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Beginner Guitar with Peter Einhorn

Peter Einhorn teaches the basics of guitar playing from the standpoint of an altered standard tuning. This tuning allows the player to learn the instrument more like you would learn the piano.

Lesson 1

Series Introduction

JamPlay is proud to introduce jazz guitarist Peter Einhorn. In this lesson series, Peter...

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Lesson 2

Getting To Know Your...

In this lesson, Peter goes over some of the basics of the guitar before you get to playing....

Length: 8:33
Lesson 3

Notes and Solfeggio

In this lesson, Peter teaches the notes on the 1st string of the guitar as they correspond...

Length: 5:55
Lesson 4

Notes on the Second...

In the fourth lesson of his basic guitar series, Peter talks about the notes lower in...

Length: 4:32
Lesson 5

Using More Fingers

In this lesson, Peter discusses and demonstrates why and how we should use the remaining...

Length: 10:34
Lesson 6

Accompaniment and Harmony

In this lesson Peter introduces the concept of harmony and accompaniment. To add this...

Length: 8:24
Lesson 7

Adding Expression

Now that you've been learning how to accompany melody, it's time to start adding expression...

Length: 6:16
Lesson 8

Playing with a Pick

In the eighth lesson of his beginner guitar series, Peter discusses playing with a pick....

Length: 11:00
Lesson 9

Bass Notes and Chords

Peter Einhorn discusses using bass notes as a scale in this lesson. He also talks about...

Length: 8:34
Lesson 10

St. James Infirmary

In this final lesson of his basic series, Peter provides instruction on the melody for...

Length: 11:34
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Learn more About Peter Einhorn

Peter has performed and / or recorded with Joe Lavono, Jimmy Cobb, Steve Swallow, Placido Domingo, John Abercrombie, Steve Kuhn, Eddie Daniels, Roland Hanna, Walter Booker and many others.

Peter has honed his teaching skills from 20 years of service at the National Guitar Workshop, 10 years teaching guitar students and ensembles at Bard College in N.Y., and, to this day, maintains some private students.

As a professional jazz & latin musician in New York City and Miami he has played in many top venues. His work at the Metropolitan opera in New York City over a period of three years should be noted. He has written for network television (NBC, ABC)) and for video (History Channel) and has over 25 scores to his credit.

Peter has performed and / or recorded with Joe Lavano, Jim Hall, Steve Swallow, Placido Domingo, John Abercrombie, Steve Kuhn, Eddie Daniels, Roland Hanna and many others.

Peter is licensed in Instrumental Music, K-12 in New York State. His guitar improvisational instruction books; "Introducing the Dorian Mode" and "Introducing the Mixolydian Mode", are currently available from Alfred Publishing.

He lives in Woodstock, NY with his wife and two children.