are new to lead playing, Daniel's presentation...

Length: 11:40
Lesson 4

Scale Sequencing

Daniel shares and demonstrates a large variety of basic and advanced scale sequences and...

Length: 14:59
Lesson 5

Scale Basics: Minor...

Daniel continues his study of "Scale Basics" by teaching the five natural minor scale...

Length: 11:03
Lesson 6

Minor Pentatonic Patterns

Need a fresh approach to one of the most familiar and widely used scales on the planet?...

Length: 10:00
Lesson 7

Major Pentatonic Patterns

Daniel teaches the patterns of the major pentatonic scale and discusses what makes this...

Length: 8:32
Lesson 8

Starting to Make Music

Daniel wraps up his "Scale Basics" mini series by sharing a few ways to make simple scales...

Length: 8:41
Lesson 9

Basic Blues: Quick...

Daniel teaches the "quick change" and "slow change" blues progressions and provides a...

Length: 10:57
Lesson 10

Blues Comping and the...

Daniel covers one more chord-based blues comp as well as many riff-based comp ideas for...

Length: 13:40
Lesson 11

Major Blues Sounds and...

Daniel continues his basic blues mini series by discussing bending as a prominent style...

Length: 9:34
Lesson 12

Hybrid Blues

Daniel introduces the Hybrid Blues sound and uses two B. B. King "boxes" to illustrate...

Length: 7:48
Lesson 13

Mixing Blues Sounds

Take the 3 distinct blues sounds you've practiced during this "Basic Blues" mini series...

Length: 9:45
Lesson 14

Major 7 Arpeggios

Daniel kicks off his "Arpeggios Mini-series" with the major 7th arpeggios. He teaches...

Length: 13:17
Lesson 15

Minor 7 Arpeggios

Learn the minor seventh arpeggio shapes and how to apply them over a couple of different...

Length: 11:09
Lesson 16

Dominant 7 Arpeggios

If you took Daniel's "Basic Blues" lessons, you won't want to miss this lesson on dominant...

Length: 11:31
Lesson 17

Minor 7(b5) Arpeggios

Finishing up the last of the seventh arpeggios, Mr. Gilbert teaches the m7(b5) patterns...

Length: 14:38
Lesson 18

Improvising with Arpeggios

Taking all of the arpeggios learned so far, Daniel takes you through two chord progressions...

Length: 8:48
Lesson 19

Major Arpeggios

Saving the three note arpeggios for later in his series was a strategic one. They are...

Length: 9:47
Lesson 20

Minor Arpeggios

Daniel begins by teaching the basic CAGED minor arpeggio patterns and then shares an etude...

Length: 9:54
Lesson 21

Diminished 7 Arpeggios

Daniel teaches the fully diminished 7th arpeggio shapes and explores several ways of applying...

Length: 9:54
Lesson 22

Augmented Arpeggios

In this last installment of his arpeggio mini series, Daniel teaches the augmented patterns....

Length: 7:01
Lesson 23

The Dorian Mode

Modes are generally a source of mass confusion for many guitarists. If you're new to modes...

Length: 10:31
Lesson 24

The Phrygian Mode

Apply Daniel's same easy method for learning the modes to the Phrygian mode. Daniel outlines...

Length: 9:27
Lesson 25

The Lydian Mode

Daniel teaches the CAGED Lydian patterns, some tasteful phrasing ideas, and explores some...

Length: 9:47
Lesson 26

The Mixolydian Mode

Being one of Daniel's favorite sounds, he takes extra care in explaining and demonstrating...

Length: 8:43
Lesson 27

Modal Jams

Daniel wraps up his mini series on modes by teaching you how to play over two different...

Length: 12:07
Lesson 28

Advanced Blues: Expanding...

Welcome to Daniel's "Advanced Blues" mini series. This is an incredibly interesting lesson...

Length: 16:53
Lesson 29

Advanced Blues: Using...

Daniel explores some conventional and unconventional ways to use triads over an A7 chord...

Length: 12:42
Lesson 30

Advanced Blues: Modes...

Sticking with the 12 bar form, Daniel looks at different chords that can be used in place...

Length: 8:25
Lesson 31

Advanced Blues: "A La...

Put it all together with this monster modal blues beast and Daniel's series finale. If...

Length: 10:21
Lesson 32

Advanced Improvisation

Daniel now takes this series to the next step. Here he explains where this series will...

Length: 3:21
Lesson 33

C-D Transitions

Daniel explains some practice techniques that will enable you to improvise over a key...

Length: 17:22
Lesson 34

Minor 3rd Transitions

Learn some practice techniques that will help you improvise over two different key centers...

Length: 18:31
Lesson 35

Major 3rd Key Changes

This lesson is all about intervals, specifically switching between keys that are a major...

Length: 11:44
Lesson 36

Working within A Minor

In this very detailed oriented series, Daniel now discusses some unique ways to use the...

Length: 9:21
Lesson 37

ii-V-I Progressions

Here, Daniel covers ii-V-I progressions and explains some scale choices that can be used...

Length: 9:31
Lesson 38

Solo Opportunities

Still sticking within the ii-V-I progression, Daniel delves much deeper into the scale...

Length: 15:43
Lesson 39

Minor ii-V-i Progressions

Daniel will mellow things out by demonstrating how to play over ii-V-i progressions in...

Length: 8:17
Lesson 40

Chromatic Alterations

This lesson diverts into more of a chromatic direction. Learn how to incorporate basic...

Length: 11:27
Tips & Tricks

Daniel Gilbert utilizes 3 string combinations, scales, and right hand techniques to demonstrate how chords are built and where they can be built within the full fret board of your guitar.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

Daniel introduces his series on how to build common chords using 3 string combos, scales,...

Length: 3:21
Lesson 2

Triads on the 3-2-1...

It's time to start digging into Daniel's series on building chords. He demonstrates the...

Length: 11:23
Lesson 3

Triads on the 4-3-2...

Moving right along with the same concept of the last lesson, Daniel now discusses triads...

Length: 11:14
Lesson 4

Triads on the 5-4-3...

Lesson 4 features triad techniques on the 5-4-3 strings. Like the previous lessons, Daniel...

Length: 11:25
Lesson 5

Triads on the 6-5-4...

To round off the triads, Daniel demonstrates the 6-5-4 string combinations.

Length: 6:59
Lesson 6

Unify String Sets

Combining triad combos can be a very useful tool when building chords. Daniel breaks down...

Length: 12:37
Lesson 7

Dressing up the Triads

As Daniel likes to say, "if you know where something is, you know where it isn't." Here,...

Length: 19:19
Lesson 8

Triads Application

Now that you have learned theory behind building triads, Daniel now demonstrates how to...

Length: 16:52
Lesson 9

7th Chords

Daniel explains how to build 7th chords and where they can be applied musically.

Length: 8:53
Lesson 10

String Transference

The ability to utilize all of the strings is crucial to building your chord vocabulary....

Length: 11:36
Lesson 11


An inversion is a reordering of the same notes in a chord. Watch this lesson to learn...

Length: 11:43
Lesson 12

Dominant 7th Chords

Just as the title states, Daniel explains how to build and play dominant 7th chords.

Length: 11:42
Lesson 13

Top 4 String Inversions

Utilizing the top 4 strings, Daniel will demonstrate how to create unique inversions of...

Length: 9:51
Lesson 14

1-7-3-5 Voicing Harmonizing

Daniel will demonstrate how to utilize harmonization within the same chord structure of...

Length: 6:19
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Veteran Musician Institute guitar instructor brings his 35 years of guitar classroom teaching experience to JamPlay! His playing and perspective on the guitar will help anyone excel in their journey to become a better, well-rounded musician. Veteran Musician Institute guitar instructor brings his 35 years of guitar classroom teaching experience to JamPlay! His playing and perspective on the guitar will help anyone excel in their journey to become a better, well-rounded musician.